When does the gas stop from Medifast foods?

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Okay, I have to say it! I am foul! I have had such terrible gas that my husband can probably smell me, and he's on the other side of the planet! I know it's the Inuin in the Medifast products, but is there anything I can do to help? A couple of nights ago, it was very painful too! HELP!..

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Are you eating a lot of bars? I can't eat more than one bar a day...

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No. I've only eaten one bar per day, tops! Yesterday I didn't have any bars. This was my first order, so I bought a lot of variety so I could try different items and decide what I really liked...

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I stick to about 1-2 bars a day and noticed some gas starting on Day 6 (yesterday). Today has been a little worse. Hopefully it clears up before everyone around me starts clearing out...

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Hey there,.

I have been struggling with this too, since I have been back op. And I have not had any of the bars. First time around it wasn't this bad. What gives? Any advice would be appreciated...

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Do a search on Medifarts. Welcome to the club...

Comment #5

LOL! Will do...I am trying some Beano today. We'll see how it works!..

Comment #6

Won't most likely. Hasn't for most of us. However, many of us do grow tolerant of the products and the gas lessens over time...

Comment #7 far today, I have taken one Beano tablet with each meal. I feel okay right now. No cramping or (more importantly) no gas so far! I just had a salad with grilled chicken, so I'll see how it goes. Wish me luck!..

Comment #8

"Will it ever stop?! Yo, I don't know! Turn off lights, and I'll glow. To the extreme I rock the mic like vandal.....".

I'm sorry...that's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the title of this post.


Comment #9

Okay, I did the search for "Medifarts" funny!!!! But, I am feeling better! Plus, I started walking again. I'm hoping it helps too...

Comment #10

I can't take credit for this - I found it on another post a week or so ago. This person recommended Enzymatic Acidophilus Pearls for both gas and constipation issues. It's kind of like the stuff in Activia, only stronger. They are tiny little pills that you take once a day. I've been taking them for a week and I think it's starting to help. More so the gas than the constipation so far, but I think you have to take it for a couple of weeks for it really to be effective..

I bought them at Sunflower Market but if you don't have those, I think you can buy them online or in any vitamin store...

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I found that 2 Beano before eating a bar usually helps. Also I seem to have more problems with the S'more bars. I eat plenty of the PB, caramel,oatmeal bars...

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ShadowCat: That right there was FUNNY!!!! thank you for the laugh.

Today is day one for me so I have no gas YET

Comment #13

OMG! I thought the SAME thing!! LMBO!! I've been singing it while reading this thread and laughing and then I get to the end and there's your quote!!! LOL!!! I cracked up! THANKS!!..

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...I'm eating a bar right now as I

I love the bars, they are my highlight! I would want something like them even if I wasn't on MF..

I haven't had much bad gas problem, I feel a little bloated most of the time, but that's it...

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My gas is just now starting to kick in, and I'm in my second week. Hopefully it will get better with time, and not worse!..

Comment #16

I have been taking a lot of gas-x, it seems to help...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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