Whats the best type of goal to set with Medifast?

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So I'm sitting here trying to work out mini goals. I'm at 210 now, with a 'ill be happy with' number of 170. I think that at 170 I'm going to want to continue on down to probably 150. I'm just shy of 6' tall, but I havent been at either of those weights since before I finished growing, LOL so...its really hard to picture what weight will be the right one. But anyways, I'm trying to make goals for myself, but I keep boxing myself into the x-amount of pounds by such and such date. A friend of mine says look, if you follow the plan, you will lose weight, so whats the point in setting dates? If you dont meet the goal by the goal date, you will get discouraged and fall off the wagon..

What other ways are there to set goals for oneself?..

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For me the best goals have been small ones. Like right now, I'm trying to get to 175 by new years. (I set that when I was 190! getting there!) I have an easier time when I'm competing with someone on here...I have a few weight loss buddies that are close to the same weight as me so we set these goals and try to beat each other there. It helps to be accountable to someone else..

I agree that if you stick the weight will come off, but it doesn't hurt to stay very focused on keeping the number going down..

Good luck!.


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I set mini goals to give me something to reach for. I did not set dates because like your friend stated, I didnt what to create a way to failure, but rather something to help motivate me to keep going...

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I set performance goals. Stick 100% on plan, drink X number of glasses of water, exercise X days per week, etc. All things that are within my control. Rarely does the body cooperate with the dates...

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Ah now thats good dbb....i think I will do it that way as well. I can control whether or not I stay on plan and drink my water....i cant control how quickly the weight will come off in doing so. thank you so much..

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I'm with "weight by date" goals. I set weight goals...and rewarded myself when I got there and exercise goals. Lots of rewards along the way kept it interesting for me. Now I am working on maintenance rewards....!.

Oh...and KARENB...did you make goal and not tell anyone??? CONGRATULATIONS!!~..

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I'll second the "no date" goals. I just aim for a small amount (15 pounds or so) and then reward myself. Worked so far!.

And, as for staying on plan & drinking the water - gotta do that or we Rogues will be all over you!.

Welcome - glad to have you as part of the family!!!..

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I have been on program for 10 months and I did not set a specific timetable to reach a certain number. Only now that I'm within a pound have I set a goal of losing this last pound by the end of the year (which may not happen)..

However, I think it's o.k. to set a mini of goal of maybe losing 5 pounds at a time. To think about the overall number or to set a specific weight loss number might discourage you if you don't do it. So like everyone says, set a plan to stick to program, to increase exercise, etc. and before you know it, you will be where you want to be...

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I can only follow the plan 100%. The lbs come off when they come off. There isn't anything I can do to control the rate of my loss other than following the plan. SO, my goals are time based and relate to being 100% OP. No scale numbers allowed!.


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I didn't set any mini goals either. I knew the fat would dissappear if I stuck to the plan and it did. I made the mistake of buying smaller jeans when I made my first goal (I lowered it twice and have now settled on my final weight) and I 'un-grew' those jeans in a matter of weeks! It seems the lower our weight, the quicker the clothes become too big! I'm just mentioning this to save you some $$.. Maybe buy one pair and just wash them a lot!..

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Here's an interesting idea from a book I read, about your final goal weight... the author asks you to sit down and think of numbers for each of these weights for yourself:.





Never Again.

It helped me figure out my final goal "range" for maintenance..

I also agree with the other, no "X lbs. by date" goals! I did set lots of mini-goals along the way, but with no time frame. Usually, I would celebrate when I lost 5 lbs. or got under 170, etc...

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I set some loose mini goals, but didn't beat myself up if I didn't reach them within a certain time frame. Progress is progress, and getting worked up over not reaching a mini goal sort of takes the good feelings out of that. I also made it a point to reward myself not just for goals reached, but for achievements that I thought were momentous, like running further than I ever had before, or doing really well on an occasion where I was severly tempted to eat like an idiot. We deserve those incentives, even though these sorts of accomplishments may not seem like a huge deal to other people. But hey... if it feels like a big deal to you, then it is!..

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Well, to be honest, I never set a goal this time around. The weight is going to come off regardless of my goals. I have some thin jeans waiting for me and that is it. Plus I really can't think of a reward that isn't wrapped up in food, so can't reward either..

Ok I guess I have 1 goal and that is to get to 118, but for a reward.......??????..

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When I lost the weight the first time, I just weighed my self from time to time and just went with the thrill of that. When I lost enough that my clothes were baggy, I ran out and got a new outfit as a treat and was amazed at how I looked. That confirmed to me to really stick with the plan...

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