Whats a good site for teen dating? Like a eHarmony/ type site for like 16-18 year olds.?

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My first question is: Whats a good site for teen dating? Like a eHarmony/ type site for like 16-18 year olds.?.

My next question is: Over the past year i've been on a lot of dates and i'm at the point of giving up. i'm tired of being the "you're cool, you're nice... but NO," girl. I don't understand what's going on. i've been told that i'm very pretty, that I have a lot going for me, that i'm funny... but no one seems to stick.

I'd go out with someone and it would eventually lead to, "you're nice but i'm not looking for something now," and then, a few months later, the guy has a girlfriend. or, we go out for a month, and guess what? they're looking to get back with their high school girlfriend. the best one was, "i like you a lot, you're so smart, but I don't know, something's just not right." and then he told me that he really wished he was in love with me, but just couldn't make it work. that was nice to hear. and then of course, the guys who have liked me are totally not my type and I couldn't force it to work out if I tried hard.

And believe me, i've done that. months ago I went out with a guy who was overweight, balding and we had little in common. trust me, I gave him a chance. funny thing is, he was perfectly fine with letting the relationship (thru go. so I can't even get those kinds of guys to stick! i'm not sure what to do anymore.

I've been to counselors to do some introspection and really take a look at myself but I don't know what it is. I don't have any big issues I can think of no drugs, no alcoholism, I do not throw temper tantrums or demand a lot of people, I try my best to be kind and unselfish... I even like to cook a lot and do all the "traditional" things some men might look for. I can honestly say I don't think i'm a bad seed and we've all seen those married women at the supermarket bossing their husbands around and throwing fits. I don't get it anymore..

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Your question was: Whats a good site for teen dating? Like a eHarmony/ type site for like 16-18 year olds.?.

We all get to a point where it seems we are doing the right things yet getting no results. And it's natural to ask this question - 'Am I missing something?" - the best thing to do is to ask people who know you fairly well that you can trust to get you HONEST and useful feedback to help you identify any lingering trouble spots. A well meaning friend who says 'You're perfect' isn't what you are looking for - you want someone who will tell you "You've got spinach in your teeth".  I've got a couple of friends that I know I can ask to give me the brutal truth - because you can't address what you aren't aware of!.

And once you've done this - then you can look at it as Well, I'm being the best me I can be so if none of these guys are working out then it's simply just not the right time. Make sure you are crystal clear on what you want in a partner and BE the kind of person who can attract that man.

I can assure you - the hardest thing in life is to keep on keeping on with no sign of 'getting there' in sight.  It can be frustrating but you still do what you can to be your best in all ways. Its a matter of time - your willingness to wait for something is directly proportional to your desire for it. Keep in mind what  you want - use the law of attraction to your benefit and just continue doing what you have control over!.

Hang in there!.


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I am reading a book right now, called Love Will Find You. Run out and get a copy immediately. There is no such thing as rejection, just a wrong fit, and there IS someone for you. There is a lid for every pot, so don't lose hope! It just means the others weren't the ones for you!.

Gal Blondie..

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Hi Fran,.

Welcome to the board!.

I reentered the dating (online dating with world a while back and I was pretty sinical at first and boy did the men prove me right!!   I too was about to give up, but my best friend and hair dresser had different plans.  They pushed me to go out with one of the hair dressers friend.  I gave in and have a really great bf now..

Its not like there is a lack of men.  It the lack of good men.  I live in Alaska and there is this great quote "the odds are good but the goods are odd".  The male to female ratio is incredible high here, but some of these Alaska men are a little scary!!! LoL.

Toni is right don't give up!!  Her idea of asking an honest friend is really great..

Good Luck,.




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Most relationships will NOT stick. Relationships are temporary - all relationships end at some point in our lives.

Maybe you are too sane, too normal and some men really like dysfunctional women who they can manipulate - they like the drama and you dont provide that.  I bet there are guys out there who would love a nice normal sane woman who doesnt throw tantrums...maybe you need a change of scenery.  Can you vary your routines or where you go for drinks or hang out with friends?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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