What's up with the dude who runs out at the end of the commercial?

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My first question is: What's up with the dude who runs out at the end of the commercial?.

My next question is: I'm getting to know a guy I met on mySpace. We've been talking for a month, and have been out 4 times. He works 2nd shift, so he doesn't get home from work until 11pm, and I'm long in bed by then. He even works Friday nights. I get off work at 6pm, and work every other Saturday. In our conversation the other night, he said that he's "on the fence" about dating (online dating with me because of this situation.

We text and e-mail during the day, but it's no substitute for actually being with someone in person. do you date using a 2nd shift worker?..

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Your question was: What's up with the dude who runs out at the end of the commercial?.

I worked 2nd shift for several years while I was married.  I only saw my exhubby on weekends, on Sat when I got up around noon, and then Sunday.  Unless you and him can tolerate that then I doubt it will work..


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Comment #1

Where there's a will there's a way and it sounds like the commitment isn't really there. If he's telling you he's on the fence, well that's good info to know. So you can respond from there.People make long distance relationships work by being in frequent email, text, phone contact. But it's not easy and it's a challenge and if it's easier to get out at the beginning if the potential gain doesn't seem worth the risk.


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I am currently dating (online dating with someone who works 2nd shift. We've been going out six months in person, seven if you count the month we dated by phone.

I won't lie, the hours can be tough. In the time we've dated, my boyfriend has been on 10 hour shifts and will soon go back to them and to 12 hours. It's hard because, when you are first going out, you want to spend a lot of time together and work makes that impossible. Our situation works for many reasons, not the least of which is that I've worked night and weekend shifts in my job so I understand it better than a lot of women..

There is hope. My boyfriend and I don't see each other much during the week, but one of us will come over after work some nights if he is off early and my day starts late. We tend to spend most of the weekend together which helps. We also talk several times a day. My boyfriend either calls or texts me during a break or his lunch and then one of us calls the other later in the night. That helps a lot..

One thing from your post that I saw though is that this guy is saying he's on the fence. If that's the case, maybe you'd be better off with someone with a different schedule or who is willing to meet you halfway with the effort to see you when he can..

Good luck!..

Comment #3

OK so I have been dating (online dating with a cop for the last 18 months. We are friends with bennies yet I dont seem to want to date using others though I have tried. He is the second cop I have dated.he worked 2nd shift for a long time and now is working graves. He doesnt get very many weekends off. What we have found is that we just except each other and the time we have is great.  I see him sometimes before he goes to work and some times after at 7am. he lives 1 1/2 hours away as well.

Though our relationship (thru is just friends with bennies. Its just excepting good people for who they are and having understanding. We all seem to know have what a relationship (thru looks like but what does it feel like. Thats what we have to clue in on. And have a life out side of the relationship (thru also hlps.

And in fact there was a plan for last sunday in the works...he couldnt do it do to a shooting he was involved in.  What do you except that that is what it is to ate some one who works shift work and you stay with it because you treat each other great. I am not sure where this realtionship is going but because we have eceptance of what we do in life it works for us as it is right now. BTW Iam a single mom of 5 so we have our challanges again....exceptance..

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