What's the best goal weight with Medifast?

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HELP!!! - I am really struggling... not with the plan - I LOVE MEDIFAST!!! - but with deciding on a goal weight.

I'm 5'1". I had originally picked 125. I came up with that number by finding when I would hit a "healthy" BMI (132) and then going down a few pounds to give myself some "wiggle room".

I weigh 139 right now. I am wearing a size 6. I almost want to move my goal weight to 130. I don't want to be too thin, I don't feel the need to get into a size 2, and I am so proud of what I've accomplished so far.

I've been throwing this question around in my head for awhile, and I asked my doctor, who gave me the canned answer I had already gotten from a BMI chart. I've gone to him for 12 years now, and was really hoping for a more personalized answer.

So I'm bringing this to the experts - you guys... What do you think?..

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The great thing is it is entirely up to you. If you are comfortable at 130stay there. It's all about you!! We are about the same height and weight. I'm not wearing a size 6 everyone is different. You need to do what you feel comfortable with. And can you maintain the weight? For me this is the key..


Comment #1

Hi, I am going thru the same thing. Are you big boned or small bones, what do you feel comfortable at? I am 5 ft 4, I now weigh 152, and feeling tired of being on Medifast and just want to get to goal. I am in a size 10 sometimes a size 8 depending on wehere I shop, I am pear shaped. My Medifast doc says 130, but I dont know if I can do it physically or mentally. I am going to get down to 140 and then decide, my highest to be healthy on the bmi is 146. So, I guess what I am saying is know one can tell you, I wish someone would tell me, but they cant, it's up to us...

Comment #2

I must have the strangest doctor in the world. He saw me after my 4th week on the plan and refused to answer to goal question. He told me he'd be happy if lost just another 10 pounds. Other than that he told me to look in the mirror and decide if I like what I saw and go from there. He also told me I was a medium/large frame and didn't want me to get to thin. I love his support but I don't know about you but I never see a thin person in the mirror..

All that said Molly74 do what feels right for you! Maybe you should try T & M and see how you do. That would give you a break from the "diet". Just a suggestion...

Comment #3

Congratulations on your loss so far! If you are still losing every week when you get to 130, then I would keep going. 125 would give you that "wiggle room" and it only a 5 lb difference. It also depends on your age and bone and muscle density. But I would definitely get in the healthy weight range. Also, your doctor knows you best so I would listen to what he says...

Comment #4

I have personally found that the BMI chart is a bunch of crap. And this is why...BMI doesn't take into account bone structure, muscle mass, body frame, etc. I'm 5'9 and at my smallest, I was 166. I was almost anorexic looking because I have a large bones and I was almost all muscle. The BMI chart said I was obese still. So I have decided it's more of how you feel about yourself.

Good luck..

Comment #5

I agree with jst622...that chart wants me to weigh a ridiculous amount for my frame/height. The key....and this was mentioned to find a weight you can maintain. You may look great at 125 but find yourself struggling to stay there. You want to feel comfortable, look good to you and be able to stay there. If that's 130..great! Congratulations on coming so far Molly!~..

Comment #6

My BMI says I should be 155 tops. I feel great now at about 190, and wear a 14. At 180 I should be in a comfortable size 12, and I'm done. I have a lot of muscle, and the BMI doesn't account for that. I think a size 6 is really small, so use your judgement. If you feel like you are done, you are. No pressure to keep going for some chart...

Comment #7

I think if you feel good as a 6, then start working on maintaining it. I am aiming for a six whatever weight that is on me. I am 5'7" and I have planned for 140.

Good luck and you can always jump back on the plan full force if you want to get thinner. But as the other ladies have said, it's all your choice...celebrate that concept!.


Comment #8

I'm just under 5'2" and weigh around 138 right now (I was 135 for a minute). Healthy BMI is 136. My goal is to get to 124. I am currently wearing a 10, sometiems an 8. My plan is to get to 6/8. But I'm 52.

I think you have to find a comfortable size for yourself but if you, like me, have difficulty knowing how you actually look, it may be difficult. Do you have a trusted friend who would be willing to help you? Go out to a mall and let him/her point out people who are built like you. That may help you decide...

Comment #9

It is really up to you...I am older..and have a short body with a large doc said that with my age...body frame..and muscle mass...150...computers can not see us....we are all so different..I am 5'2....48 yrs young...and mostly wear a size 10 pants and 8 top....dresses..are who ever makes them..could be a 10...or 8...but..I do not worry about it to much...I was shooting for a size you see by looking at my pics...well I think I look pretty darn good!..and feel so much better...I think if you check out a few sites...I can not remember the one I went to..but they are out put in everything....your age..height...measurements....and the size of your wrist or elboe....and it can give you an idea..mine I know the doc was telling me the truth...check it out...let us know what you find out...CONGRATS for doing sooooo...good!..later Prez..

Comment #10

Molly, congrats on your success... you are doing great! I think picking a goal weight is as much art as science. The BMI chart can give you a good idea of a weight you should head for, but then you need to look at other factors. You need to find a weight that you are happy with and that you can maintain.

For me, I picked my initial goal weight as 149 for 2 reasons... 1) it was in the healthly range of BMI for my height (the top of the range) and 2) 149 sounded way lower than 150 to me. I started transition when I hit 149 and lost 4 more lbs and that became my goal weight range - as long as I was in that range, life was good; if I went above it, I had to lose again. I maintained that weight for 4 months and then decided I felt better at the lower end of the range, so I decided to lower my goal range by 5 lbs. I also started exercising more at that point because I wanted to tone up more.

