When did you Plateau on Medifast?

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Okay gang.

My scale has been stuck for almost 4 weeks now. I want to be in the 170's or less by year's end. I drink my water, I get my exercise, I follow the plan but that darn scale is not budging.

So please share your experience at this stage. I want to stay focused especially since it is holiday time and temptations surround me. I really don't want any of the goodies and thats not the problem.

I will not go back and I have gotten rid of all my BIG clothes.

Has anyone plateaued this long on this program?????.


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Boy oh boy, do I know how you feel. I cannot get out of the 160's. It was suggested before that a long plateau occurs at a point that your body was comfortable and remembered from a while ago. And, I think this is the case with me. I only had a 0.8 lb loss this last week, so at this rate, I should be off the plan and at goal by approximately the year 2011...

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Oh my thanks for the response. At least you got a giggle out of me regarding this question. Year - 2011 I think NOT! You make a good point though. I was at this same weight a few years ago and I stayed there for awhile. It must be another "set-point" I have to work on. There is no way I am done yet. I am striving to the 150's but think I can get in the 140s and deal with that "10 pounds" that all the skinny folks deal with...

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I totally agree on this one..

I know I was at this weight for awhile when I was on the way UP.

My body likes it and feels comfortable here... very frustrating!.

I am just now getting off a wicked 4 week plateau and my body is still hanging onto every ounce like it is gold. No more of those 4 and 5 pound loss weeks (sigh).

Oh well, as long as the scale doesn't go up I am winning the battle and will eventually win the entire war...

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I had that explained to me too. My body was at this weight about 5 years ago. It is satisfing. However I want to be like I was 8 years ago at 130 LOL.

I am at a plateau but I had recent surgery. I had many many things happen to my body recently, so I think it's a combination of many many things for my body. it will break in to the 160's. I need patience. AS long as I stick to the plan, same for you, it will work.

Thanks for thread, cause I feel the same way. It helps with my patience to know other have the same experience..

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I didn't seem to be able to get out of the low 140s. Today the scale went down, but by 0.2 lbs, so of course I had to change my ticker! This plateau has been going on for 3 weeks now. I have had plateaus before, but they lasted only about 2 weeks, and even there the loss was about 0.5 lbs. Of course, it is almost 8 years since I was at this low a weight, so I suppose I should be pleased , but .........

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I am just coming off a nasty one. I am only a few pounds from my original goal, and my body is fighting me for every one of these pounds. I stalled for 2 weeks, then lost 1.5, stalled another 2 weeks and then lost another 1.5..

I seemed to break the stall this last time by increasing my running a bit. It really seems to burn it off me, so I am going to try to run 5 times this week and see if that helps...

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I have been "around" the same weight for weeks now, but I have definitely noticed a change in my body shape. I have lost almost 1-1/2" off just my waist in that time. I can now fit comfortable into my "cruise" clothes which are a size 12! I find that I am not so anxious now about the weight cuz I know it will move eventually..


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I guess Ive been very lucky and not really hit a plateau. Some weeks I lost a lot less than others, but when I checked My Plans graphs and charts I could see how the calories or sodium levels for each week tallied. If you use My Plan it is invaluable. I would then change the meals it planned for me if I felt it necessary. Also I noticed that fluctuating calorie totals (one day lower, another day higher) seemed to pick up the rate of loss.

I did WW for a while and never got as low as I am now. Medifast rocks! I only have 3.8 to go to final goal and T&M. Hopefully Ill be there by the new year or sooner!..

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Thanks for all the responses. This does put me at ease a bit. SO many of us in the same place!.

I weighed in today- no change again at week 4. I'm hoping it won't last much longer but this week is Thanksgiving and although I plan on following my plan I am sure the added stress of being the oldest child and having family in my house will cut into my exercise routine. I plan on a long bike ride while my Turkey is in the oven. Looks like I'll be shopping and cooking it all since my sister will arrive late with her family just in time for dinner. Some things never change but It will be nice to spend some time together..

