When and how did you exercise on Medifast?

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I am asking you guys because a lot of you have reached GOAL and are in transition, in maintenance...or a lot of you are just shy of reaching goal....

When did you start excercising?.

What did you do?.

How did you start?.

I have a sedetary job working at least 40 hours a week and I am a full time student, so the most excercise I get is walking from parking spaces to my destination. (I do park in the last available stall from my destination every single time I park.).

Since I have 4 solid weeks in the books with 98% OP since November 1...I want to see the scale start REALLY moving and I know that I can't just rely on Medifast to do everything for me!!!.



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I started exercising after 3 weeks on MF...I got an elliptical...I could only do 5-10 minutes at a time at first, but now I do 30 min + 2x day. I also do some sit ups (not enough) and some free weights for my arms.

Good luck!!..

Comment #1

I have made it to goal once so I think I qualify (don't look at my ticker now though!) Just Kidding.......

I waited weeks and weeks. And even when I started it was easy stuff, mild walking, riding a stationary bike for 20 minutes. I just chose something I enjoyed doing, then I picked a schedule that I thought I could maintain and then I just did it. Sort of like following MF, I picked a start date and just started.

Suggestions: Make it something you can do in your every day life. You are already parking as far from the building as possible. What about stairs all the time instead of elevators. And maybe increase your spped on the walk from the car and up the steps. Do some stretching there at your desk. Take your Medifast meal and walk around the building on your breaks? That sort of thing..

I still don't like exercising but I do it. My something you like, hating it is not going to make you stick to it any easier. And who knows you might become one of "those" people who love to exercise (I hate those people by the way). Just kidding again...........

Comment #2

Pam I love your thoughts. I remember when you back in the early days of you losing all that weight. I joined Medifast back in 06 and your post were so inspiring and helpful....funny when I came back to Medifast - last month - you were one of the first I looked for. It's nice to see and hear from you again!..

Comment #3

Okay live what...3 blocks from Disneyland? And the sun is shining practically EVERY DAY...and you're DRIVING?.

Just joking...! When you're so busy you gotta fit it in where you can. I have found that early mornings work better for me because I'm not taking time away from those who aren't up (husband, kids..). I get up an hour before I used to so I can do two miles on the treadmill then have coffee and check email before I really need to get going..

At first I just walked then I started weights and walking twice daily. Now I walk/run at least four miles a day and do weights every other day and aerobic exercise three times a week.

Find something that works for you and that you like so you'll stick with it. Set goals...if you exercise this month...reward yourself with something you've been eyeing!~..

Comment #4

Lots of good suggestions here! I was already walking my dog regularly when I started MF, so I just kept doing that. I've been working to increase the time and distance and the goal is to get back to running shape..

It's really all about time management - there's always enough time in the day to do what you want, no matter what. It may not be easy, and believe me, I struggle to balance the job/kid/house obligations with what *I* want.

Definitely try to reward yourself with something - I'm planning to get myself the Nike+ gadget that talks to the ipod to track running progress...

Comment #5

Sporatically after about 6 months. I know I know I am an exception. I would recommed earlier but moderately. If you go over board, what will you have to do to maintain?..

Comment #6

Hey there.....

I have been a chronic exerciser for a long time....and kept that going with MF. When I started, I was just walking...I took my 2- 15 minute breaks from work and walked with a co-worker...either outside or inside the building, depending on the weather. I still do that now, I just add onto it..

I had an elliptical...and I used to do that at 4-5 times per week....30-40 minutes each time. My elliptical broke (and broke my heart) a few weeks ago, so I have been struggling to find ways to work out. I have been using cardio tapes...and getting my sweat on that way. general...I walk about 30 minutes a day everyday...and do cardio for about 35 minutes 4-5 times a week.

I'd say add to it slowly. I agree that it is about time management. You sound really busy, but I imagine you could fit in little bits of exercise if you prioritized it. Take your lunch time and go walking...the Medifast meals are easy enough to carry. Go to a mall after work...and walk around it for 30-40 minutes, etc. Build it...and your endurance will continue.

Good luck...and congrats on your 13 lbs gone!.


