What would happen if I walked into a VitaminShoppe and asked for some "herb"?

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My first question is: What would happen if I walked into a VitaminShoppe and asked for some "herb"?.

My next question is: Hi everyone just a quickie on taking nolva.

If taking 20mg of dianabol per day and 20mg of nolva per day for 6 weeks would you still have to carry on taking nolva for 6 weeks after cycle as pct or take something else or nothing at all as you have ran nolva with your cycle..

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Covers both mate, you may not get Gyno but do you want to risk it? it helps with water retention to. HCG helps to kick your balls back in so helping to restore ones own test levels back to normal...

Comment #1

You wont need a 6 week pct..

2 weeks 40mg nolva a day.

1 week 20 mg nolva a day.

That will do the job. Hcg will not be needed on such a low dose dbol only cycle. (well 99% of people would say it wasnt anyway).

Yes dbol will shut you down, but the pct above will suffice. HCG does not "stop" shutdown..

I am no gear guru, and normally stay out the steriod section for that reason. But wasnt happy with the advice given so far. (no offence alim).

Im sure a mod will be along shortly to give you some advice mate..

Comment #2

If you dont do steroids then please dont advise on there use, you obviously have zero experaince upon there use and that's a good thing..

U have said in another thread HCG is not needed and pscarb put you right, you obviously suffer from memory loss as well as muscle loss...

Comment #3

How come you are planning on running a course of dbol if you only 11st @ 6st mate?.

Appologies if you have posted this elsewhere but how long have you been training for? what are you eating etc?..

Comment #4

As I said in the thread I very rarely comment in the steriod section for that very reason..

Just because you have used steriods you think you know it all ?? 6 months a go or there abouts you was on here asking very basic questions. You didnt even know what pct was LOL. Shall I dig the thread out for you ?? To truly show you up!!?.

Pscarb put me right did he???? Where??? Paul is a gear guru no doubt and I respect his knowledge of AAS. But not everyone would agree that on a low dose d bol cycle HCG is needed. Especially as the main reason of dbol only cycles is to avoid needles..


There is the thread you refer to. Pscarb says HCG will "HELP" , NeilR didnt mention it!? is neil an idiot then?? like me?? ........

Its guys like you with a tiny bit of knowledge that are truly dangerous!!.


I only commented cos your giving out shite advice and didnt even pick up on the guys proposed plan of 6 weeks pct. doh!!!!!.

As for your personal attack, whatever mate!! Any time you wanna meet up for a training session let me know!! Then watch me deadlift over 200kg for reps and tell me again I have no muscle. I weigh 245 lbs and I'm 5 foot 9 inches. no muscle ??..

Comment #5

Seriously lmao, I love the banter mate, I can take it, good to know your my bitch.....

Comment #6

The best way I can answer this is by recomending you read a book on how steroids work. find out what nolvadex actually does in the body, then you'll have your answer. by simplifying answers to questions like this on the website gives the uneducated a slightly twisted sense of what actions various drugs have on the body, however it would take pages of writing to comprehensively explain and I can't be bothered doing that, so the short answer is: yes, then if you wish, then no...

Comment #7

Yeah your the man Alim "insert plon*a smiley here"..

Comment #8

Ive never heard of anyone using hcg for a dbol cycle-.

Sounds like overkill to me..

I`d probly go with 4 weeks for pct..

Btw for what it's worth i`d go with 15mgs per day of dbol first time round...

Comment #9

I would have though clomid & nolva for pct and an AI during..

Edit: also dbol has short half life....has anyone mentioned this.....

Comment #10

Well atrophy can and will occur when using any steriod for a certain length of time no matter the dose so using HCG during the cycle and maybe a little after at a small dose like 250-500iu's e4d will help the recovery process..

Nolva and/or clomid should be fine for the PCT although amounts per person will vary and trial and error is needed...

Comment #11

There I now rest my ducking case you complete prick (the guru pscarb has spoken), egg over your face... like I said if you dont use steroids then stay of the threads regards then and just stick to the bulking threads, asshole you seem to jump on anything I say and dis it, then get your mates to follow, err like I dont know err I'm stupid...

Comment #12

What sort of dose of hcg would you take during cycle?..

Comment #13

I have never jumped on anything you have said. Quite the opposite..

I fail to see where I have egg on my face?? I didnt say not to use HCG. doh.....

AS I SAID IN MY ORIGINAL POSTS I DO STAY OUT THE STERIOD SECTION!!! Its only because you didnt pick up on the guys 6 week pct that I said something... doh..

Anyway Ali tbh you bore me mate "yawn".

EDIT:- I didnt ask cal to post either if thats what your getting at...

Comment #14

Great posts lads got a few different points of view much appreciated keep them coming..

Comment #15

Firstly raz has never done gear and his advice is usually spot..

Secondly I cant beleive the disrespectful comments over whether to use hc fcuking g or not..

Come back young gun all is forgiven.........

Comment #16

The anoying thing is, some one who does not use gear is advising upon it's use, and not only that is dissing what someone has said who uses steroids..

