What's Your Best Medifast Fruit Drinks?

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I've not tried the Fruit Drinks yet, but thought they might be a good alternative to shakes while traveling to Vegas in a couple weeks.

What is your favorite? Cranberry Mango or Tropical Punch?.

I'm planning to take shakes, puddings, fruit drinks, muffins, soy crisps, and bars. Anything else you can think of that wouldn't require a microwave or frig? Although I'm staying in two nice casino hotels, my rooms will not have a frig or microwave...

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I do not like either one ... both are on my never buy again list. And, my taste buds have gone through the magical change as there are some that I couldn't stand but really do like now...

Comment #1

I have heard alot of unfavorable reports about them, however I really enjoy the Cranberry Mango drink. I mix it with 32 ounces of water, a packet Orange Sunrise Crystal light and some ice. Refreshing!..

Comment #2

I love the Cranberry Mango, I drank it all summer. I mixed it.

With cranberry flavored water, or as someone on the boards.

Suggested, Hanson's Diet soda, Tangerine and Lime flavored..

I would mix it in the blender with lots of ice and.

Make a slushy drink. Yum! Very refreshing in the hot.


I think it's worth a try!..

Comment #3

I like the Tropical Fruit Punch drink. I drink at least one of these every day..

I didn't try the Cranberry Mango, doesn't even sound good to me.

I tried the iced teas, but didn't like them that much and probably won't buy them again...

Comment #4

I love the cran mango! I mix it with any of the Crystal light Sunrise flavors (the tangerine strawberry being my favorite) I did the Tropical Punch with the CL fruit punch and it was ok but not wonderful. I didn't care for the teas at all..............

Comment #5

I'm in the minority again! I don't care for the cranberry mango at all; but, then, I'm not a mango fan. That one I won't order again for a few months to see if my tastes change. I DO like the fruit punch though. Tastes a little like a kid's drink but of the two, much more palatable! I haven't tried the iced teas but they are on my list of items to buy and try...

Comment #6

You could bring hot drinks and use the coffee pot for hot water.... just run the water through without any coffee.... HOT DRINKS!!!!!..

Comment #7

You could also make the oatmeal with the hot water from the coffee maker. Take some disposable bowls and spoons...

Comment #8

Thanks for the feedback everyone. In all the casino hotels I've been in Vegas and my sister too, none of them have coffee pots in the rooms. They want you to order room service. Last year I ordered a pot of coffee and a fruit plate with a half cup of cottage cheese. Granted the fruit plate was huge but the breakfast cost me $19 plus tips. My sister who goes to Vegas about 4 times a year actually takes a 4-cup Mr.

She's a coffee hound though.... lol.....

Comment #9

I decided to try a little more variety in this order, and I ordered the Tropical Punch. I really do not like it. It isn't on my chili list (omg dont buy tis if you are starving list...I hated the chili no matter how I tried to help it!), but I think the remaining packets will be in my "only if I am running out of Medifast eill I chose this" section!! lol, different tastes for different folks, so you never know. But, since you asked, I really didnt like it...

Comment #10

Have you tried the teas? I guess I'm an oddball, but I adore both the peach and raspberry (raspberry is my favorite). They mix up well, aren't too sweet, and aren't as thick as shakes..

Also, I've noticed lately that a lot of hotels have large complimentary pots of hot water down in the lounge for making might check into that..

Have fun on your trip!..

Comment #11

I don't know if you're driving or not but I'm taking a road trip in a couple of weeks and I found this travel mug that plugs into your car cigarette lighter to heat the water! So I may buy that, but I'm also trying to find one of those little immersion heaters to heat the water because I love my oatmeal and chai!.

If that doesn't work out, the Chai and Cappuccino are also good cold, with ice...

Comment #12

I suggest you get an immersion heater. It's basically a coil of metal that heats up. You submerge it in a cup of water and...voila hot water for whatever hot meal you want. I've seen them at walmart, kmart, supermarkets and even some of the dollar stores/dollar general/big lots/etc..

Have a great time in Vegas!!!!..

Comment #13

There's a nifty gadget called a hot water immersion heater sold by Magellan's, an online travel supply company. You plug it in and stick the heating element in your cup and in a minute or so you have hot water. Might be helpful in your situation as then you could have soups and hot cocoa.

Does the hotel have a continental breakfast area? If so there's probably a microwave there....

Have a great trip!..

Comment #14

I like both mixed with diet rite soda. Not plain...

Comment #15

Thanks for all the great suggestions! I'll check Walmart today for the water immersion heater. What secton do you think? The camping supplies? If I can't find it there, I'll check out KMart or go online at Magellan's. Thanks again everyone!..

Comment #16

I like both, esp the cranberry mango. Doesn't taste like cranberry or mango but it's good. I mix them with various crystal lite flavors and blend with ice. REally good, esp in hot weather...

Comment #17

I LOVE the cranberry mango. The first time I tried it, I thought it tasted like sock sweat, but I gave it another chance. I like having it because I can mix it in a water bottle and it's just like drinking a normal drink, except I'm really having a meal (not everyone knows I'm on MF). It's kind of creamy.

The tropical fruit punch is okay. Took me awhile to get used to how sweet it is, though...

Comment #18

I like the tropical punch. another idea is to cook some other stuff (along with the muffins). I kill for the "cheese crackers" that you bake with soup (I use tomato soup, but everyone else uses the brochilli). And that you don't really have to refrigerate.

If you're out and about, you can always order hot tea, and use the water for your meal (save the tea bag for another day)..

Then of course for the shakes all you need is tap water and a shaker. I've made these at the gas station, at work, even at the drinking fountain at Disneyland before (we live close and go all the time). Then just drink it from the shaker, rinse, dry off with a paper towel from the bathroom, and put back in your purse..

Just some ideas! :-)..

Comment #19

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