Comment #7

Something that has helped me with the time issue - it was actually a suggestion from my manager at work regarding my work schedule - I wrote everything down for a week. Just like so many diets will tell you to write down everything that goes in your mouth, I wrote down every single thing I did during the day. Frankly, it was a real pain in the neck, and I was annoyed with my manager for "wasting my time.".

Guess what, I found quite a bit of time during the day that I was wasting! I've easily got a 30-45 minute window every day for exercising.....which isn't to say that I'm getting there yet, but I'm trying!!..

Comment #8

That's a great idea, Beth, and a corollary I use is to plan my workouts at the beginning of every week along with all the other things I need to do, and then put them right in my calendar as appointments. When you have them listed right there as a commitment, it makes it harder to decide to skip. This works especially well for Type A workaholics who live and die by what their day planners say!..

Comment #9

I was an exercise HATER! I was bound and determined to lose my weight without exercising cause I knew I would never maintain an exercise program forever!.

I decided though, even though I wasn't going to exercise, I could do some "movement". So almost right away, I started walking 10 minutes 3 times/day. I have a desk job, so this was a nice break. I pushed myself to go further each week in my 10 mins. After a few weeks of 10 minutes walks, I changed my lunchtime walk to be 30 minutes. After a few more weeks, I started going for 1 hour walks on Sat and Sun mornings (still keeping my other 2 10 min walks)..

So basically I "snuck" in exercise so I wouldn't feel like I was exercising. This is all I did during my weight loss and the first few months on maintenance. But then I felt like I needed more toning up and more variation in my routine. So I joined a gym about a year ago and now I work out 5 - 6 times/week! Yeah! This from the great exercise HATER!!!.

I wish I had started strength training earlier... I think it would have helped me lose weight faster, but more importantly start toning up the jiggly stuff earlier.

Its great that you are parking far away... now if you could add a couple more 10 - 15 minute walks during the day, you'd be exercising for 30 minutes without even knowing it! Good luck!.


Comment #10

Yes, Vei - <Ugh> - another point my manager made....I really resisted that, as well! It's almost childish of me, I think - digging in my heels to complain how - insert whatever here: busy, overweight - I am rather than working on it!!!..

Comment #11

Hey Suzette,.

I've had the same challenge with the time constraints. Working full time, kids, my son's daycare closing at 5 pm really challenges my schedule. BTW I live near you (think Old Towne, Chapman U and you get the idea ). And like you I work at a desk all day with occasional trips to the lab.

At the beginning of the year I ran into a coworker I hadn't seen in a while, we started talking and the next thing you know, we're walking buddies. We started walking together at lunchtime 2-3 times a week. It's not a lot but it helped, we typically do about a 3 mile lap around the facility (I work in surf city).

I'm like Vie, Type A all the way. I have to plan, organize, etc. In sept I ran my first 5k (part of the Disneyland half marathon) and since have made a point to continue running. When?? early in the morning. 4:30 am to be exact. Yes, I know, it's a bit nuts, but I found the only time I can get to myself is when everyone else is sleeping.

Frankly I feel a lot better, even though I get up ridiculously early..

But you've gotten very good advice:.

-Like Pam said - find something you don't hate - I was never big into running, but it's growing on me, and well, I like to be challenged (another type A thing)..

-As others have said - plan, plan, plan....

-lastly, start slow and work yourself up, it takes time...

Good luck,..

Comment #12

I was a fulltime law student when I started and thought I had approximately NO time to exercise. But...I found some winsor pilates dvds that have 20 minute workouts for different body areas.

After a month on medifast I started doing one 20 minute workout /day - it's so easy to forget how good exercise makes you feel, but once you *just do it* you'll remember and then it's easier to make time. After another month I added in another 20 minute session and then another.

I never did them all in a row - I'd do one in the morning, one as an afternoon study break and then another as an evening study break..

Now that I have more time I still do my DVDs, but I also walk and do the ellipitcal. Good luck - I know you'll find what works for you!..

Comment #13

Ok - going into my 6th week and this past week was interesting to say the least. I have started to look at other options of just sitting at my desk. Yes, like girlnate stated I live pretty close to my job - just under 3 miles and if I didnt have to get the girls to and from school...I would definately walk - so I found a solutions.

