When will I notice weight loss in Medifast diet?

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I thought I would ask you Vets...when will I start noticing my weight loss? I have lost 17 lbs in 5 weeks and I still don't notice it. I know that I will eventually and I won't let this discourage me, but I am still curious. I don't really notice a change in my cloths and unfortunately, I never took measurements...guess I was too scared!..

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Well, start measuring! How much weight do you have to lose? When you don't measure, sometimes it's hard to tell since you see yourself every day! It's never too late to take measurements or pictures of yourself along the way. And, BTW, Congrats on the 17 pounds, you are doing great!!!..

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"Noticing" is a matter of perspective and how much weight you're trying to lose. How do you feel? Do your clothes feel looser or at least more comfortable? Are your shirts no longer cutting off the circulation in your arms? Can you walk to your car without being out of breath? For me, it took 20 pounds of loss before I went down a size. Measurements are the miracle motivator, though. Even if you didn't take measurements before, start doing them now you will definitely notice a difference..

Welcome to the Medifast family and good luck!..

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My goal is to loose a total of 76 lbs. (I need to do a ticker but I am fairly new at all of this!). I started at 196 and I am currently at 179. I haven't noticed anything in my cloths yet - I guess I never really measured because I figured I would see it in my cloths. Thanks for the advice - I will take it and measure! Guess I need to get something to measure w/ - any ideas where I can purchase a soft tape to measure?.

Btw...I feel GREAT!! Therefore, I know the rest is soon to follow! Thanks for your advice and support!..

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You can find a measuring tape in the notions section of any fabric store...

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We had a similar amount to lose and I started noticing around 30 pounds lost. I gain all over though and lose all over so it's not as noticable as someone who gains in certain areas.

While you're waiting to 'see' the changes...ask yourself "do I FEEL better"? That helped me because I felt better almost immediately..

Hang in there...changes are happening whether you notice or not!~..

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I think it was about 20lbs, however, it depends on how your clothes felt before. In my case, I had a mixture of size 20 and size 18. My size 20's were a bit loose when I started MF, but my size 18's were snug. I noticed no change in the 20 pants because they were already comfortable. Another issue is what the clothes were. My size 18 stretch jeans weren't really uncomfortable and I can still wear them now, at size 14.

The best thing I can recommend is getting a pair of NON-stretch jeans (check a thrift or charity shop for bargains)in one size smaller than you started in. Every week or so, try them on. That's how I gauge my progress now...

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You know when I did Medifast and I did it right (am not talking about now all I do now is read the post - am taking the liberty of answering you cause your stats are the same like mine) Anyway like I said when I first did Medifast I lost 17 pounds too I started at 198 and I got to 179 and I have to tell you I was wearing smaller clothes. Size 12 were loose on me and I could see it and feel it. However, I never got any compliments except from my husband (he is a sweetheart) but at work nobody notice. I was so dissappointed. Now am back to 198 and nobody notice either. Whatever.

And I see that you said you are feeling better so that is noticing. Good Luck !! Wish me good luck so I can start again...

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Ilopez - You can do it!! I won't wish you luck, because I know you won't need it - Luck won't get you there, you will!! ).

Thanks for the advice everyone, I will take it!..

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I didn't take my measurment right away either. It took me 30 pounds before I could see any difference. Your 17 pound loss is possibly a lot of water therefore not making much difference in the way your clothes fit. Don't give up. All of a sudden you will feel your pants falling off!..

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