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I have only been on Medifast for 2 weeks but am thinking of putting in an order soon, just to add some new Medifast meals into the mix and so I don't take any chances of running out and not having new order in. My first order was the 4 week variety pkg, great deal for price but not crazy about some of the Medifast meals and some Medifast meals I see available are not in the pkg. just for the hell of it I made a list of what I would enjoy and instead of 275$ I was up over 350$!!! Help! I also noticed there is an autoship which ends up getting you 1 week of free food for the first 2 months...which would be great on my budget but do I have to order a 4week pkg or can I make my own? Thought since ya'll have been doing this a while you may know what's the best way? HELP PLEASE!!..

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I am not sure about the auto ship if you can pick and choose. Call Medifast Support and ask. Also if you do a google search for Medifast coupon codes you will find some really good ones that will save you some money too. We are not allowed to post coupon codes on the boards or in private messages but they are out there if you search for them. Good thinking on ordering more before you run out. I ran low before my second shipment arrived. Also ended my first month with only the foods I didn't like because I didn't organize myself at first...

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So how do I go about ordering? Is there an autoship option once you pick your foods and get ready to check out? I am getting to the point where I have a lot of the foods I am not too crazy about and need some more portable foods for work so thought about ordering the cold drinks and more soup..easy to take with me. I also really want that book....

Thanks so much for quick responses...

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I customize my orders and then usually find a coupon for $55 off of a $255 purchase. I end up spending $200 for around 18 boxes of food, and the shipping is free...

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Also another quick question...does the deal with the free weeks and book etc. expire or can I sign up for autoship anytime? Still have about 3 weeks of food so was gonna order next week..but dont' wanna miss out..

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There is a site where they tell you about all the coupons available for MF. Also when you order you place redtag in the coupon box you save $55.00 and if the order is over $200 you get free shipping. I just placed an order recently and it there was a box for you to sign up for autoship. If you sign up for autoship I'm not sure about the $55 savings which is important for me too. Kept my order for a month to a little over $200 and I always custom order because what good would it be to get foods you hate and I don't like a lot. there are a lot of options you can use to save money.

If you want more info on that I can give you my health advisor's name. I'm not a health advisor...

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Save BIG with our new AutoShip Program!.

AutoShip is a convenient new way for Medifast customers to save money. With AutoShip you automatically receive your Medifast order on a monthly basis. No need to call in or log on! And youre free to cancel AutoShip at any time  no strings attached!.

AutoShip members receive money-saving rewards, including:.

A free week of Healthy Medifast Foods with your first AutoShip order *.

A copy of The Secret Is Out: The Medifast Program Book along with your first AutoShip order *.

An additional free week of Healthy Medifast Foods with your second AutoShip order *.

A 5% discount on your third AutoShip order  and 5% off all consecutive AutoShip orders thereafter.

In order to better serve you during the AutoShip process, Medifast will be keeping you informed via the following AutoShip Order Status emails:.

WELCOME  an acknowledgment email, welcoming you to the Medifast AutoShip club!.

PROCESSED  informing you that your AutoShip order has been processed. You will receive your order according to the timelines stated in our Shipping Policy. We will remind you as to when to expect your next AutoShip order, and provide you with instructions on how you can modify or cancel future AutoShip orders.

Dont forget to select AutoShip during checkout  and save BIG!.

* With 4-week kit purchase or $250 minimum order.



ABOUT THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The following terms and conditions apply to Medifast, Inc. (referred to as "Medifast/we/our/us") and relate specifically to our AutoShip program. These terms and conditions may vary from our general terms and conditions.

Medifast reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Medifast may notify you when there are changes to these terms and conditions. Medifast reserves the right to terminate your AutoShip account if you no longer agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

ENROLLMENT: To enroll in AutoShip you must select this option by clicking on the designated check box on the checkout stage of your order. Medifast will activate your AutoShip account and begin your AutoShip program when your first AutoShip order is submitted. New customers should create an online account during checkout; existing customers should sign in using your current username and password during checkout.

FREE GIFTS AND DISCOUNTS: Your initial AutoShip enrollment entitles you to the following, subject to the terms and conditions of the AutoShip program:.

1st AutoShip order: one (1) free week of Healthy Medifast Foods and one (1) copy of The Secret Is Out: The Medifast Program book.

2nd AutoShip order: one (1) free week of Healthy Medifast Foods.

3rd AutoShip order: 5% discount.

All subsequent, consecutive AutoShip orders: 5% discount.