On Tuesday 12/4 I got this cute lil pedometer and just wore it to see what a "normal" day would be. Oh my 2351 steps - I thought that was pretty decent, then my friend said that he logs somewhere between 9700to 15000 steps each and every day. and he sits at a desk at Disneyland too!!!!! Hmmm so wednesday I added more trips to the bathroom - the one furthest from my office and down some stairs - that means I have to come up those stairs!.

By Friday I had added just about 3000 more steps! It is a small step - but it really is a beginning. I also have a 2 lb weight at my desk - it was something given to me by my doctor to get arm strength back. Cool I will add that on Monday 12/10 - oh that's tomorrow..

I just wanted to thank you all for your thoughts and suggestions -.

Beth - I added a 30 min lunch walk in my work calendar - my goal this week is M-W-G.

Shelly - I used to love to run, more like sprinting and always wanted to run distances. My goal is to run the Disneyland Half-Marathon in August..

Vie - if they had a Type A- that's what I would be!.

Becki - I hate excercising! I hate sweating! I hate movement - ok I hate movement called excerise.... I think that as long as I enjoy it - I should be ok!.

Suzanne - I know the area, Chapman U and OT. I like challenges too - I am challenging myself to RUN the marathon - at least half of it and finish within the time limit.

Becca - I HAVE THOSE DVD's!!!! They are coming out of the closet tonight!.

Thanks again -..

Comment #14

I didn't exercise much (30 minute walks every now and then ) during my weight loss phase. After reaching goal I joined the gym and I now work out at least 5 times a week including 45 minutes of swimming laps. I couldn't do a lot on the plan but now am firming up and enjoying the activity...

Comment #15

I have always walked several days a week, and worked out in my basement exercise room on alternate days,,,but I have stepped it up more since hitting goal...

Comment #16

I also have a sedentary job and a two-hour commute...I do park far away and walk up stairs whenever I can, walk the grocery cart all the way back, etc.

I started mild workouts a few months into the plan.... 30 minutes of mild aerobics /floor work, 3-4 times a week... then sloughed off because of a bad foot.

My workouts have been very irregular since maintenance but I'm planning to buy a Gazelle for Christmas to make them more steady...

Comment #17

I wouldn't go so far as to call myself a Vet, but here's some things I've done to make exercise a regular routine, just like showering/brushing teeth:.

I make it simple. That has worked wonders for me. Here's my routine at least 3 days a week:.

Set alarm for 45 mins earlier than usual..

Get out of bed, walk straight into workout (stinky!) clothes. Toss on a hat, shades and my MP3 player..

Grab a few sips of water while putting on my sweatshirt/jacket..

Walk out the door, keep on walking in a simple loop. I walk nearly the same loop each session, I just try to do it faster than the day before..

When I get home, I refill my 60oz water bottle and slug down as much as I can..

Grab coffee, turn on my computer, calculate my MPH (this is optional, but I enjoy it.) at:, my distance was already calculated at at 2.75 miles. Log the exercise into MyPlan..

Turn on the shower to warm up..

Do 1 more pushup than the day before..

Do 60 crunches (I'm motivated to do them quickly before I start wasting water!.

Hop in the shower..

Go on with my day knowing the body is taken care of.

Something I slack on, but should do more often:.

Resistance bands! I enjoy the workout quite a bit and love the shape my biceps have taken on! Just replace walking out the door to down the hall..

I've been able to faithfully follow this workout plan for 6.5 months and I can see doing it for another long while.

Happy sweating!..

Comment #18



The Disneyland half marathon for 2008 is my next big fitness goal too. I can do a 5k comfortably now, and I know I could finish the half marathon in the alotted time with a combo run walk, but I want to be able to run at 10 miles of it....

We ought to hook up sometime.....

Comment #19

I started at the 3 week mark. I have an old Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike which I love (the handles move back and forth so my arms get a workout too). I started slowly - 5 minutes and quickly jumped to 15. I only exercised 2 or 3 days a week at first. Now I recommitted to get my health improved so I exercise at least 5 days for 33 minutes.

Some nights I'm tired, but I still get on the bike - I may not move fast, but I'm moving. I usually go about 7 to 7.5 miles...

Comment #20

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