It's like hang on, you dont use them, it's like a plumber telling an electricial how to wire the shower in, you just dont go there.

Im not saying I know my stuff quite the opposite really, however I do listen and never forget what ive read and did remember what Paul said regards HCG on debol only cycle it was the same thread that I said it will shut you down and you Bulldosser said it will not rememeber? so I simply replied back with the answer, now if I was not sure then no way would I of replied, unlike others..

Anyways we will stop here, Dbol will shut you down and HCG should be used...

Comment #17

Agreed. Although if you're going to pin HCG i'd be inclined not to bother with a purely oral cycle..

Cheers cal...

Comment #18

Yep that was kinda my point all along lol..

Comment #19

So by your own admission you know very little so perhaps you shouldnt be giving out advice!??.

Ali will you get it through your head that I DO NOT EVER give advice or comment on steriod use. Read my original post. I said WAIT FOR A MOD TO COME ALONG..

Im bored of this thread now. I wont respond again..

Sorry to the original poster for all this hijacking...

Comment #20

Doesnt hcg doesnt come with it's own negative points to watch out for as well....too much and it's titty time, too little and it's pointless..

So just to be clear, are we saying that hcg should always be included on any dbol cycle and if so how much during and how much after. And should it be run during pct? Should I be running it on Anavar?..

Comment #21

Lol Bully - I wouldn't worry about that too much - he was saying back in May that he wasn't ready for gear (he's only 11st @ 6ft...) and would wait a few years....

Astro - no one is saying you must do anything - i.e. there aren't that many 'set' rules when running a cycle (other than don't drink test...) - if you don't mind pinning then you may benefit from HCG was how I read the thread outcome..

Ali - Sparkies and Plumbers must be trained and certified so the analogy isn't really that good (neither of you are certified in the use of gear...), but I do know where you are coming from - however it doesn't make you right... Bully's a fairly well read chap and tends to keep quiet rather than give bad advice..

Just my two penneth...

Comment #22

Wow, it gets nasty on here, I like it...

Comment #23

Its a deadly kitten with a snipers rifle though :twisted:..

Comment #24

Tall heavy and skinny why do you think it is such a bad idea taking d-bol @11 stone and 6 foot..

Comment #25

HCG has it's own sides as it is a female hormone and yes if you inject to much then you can get gyno from it this is why in my opinion 250-500iu's e4d throughout the cycle is a good choice....

Do you need HCG on a D/bol cycle?? well your nuts will atrophy to some degree please do not think just because it is D/bol and you are just running for a few weeks you will be ok so yes in my opinion you do need to use it but I am sure their are others who think the opposite.....

Comment #26

Simple mate - I don't beleive you are anywhere near ready and thats the advice you've been given every time you've posted on the subject:.

New starter needs help on gains.

First timer needs help on gear and cycles.

D-bol and nolva.

You only started lifting weights in May and you wanted to run a course straight away (within two weeks of picking up a weight if memory serves me correctly).

Its up to you what you do to be honest, and it's not really any of my business. But you haven't even started to scratch the surface of what your body can achieve naturally. Even if you do run a course I don't believe you will see many gains as when you started training you weren't training your legs and if you are still the same weight as in May I'd place a wager on your diet not being right..

I've seen fantastic natural gains by being focused and going b@lls to the wall every time I train, making sure I'm eating enough, timing and cycling my carbs, getting rest - you can see the same gains to as a newbie if you stick to it....

But thats just my opinion.....

Comment #27

I think the point THS is trying to make is that you have not yet reached anywhere near your natural potential... so if you havent learned how to make your body react without resorting to steroids then steroids alone will not have the impact your hoping they will....

There is LOTS of progress to be had from natural training!..

Comment #28

How many times do we keep going over the same ground here fellas ? .

Let him take gear. juice up to the gills. enjoy the 10 lbs you put on cos you lose them f*cking fast. some people know better...

Comment #29

Has everyone on hear waited years before juice,im a hardgainer just wanting to get on par,yes probably wanting to get there a bit quick but sooner the better ,here today gone tomorrow thanks for your posts..

Comment #30

No such thing as a 'hardgainer' IMHO - just someone who's diet and training aren't sorted yet. You get 'easy gainers' i.e. people with great genetics, and then theres the rest of us..

You need to get as much food down your neck as possible and train with intensity if you wanna grow, not pop some pills IMHO..

And if you don't get the reference BW made to the loss of you gains you def haven't done your research....

Do a new thread with your diet, training routine and goals in and you should get some constructive criticism....

End of...

Comment #31

Well I trained for 3 years before I took the path of steroids. To be honest I dont see the point in using them unless your underweight for your height or your looking to compete. however I don't fall into either catorgorie. so why am I using them? well suppose it all come down to vanity. Or suppose it could be an addiction once you start it's hard to stop as you now what can be achieved on them...

Comment #32

Why do you think the advice you're given suggests not taking steroids for a while ? .