I will stay strong.... it's just a plateau right..

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Zz, I had a six week plateau in june/july of this year ... it was not nice. I finally figured out that I was exercising too much..

I'm kinda like vie in that these last 10 pounds are just not going to leave me very quickly. i'm just going to have to be patient...

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Six weeks yikes.

Well I have seen your pics and the exercise results are awesome - you keep it up cuz you look fabulous..

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Thank you sooo much! i've only been back at the gym for the last month though. i'm trying to make sure that doesn't happen again. I just want to finish this, yk? i've come close never THIS close, to be sure to my goals in the past, but this time, I intend to see it all the way through...

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You are so slim already so how are you determining your goal. Is it a size, a weight or just when you feel right. Looks like you are close to T&M .... I think you look fantastic. You are inspirational ... in caw you didn't know..

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Thank you again! I need you in my life to help perk me up!.

Clothes REALLY hide a lot; trust me on this. i've learned how to wear clothes differently to camoflauge (sp!) my problem spots..

I determined my weight based on height/weight/age charts they all say 125. my doctor had originally said he would only okay me to 130, but when I was in there a couple of weeks ago, we talked about those charts, and I asked him about 125. he said, okay. he's what I go by I trust him to give me an honest answer. I have no concept of body image right now. I realize I don't weight 242 (my highest weight) any more, but it's hard to REALLY wrap my head around it...

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Hi, I am on a horrible p;ateu right now,, it's been 2 weeks!!!! Ive decided not to get on the scale for at least one to 2 weeks (I see the Medifast doctor every 2 weeks). Ive been going uop and down 1 and 1/2 lbs now for 2 weeks. My body wants to stay at this weight and I dont! I just want to loose 12 more lbs to be on the higher weight range for my height. Ive decided to focus on everything else, not the scale. One good thing is during this time, Ive gone down a whole size in my pants! From a 10 to an 8, so Ive lost inches. Go figure that one out! If it wasnt for these boards and others posts, Id probably would have given up. Dont give up, the scale will eventually move!!!!..

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This is very helpful for us who are currently on a plateau. I too have found that I have lost another dress size even though I haven't lost any weight in 3 weeks. I was also told that my exercise may be slowing my weight loss down, but I need to exercise to keep my stress under control. I do within the limits allowed under the Medifast guidelines, but was told the elliptical may be too much. Anyway, I am looking forward to my body responding this week with some pounds off...

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So many of us.... I also have seen changes in my body even though the scale remains the same. I still have a long way to go so I am surprised that it has lasted this long..

I have kicked up my exercise and water.... hopefully I will have good news next Monday weigh in...

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Zzflapper,,I read in a book once (can't remember which one), that plateaus can happen if your calories going out,(burned) are not in proper proportion to calories taken in. Maybe asked NS,,I know they had me jump to the 4/2,,and I followed that until goal. Seems I needed the extra protien/carbs because of my activity level. Our first response is to try to up the exercise, lower the cals/carbs,,but this can apparently work against us. Hope you get it figured out!..

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Thank you Schu - I have actually thought this as well. I do exercise a lot and was going to discuss this with my doctor. My trainer said that she felt I might need to increase protein as well. I'll also ask NS..

So you did 4/2 to goal? Can I ask how much you still were trying to lose prior to that?.


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I had lost about 20 when I stalled, this was 100% 5/1 ,all my water,,weighed my L/G,,but just couldn't move it,,part was due to my age I am sure, as older don't lose as quickly, usually. But I am active on my feet for 8-10 hours most days, with maybe 10 minutes of that day seated! I was also walking and working out. The 4/2 got me results immediately, and I followed it the rest of the way,,the first 20 took me 4 months to lose,,the rest went quicker. We are all different though, so I would always say to talk with your Dr or NS. Good Luck!..

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Thanks for sharing. I will talk to my DR about this. I have an appointment coming up...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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