It took a couple months to lose that weight (but with the extra exercising I really toned up); I maintained at the lower range for about 4 months. I really like how skinny I feel at 143, but I'm starting to think now that 143 is a bit low for me to maintain. By the way, I mostly wear a size 6, when I'm at the lower end of my goal range I can wear 4s, too. It was never my goal to wear a 4 (I was hoping for 8/10) and I'm starting to think about RAISING my goal range by a couple of pounds now. It seems like my body wants to hover around 146. So I might change the top of my range from 145 to 147.

So that's my story... Remember, you don't have to pick a number and stay with it forever. Pick something to aim for, but then adjust as you go along. We're in this for the long haul, so you can adjust as you go. Keep up the good work!.


Comment #11

Thank you all SO MUCH for your input... I really appreciate it. (((hugs))).

I think I will get to 130 and see how I feel there. I agree with what several of you said, I don't think the chart is accurate for me. I'm not small-framed. And if I decide to go lower after I've got there, I certainly know how to do it now.....

Comment #12

Just a little something to add. sometimes we think that we are not small framed because our fat has been covering our bones and muscle for so long, so we just assume we have a bigger frame...not neccessarily so. A friend of mine who is 5'0", lost weight and discovered she had a small frame...she now weighs 110 lbs and does not look too skinny, just very healthy. She also said that weight training is key to getting toned and maintaining your loss...

Comment #13

Here's a height/weight chart standard for insurance companies, circa 1983. It shows how to measure what frame size you are at the bottom.


Comment #14

I don't go by the charts for several reasons, one being that I am heavy in the butt and legs so if I lost what the charts say I should I would be WAY too thin on top. I "should" weigh around 125, but am aiming for 145..

I am settling for the very top end of "healthy" because I believe I can maintain that and it looks right on me. I am curvy and that's that!.

I think you're doing right by seeing how you feel at 130...

Comment #15

Wow, I'm no where near a size six. I'm also 5'1 and weigh 123lbs, and all my weight is in my stomach.I know it sounds insane but I swear it's true. I look pregnant. This just goes to show that everyone has a different body type. I can't fit into my daughters size 7 and she weighs more than me. Go figure.SHIRLEY..

Comment #16

It is a interesting and fun problem, hmmm, how thin shall I be? Wow, before Medifast most of us didn't stand a chance of having that thought! I agree with finding a weight you can maintain. You could also stay at your cute size 6, maintain for 6 months, and then drop the rest if you want to then. For me it is weird because my goal weight is about where some folks START MF. But for me, my goal weight would be amazing. My doc was happy with a 40 lb loss, so we know that health wise, losing the fat is so important...

Comment #17

Hi Molly, Congrats on doing so well already!! As several folks have already mentioned, you need to find a place where you feel good/ look good And can maintain it without going crazy.

One thing to remember about BMI, while it's accuracy is stellar when it comes to the general populace, it starts to lose accuracy when it comes to the individual. Bone weight and muscle mass really aren't accounted for when you the individual look at your BMI. If you want a more accurate idea you can find a place that water weighs you (some gyms have this). This will give you accurate figures to work with.

But in the end, it's a decision you need to work out for you Obviously none of us can go back to the old way of eating when we reach our "goal", but you may find life (and eating) a bit more normal at 130 than a lesser weight?.

I wish you Much luck with your continued success!! You've done great!..

Comment #18

Thanks, everyone... I don't know what I'd do without these boards...

I found another post somewhere, and inChrysalis had given a link to and I used both their calculations, and came up with this:.

Frame Size:.


You are Female with a height of 5' 1" and a wrist circumference of 6.125 inches. You are considered to have a large frame.

Frame Size:.


You are Female with a height of 5' 1" and an elbow breadth of 2.625 inches. You are considered to have a large frame.

Then I went to a couple other sites and found that for a person of my height, with a large frame, that the ideal range is 125-140. So I feel a lot better about moving my goal weight to 130. I will start transition there, and maintain that for awhile. If at a later time, I think I need to go lower, I will. But we shall see.

Again, thanks to you all for your input!!!..

Comment #19

For what it's worth, Molly, you already look AMAZING in my book..

You are a beautiful woman and look fantastic as-is. Go with your gut and what your body is comfortable with. I'd have to assume T&M will be quite a bit easier that way, too!..

Comment #20

Awwww... thank you, traven!!! (((hugs))).

That really made my day!!..

Comment #21

Thanks for the link Molly. It was pretty informative to use their different calculators. I did determine my fame size and a lot more by using these simple calculators..

Good luck!!..

Comment #22

I was just playing with the calculator, and I have a large frame and my ideal weight is 134 pounds! My stated goal weight is 125, suggested by the Medifast computer, but I plan to take a "wait and see" attitude on any final decision about how far to go.

Everyone's advice on how to decide are great! I do have a slight variation to offer. One thing I want to see again some day is my collar bone. When I can see it's outline then I will start being careful not to get too skinny! But I remember that I have a nice neck under there somewhere, and at the time when I used to be able to see my collar bone is when everything looked it's best. I just don't want to see my ribs and sternum like the skinny models and movie types.

I have curves underneath everything, too. I just hope my tummy tucks in somewhere along the way. My butt will endure!..

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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