Seriously, i'm here to offer help where I can. start juicing now, and in all probability you'll be megadosing by the time you weigh 14stone. and at your height that is not a big build. of course, you are the first newbie i've ever come accross who wants to get big as quick as possible. most people wanna spend years and years sweating away and busting their arse in the gym in order to grow. try gear if you like, stick around on this board and keep us updated with your progress. I look forward to your post in 12 months that goes something like, bursting through the 180lb barrier with sust, deca, dbol, tren, oxy.........

Comment #33

Bodyworks has let you into a little know Bodybuilding secret - goto the chemists and say you have spots and buy some Oxy (OXY) - this is one of the most anabolic substances known to man... That and drinking 1000ius Test Susp ED.....

Comment #34

Whilst I truly value your opinion BW, I still think that the problem is people just have not got the patience to wait and train hard and it is very hard and the temptation is always there with steroids. Its the unknown really and to be honest he may take his dbol and get zero results or he may do well and keep 25% who know's. The one thing we do know is that all users have given into the temptation of drugs, we never started of with the intention of using, we just got impatient and saw other guys in the gym looking big and good and this creates an even bigger desire...

Comment #35

So if you dont have spots can you still go to the chemist and buy oxy,and with not having spots means it will work twice as good and get more gains lol,no seriously thanks guys for all input..

Comment #36

Guy's I normally stay out of these discusions mainly because too many people seem to think that bodybuilding is about how much you're willing to take. and that somehow gear is the answer, I also know this part of the forum is about performance enhancement and there's cracking advise on hear - just I get on my soap box when someone who's just started thinks they need to juice to progress..

Bodyworks gave the guy some cracking adivse which was go and buy a good book and read up, I'd say buy several and glean as much knowledge as you can. Area 9 have several and there's plenty of others, there was a book knocking around the shows a couple of years back called "the works" which gave a lot of detail on diet and supplementation etc..

I'd say if anyone has a inkling to juice then before you make that decision read as much as you can, understand the risks and side effects and why different drugs are taken then make an informed decision yes ask questions but go and understand something about the subject first for the price of that course you can buy a book which if read and understood and then followed will have a bigger long term impact that 100Dbol or a 1000.

I'd also say after six months training there are many more effectice ways of making progress, sort out your diet eat enough clean food and train hard, get pleanty of good rest and don't blow it all getting hammered on drink or anything else don't go think popping a few pills is the answer..

And if you can't be bothered to take that aproach then I'd question if bodybuilding is a suitable way of life for you...

Comment #37

Thats exactly what I'm doing trying to get as much research as possible,which will give me the knowledge,my diet is good getting good amount of calories andprotein,aswell as supplements,eating like a horse and training 3 times per week to the point of failure..

Comment #38

You'll grow then mate keep eating loads training hard and effectively get good rest. You haven't been training long so there's better ways to spend your cash that will give you long term gains. One thing for sure if you can learn to improve without using then if and when you do the benefits of using will be amplified..

I'd also say if you are researching go and have a read why you'd want to be taking toxic orals?..

Comment #39

What do you mean "do well" and keep 25%?.

I`d be gutted if I only kept 25% gains..

Water gains aside dbol gains are no different to any gains made with a steroid...

Comment #40

I was just saying Cal as bodyworks mentioned he will loose it all, I agree with you i'd be disapointed to loose as much as that. Lets just hope he can hold onto at least 75% of his gain...

Comment #41

I wouldnt call 3 times a week training hard. Gear is pointless if youre only training that much imo. Need to step it up and then think about gear...

Comment #42

Come train with me then mate I asure you training 3 times a week will have you whishing you never said that..

Comment #43

Hehe no shit - I've seen your pics, pretty impressive..

Surely you must train more than 3 times a week?..

Comment #44

Seems to me mate you just want to jump on the gear, but if you value the advice and knowledge on this board you would wait before you use it.

Since you havnt been training long you dont need to get on the gear yet. I've been training for seven years, and I still don't feel that I'm ready for it, and I've had some cracking results from training and eating properly without gear...

Comment #45

Only training 3 times per week before posting I was contacting local gyms and even spoke over phone to the man himself mick hart he told me full body training over mon,wed,friday,having the other days off and weekends as rest is the best and proven way to go any support with this..

Comment #46

Astro I might not know a lot but maybe your over training if your slagging my rest periods,ok I might be too quick to jump on juice,not done it yet,but I'm not giving out duff training either get some rest mate not just your fingers they must be like cows tits,original thread pct for your fingers maybe,lol,ps,just a bit of banter..

Comment #47

I do at the moment as my training partner is dieting for a comp but I have trained 3 times a week before with great results it is all about what you do in the gym when you are there..

Comment #48

3 x a week only works if you put 110% intensity into your training session I can only assume that you do because I have not seen you train, but just because someone else does more than 3 days it does not mean they are over training..

I know Mick very well and his advice is decent but not the be all and end all but then no ones is......

I do believe that you are rushing into gear use but hell it is your body and health so all I can say is make sure you research every possible side including suppression of the HPTA then make an informed decision and good luck .....

Comment #49

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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