What's the best mini-mixer or blender?

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Hey Everyone,.

I would really like to have a small electric or battery powered mixer, to take the lumps out of my pudding, etc....

Can anyone recommend a sturdy mini-blender or mixer?.

Thanks for your help!.

Smiles - Wendy..

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Hey I ended up getting the Rocket Blender (bought mine at Macy's for about $30). It's basically just like the Magic Bullet but 1/2 the price (it was tehcnically on sale, but stuff at Macy's is almost always "on sale", so you should be able to find it at that price too w/out much trouble). Oh, and the MB can go in the microwave and teh Rocket can't.

But! I love mine. I hear great things about the $14 mini unit at Walmart. For me it was worth the extra $ to get something that would blend right into a cup I could take with me or throw in the dishwasher. But whichever you choose - enjoy! It's made a HUGE difference in my shakes!..

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I don't know about the best mini mixer/blender but for the pudding I use ice cold water and add about a third at a time and mix with a wisk pretty good and I don't have a problem with lumps...

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I bought the $15 hamilton beach personal size blender from Walmart. It works really good to me...

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I really like my Magic Bullet. I bought it at Bed, Bath & Beyond with a 20% off coupon. I love the fact that I can blend right into the cup - saves cleanup! The Magic Bullet makes a huge difference for me in how the shakes taste - plus it makes them thick and creamy, like a milkshake...

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Magic Bullet - is a wonder machine, it comes with a kit of cups, blades, etc. A bit pricey, but I already had one so it worked for me. It is a good investment, especially being on MF...

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Magic Bullet - and it's on sale for $45 at Target. Microwave & dishwasher safe. Blend and eat/drink out of one cup, super easy clean up. MUCH easier than a blender...

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I got the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender with Travel Lid from Amazon/Target for $16. It works fine for making shakes and it was cheap!..

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Magic Bullet here, too. I blend a few ice cubes in my water before adding the pudding and the MB can handle the ice. I also have a wand blender which works well for puddings and cocoa, but I like the MB better (I tend to make a mess with the wand one). Becki..

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Hey Everyone,.

Thanks for all your helpful replies!.

I found a brand new Magic Bullet on eBay and bought it yesterday..

I'm looking forward to smoother pudding, etc....

Smiles - Wendy..

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I couldn't find the magic bullet last time I was shopping, so I got a Back to Basics Slushie Express at Kohl's for about $15 (maybe less with my Sr. Cit. discount). It works fine. Wal Mart has them for about that price. Comes with a straw/spoon and cup.

I am going to look at a Magic Bullet at Kohl's to see if it is better (to use for other things and in case this one ever wears out).

Secret to pudding I found was to use refrigerator cold water, mix half and then add the rest. Using a whisk helps alot too. I think it is better if refrigerated for awhile as well...

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I have a Calypso from K-Mart. I couldn't bring myself to spend $60 on a Magic Bullet! The Calypso works just fine! It has made all the difference in the world as far as the shakes go (less water + ice), I haven't tried pudding in it though...

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Hi everyone;.

I bought Medifast a few months ago, started, stopped, and have picked it up again a couple of weeks ago. I definately like the shakes better when they are blended - does anyone have a personal blender that doesn't make too much noise and can be used in an office?.



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I ended up buying the Magic Bullet...and I LOVE IT!!!.

Especially because I can mix my shakes and puddings right in their own serving's probably too noisy for your takes less than 60 seconds to blend a shake/crush the ice...and it's small/portable..

So...maybe it will work for you too?..

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I have the Bullet and love convienent and easy to clean....but for travel, I have a purse-size battery blender...whips those shakes quite well(definately not the Bullet though).

I know Amazon carries a mini-portable blender for about $6.95...thinking about getting it as a back-up as mine is an older Shaklee one...also found a cheaper one on the Herbalife site...but liked Amazon's better as it has more "blades" to use for mixing...hope this helps as well..

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It comes in different sizes. I can take it to work to do things but at work for my hot cocca or chat latte or teas. It has a wisk inside the shaker and than a spout as well so you can either drink it from the bottle or pour in another cup. I never have lumps with this thing and thanks to this item I enjoy the shakes and everything much more. I hated to have to remove the lumps.

Here at home I also have the Magic Bullet but the other one is nice to take with friends or in the car or at work. Just SHAKE!!!..

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Hi I am new to Medifast could you tell me where to find a blender bottle?..

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