What's the best sex supplement at VitaminShoppe or a VitaminShoppe/World store for Men?

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My first question is: What's the best sex supplement at VitaminShoppe or a VitaminShoppe/World store for Men?.

My next question is: Stats: 26yrs, 5Ft 11, 85kg, training on and off since 16yrs. started again 4 months ago with a decent diet and supps. I train for around 60-90mins 4x a week. mon, tues/wed, thurs, fri..

My wieght was 79kg before starting to train and I started cycle at 84kg now 85kg..

I have started my first EFP(a bit dear)Tbol cycle of week1 20mg, week2 40mg, week3 50mg. Iam planning to do 8 weeks may be week4 60/70mg,week5 70/80mg, week6 80mg, drop down week7 50mg?, week8 20mg?..

I have already noticed a increase in strength and bit of mass but deff harder muscles. I have only put on 1 kilo in 3 weeks on cycle.

The reason for increasing and decreasing doses is to keep everything subtle. I choose tbol for subtle gains and low sides..

Im no to sure of pct I most likely use nolva/clomid for 3 weeks and milk thristle any tips welcome..

Training routine,.

Day1: chest and tris,.

Day2: shoulders (week point),.

Day3: legs and cardio(fast walking 15mins),.

Day4: back and arms..


Bench 100kg 3reps,.

Deadlift 160kg 2reps,.

Half squats 150kg,.

Standing calf raises 150kg,.

Biceps curle 50kg,.


3x shakes a day,whey protein 75g,fine oats 50g,bcaa,glutamine..

2x 750mg glcosamine veg tabs..

1x multi vits&minerals veg..

Fast carbs and creatine unoccassionaly before training..

What I usually eat/drink a day..

1 egg & beans/ weatabix,.

100-200g of fresh fish, (makeral,salmon,cod),.

Pasta + chicken..

Fruits. orange,apples,bananas,.

Plenty of water..

I try to eat a small/medium meal every 3hours..

Any help/opinion welcome. Money is tight but try my best to do everything...

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Your question was: What's the best sex supplement at VitaminShoppe or a VitaminShoppe/World store for Men?.

Ye there are few legit places with good prices, just gota find them mate... and ye itis ive work fooking hard to get there though, although if you saw me out you wouldn't think I was a lump, I just like the ripped look..

Comment #1

Im aiming for a bit of a bulky, solid, ripped physique. Have you go pics online? yep thats me in the avatar...

Comment #2

Hmm , tbol is good for dry solid gains, but it's not a bulker.. it's give you bit more muscle and shape, I think it's like winni from what ive used anyway. you dont jabs before? id do a course of test and tbol and then see what you think..

Comment #3

No not done jabs before, I want to train for a while without ass after I have completed this cycle unless it's a flop after cycle+pct. At this moment I am trying to tone up,build strength, with a bit of mass(i know tbol wont add much) and lose a bit of fat...

Comment #4

Hmm I wouldn't bother with just a tbol alone cycle with what your trying to achieve, a simple test cycle would give you size and strength, if your diets on point and you got a decent pct your gain atleast a stone I should think, obviously depended on individuals but thats probably the average..

Comment #5

Cocobench should I go staight to 80mg for next 3-5 weeks ?

Comment #6

Stick maximum of 60mg! get somtihing on hand for stomach upset, first couple of cycles I got the shits from tbol..

Comment #7

Interesting you say that my stomach been a bit funny since on 50mg! I will do the next5 weeks on 60mg split morning and evening. whats the maximum dose you used? I sent pm reply earlier...

Comment #8

Didnt get the PM mate, try it again. 60 is maximum ive used and maximum I would go, the tbol I use is 20mg so perfect 3 doses per day...

Comment #9

I will send it again just saw I need to have 15+ posts...

Comment #10

Could I stack Tbol with another oral for quality mass muscle ??.

Someone suggested Primobolan..

Comment #11

Ah so that's how you got ripped :-) No seriously mate. Well done on the hard physique...

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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