When does self esteem go up during Nutrisystem?

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At what point does self esteem pick up? I've only lost 11 pounds so I know it's not like anyone can tell yet. I just feel like this big ole ugly cow who is never going to change..

It's only been 6 weeks but I find my self esteem getting worse instead of better. Has anybody else had this problem?.


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Your question was: When does self esteem go up during Nutrisystem?.

Stay positive!.

I had to lose 20 pounds before I could buy a smaller pants size! And that took 4 months!.

Try to keep the "big picture" in mind - and that's a "smaller" you! It's a pace, not a race!..

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I agree with everyone takes time. Plus...if you see these people everyday they aren't going to notice. I lost 10 pounds but it took me going to a different office that I hadn't been to in awhile before anyone noticed I lost any weight. Just know that YOU are doing the right thing and YOU are getting healthy and the rest will fall in time. You are doing really well and should be very proud of your accomplishment!..

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People will probably start noticing at about the time you start closet shopping. Get a makeover - shake up your hairstyle and change your make up routine. The funny thing is, an old boss of mine who saw me for the first time after I lost 65 pounds at first did not recognize me (walked right past me and then asked someone where to find me) but the first thing she raved about was my new hairstyle...

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Its all a mind game! First of all, I would suggest some soul searching. Why did you get this way? How did it happen? How come you didn't love yourself enough? I'm going through the same thing now. I had 150 lbs to lose and am down 45lbs, but even though the outside is changing, it seems the mind and healing is the last to change. You can do it. One day at a time. Also, I always remind myself that I didn't get to 295lbs overnight, and Im not going to get to 145 lbs overnight either!!!.

Have faith in yourself! This is probably the first time in your life that you put yourself first! You matter and I believe you can do it..

Set mini goals. After XX amount of loss, you will go and get a pedicure, then after XX amount you will have your nails done. Then after XX you get a new outfit, etc....I just set myself a goal. 5 more lbs, for a total of 50 I am getting a pedicure.

Once I reach 75 lbs gone my daughter and I are having a spa day...

Comment #4

Thank you all so much for your kind words. I did get a new hair do this weekend. I normally wear VERY little make-up to work and I've decided to start wearing make-up again just to maybe make me feel better about me!.

Thanks again!..

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You should think about what a good thing you are doing for yourself. You should think about what a good job you are doing and be empowered by that. Eleven pounds is wonderful. I do not know how much weight you have to lose and maybe that is what is making you feel bad, thinking about how far you have to go but you should think about it in smaller pieces. I use a calendar and write on everyday whether or not I was 100% and on my weigh in day I write my weight (I also write my exercise - I do Leslie Sansone and my pedometer steps). It is great to look at the month and see how well I have done...

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Eleven pounds IS wonderful!! It's more than a lot of people are able to do! You have taken a tremendous step in taking control of your life. And you will keep going..

But...I hate to hear you say you're an ugly cow...while it's true you might not feel really great about your physical condition at the are MUCH more than just what you see in the mirror. Before you take another glance in the mirror, sit down and list TEN THINGS that are good about you that have nothing to do with your physical appearance (attributes, accomplishments, talents, abilities, anything that is positive). Then think about them. Then, when you face yourself in the mirror, tell yourself that you are a WONDERFUL PERSON. And with NS, you're going to be even BETTER!!..

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