To receive the above free gifts with your first and second AutoShip orders, each of these AutoShip orders must meet the following qualification(s): $250.00 minimum purchase; orders must be consecutive with no interruption or cancellation in your AutoShip service. Interruption or cancellation of your AutoShip service will result in forfeiture of future free gift offers. To receive the above discounts with your third and subsequent AutoShip orders, each of these AutoShip orders must meet the following qualification(s): orders must be consecutive with no interruption or cancellation in your AutoShip service. Free gift offers are subject to change.

The free week of Healthy Medifast Foods is a prepackaged assortment of 35 Medifast Meals selected by Medifast and the contents are subject to change at our discretion. Medifast will not grant customer requests to substitute, exchange or customize the free week assortment. The free week of Healthy Medifast Foods is added to your qualifying AutoShip order and is not a discount.

SHIPPING: Your first AutoShip order will be processed immediately after your successful AutoShip order submission. Subsequent AutoShip orders will be processed one (1) calendar month thereafter (or on the next business day). Only one (1) AutoShip order will be generated per calendar month. AutoShip orders will ship within two (2) business days of your AutoShip date. Orders over $200.00 will receive free standard shipping within the U.S. Shipping costs are subject to change without notice.

MODIFICATIONS AND CANCELLATIONS: All modifications and cancellations to your AutoShip account information must be submitted electronically via your online account more than two (2) business days before your AutoShip date. Requests submitted less than two (2) business days before your AutoShip date will apply to your next scheduled AutoShip order.

You may modify your AutoShip order contents, AutoShip date, shipping address and/or billing information at any time subject to the terms and conditions of the AutoShip program. To modify your AutoShip order or account information, sign in to your online account and select AutoShip Settings.

You may cancel your enrollment in the AutoShip program at any time subject to the terms and conditions of the AutoShip program. To cancel your AutoShip orders, sign in to your online account and select AutoShip Settings. Refusing or returning an AutoShip or manual order does not automatically cancel your AutoShip enrollment. Your AutoShip orders will continue to be charged to your credit card and shipped as scheduled until you cancel your enrollment in the AutoShip program. You will be financially responsible for all orders shipped to you by Medifast up to the date your cancellation takes effect.

COST AND BILLING: There is no charge to join the AutoShip program. When you place your initial AutoShip order, we will request your credit card information through a secure online transaction process. Each month when your AutoShip order is processed, we will charge your credit card for the order amount. The actual billing date may vary slightly from month to month. The per-order charge may change if/when you modify the contents of your AutoShip order. All prices are subject to change.

By enrolling in AutoShip you authorize Medifast to automatically charge your credit or debit card so that the total of your monthly order is equal to the amount you have authorized. You agree to provide Medifast with updated credit card account information so that we can continue to ship according to your AutoShip schedule. You agree to pay all applicable sales taxes and shipping and handling charges...

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I just tried different coupons with the autoship and it was a no go. let me know if anyone finds out differently..


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I like ordering what I want when I want....I don't like all the food that comes with the 4 and 2 week packages (I can't stomach the oatmeals! Blech! or the cappiccino or latte I find myself ordering mostly puddings, shakes, and ready to drink shakes. They ship from Owings Mill, MD so I get mine in about 2 days!..

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If that's the case it doesn't pay to use autoship. I'd keep it regular and use the $55 off as long as I can...

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I'm glad you were able to save. It's a great deal. Glad I could help...

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Think i'll use autoship the first couple of months cuz you get a week of free food for month 1 and 2 plus the book. you can cancel autoship may go back to regular ordering once I get month i'll be travelling a lot so wanna have more control when I get my order...

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If you sign up with a health advisor, you can join the BE Slim Club and save on each order you place. They will send your regular order unless you change it, which is really easy to do. Your discount progresses until it reaches 12%.

I love saving money!!!!.


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I order whatever I want, looking for coupons and always ordering more than $200 to get free shipping. Auto-ship looks like it could be a good option though..

Try out the recipe section to make those foods you don't like into something tolerable, and maybe even enjoyable. Even if you don't like a recipe that much, it probably isn't any worse than the food you didn't like originally. I've used up vanilla shakes and non-MF-very-low-calorie diet oatmeal by making them into muffins, and I like Gatita's tortillas as a way to use up Cream of Tomato and Broccoli soups. Good luck!..

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I have always custom ordered. You still get whatever discount is offered for "4 weeks" if your order is 20 boxes or more. I also scour women's magazines (woman's day, LHJ, People) and online for discount codes and have always found one for $55 off or free weeks since the beginning. Between the $ off and free weeks and free shipping I am able to keep my orders between $200-$250/month custom ordering...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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