Medifast recipe for What's Your L&G for Today? (1/3)?

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I'm roasting a whole chicken stuffed with lemons and sprinkled with lemon juice and lemon pepper Mrs. Dash. Yum! I'm having roasted portobello mushrooms and bell peppers to go along with it.

What's cookin' in your kitchen today?..

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I'm just having my favorite seafood gumbo with monk fish, okra, tomatoes, scallion in broth seasoned with chicken bullion/Old Bay...

Comment #1

I made an awesome albacore tuna salad in my magic bullet and will be splitting that salad to spread onto my Cream of chicken crackers and then use as a topping for my spinach and tomato salad with WF creamy italian dressing for mid-morning and lunch today!..

Comment #2

Ground beef, sauteaded zuchinni, celery, red peppers and a bit of stewed tomatoes all mixed together like a goulash or beef stew. Uh oh, I am hungry for it already and it is still morning!!!..

Comment #3

I have a teachers meeting tonight, so don't have time to cook. I will be having some of a cooked chicken that I pick up at the grocery store, along with some mashed cauliflower I have left over from yesterday. By the way anybody with a crazy schedule may want to get one of those chickens from the grocery store mine lasts for 4 meals, and I can eat the chicken cold or heat it up in the microwave...

Comment #4

The shrimp scampi I didn't eat last night and mashed cauliflower with a little low-fat goat cheese in it...

Comment #5

I reduced a can of diced tomatoes (with oregano, basil and garlic) to a paste. Coated talapia fillets with greek seasoning and topped with tomato reduction (1 TB per fillet) and baked 15 minutes at 350. A salad with pesto vinegarette dressing. Yum Yum..

Comment #6

I'm making carne asada with sliced baby portabella mushrooms, diced tomatoes, peppers and cilantro severed over semi-mashed cauliflower..

Comment #7

I'm in a Mexican mood today ....

So, dinner will be a Mexican Omelet. (One egg, 2 oz. gr. turkey, spices, 1 oz. NF cheddar cheese, and 2T enchilada sauce). I will have it with steamed green beans and some cabbage..

I'm a hungry girl today!!..

Comment #8

I' having chicken salad: shredded leftover chicken, finely chopped olives and celery and some various spices, all dressed with WF cole slaw dressing and 2 tbsp of South Beach Diet Ranch dressing. Don't particularly like the WF salad dressings, but the slaw dressing is pretty good. Adding the South Beach ranch to it makes it delicious..

I have passed this off to DH as "regular" chicken salad and he liked it...

Comment #9

I am so glad to be home and able to cook! We have been on travel for about a week and a half and I am so tired of eating out!!!.

I am going to have grilled chicken, and a side salad with Galeos dressing! Simple and yummy!..

Comment #10

I had dinner early. It was salmon cakes using a recipe from the recipe thread. Just heavenly! And a spinach salad with greek dressing...

Comment #11

We're going out for Lebanese (yum)... I'm having a Chicken Mishwi Salad, which is marinated charbroiled chicken over salad greens served w/tomatoes, cukes, scallions and feta cheese. Sneaking in some Galeo's ginger wasabi dressing for an asian fusion and will skip the pita bread (and the baba, which I LOVE)...

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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