What would you say is the top free dating site for guys or

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My first question is: What would you say is the top free dating site for guys or

My next question is: On Sunday I was having a first and casual date using with this guy. As we were preparing to leave, he said that he would like to see me again and we agreed that Thursday was good for both of us. He asked me what cuisine I liked and told me that he would call me.Well, Thursday has come and has nearly gone but I have heard nothing from him.Just curious about possibly could have happened between his proposing the date using and now...

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Your question was: What would you say is the top free dating site for guys or

He obviously changed his mind or had no intention of having a second date using with you but was too cowardly to say, "I dont feel that there is anything here."..

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Oh, there are so many possibilities!  But the likeliest one is that he had a change of heart for some reason (usually having little to nothing to do with you) and didn't have the courtesy to tell you so..

It happensfar too frequently, and to everyone, so don't take it personally!.


Comment #2

Hi Belleotero,.

Welcome to the board!.

Sorry he did this - I know this feels bad!! and Sheri is right it happens to all of us.  Write him and go on to the  next one :0)  There could be tons of reasons.  Try not to worry!!.




Comment #3

Well that's quite rude - you could send a quick email saying you're checking in to see if he's ok 'cause you had the impression the two of you had made definite plans for Thursday..


But whether or not you hear from him I'd be wary - a person should be his word!.


Comment #4

Hey well I just had that happen to me today! yes it sucks you wonder what is wrong with me, what did I do! You did NOTHING WRONG first of all, men have done this to me before. You just have to see it as a process of elimenation , he wasn't the one so you must move on and remember next to watch for warning signs after the first date. I wasn't expecting him to do that to me either after everything he said to me. But I guess a lot of men aren't manly enough to be honest.

Just a little lesson we must all learn and yes it happens to all of us. You wouldn't want to date using him anymore anyway right!.

Take care and kept looking, MR. right is out there.


Comment #5

Hey Sarah,.

Sorry that this happend to you too!!  Keep up your great attitude!!  Your right.  Mr. Right is out there somewhere..

Good Luck,.




Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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