What will you do differently when thin after Medifast?

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I've been thinking about what my life will be like when I reach goal. How will my life be different? What new things will I try when I'm no longer so self-conscious about my size? I've come up with a short list but would like to hear your thoughts..

The new things I'll try when I reach goal:.

1) Horseback riding - I've always wanted to but have always been heavy and it just didn't seem fair to the horse.

2) Volunteering at the local little theatre - I have a good singing voice but have never considered auditioning for musicals because of my size..

3) Suba-diving - I couldn't image trying to fit into a wet suit but I always thought diving would be great fun.

4) Doing anything in a swimsuit.

What about you guys? What new adventures will you try?..

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Ooh, those first two are so me!.

I used to ride a lot as a kid, but as I got fat and moved around, I stopped. Now I kinda want to start riding again. I love theatre, but don't know how or even where to get involved..

I want to dance...I love to dance but didn't want to go out to a studio when I was a size 24.

I"m sure there are more things I'm forgetting..! I'd like to see the world...

Comment #1

I've ridden a Segway, taken the middle seat on an airplane, done cartwheels, run in the park, knelt down to pray, become more outgoing and helpful to those in need, and got a new job that I never would have been able to do if I was still overweight. Next, we'll be planning an Adventures by Disney tour. I can't wait...and encourage you all to stick to it and meet your goals!..

Comment #2

Scuba is on my list. I also want to go to amusement parks with no concern as to whether I can fit.... but my number 1 thing, is I will go on an airplane and not take an aisle seat!..

Comment #3

There are so many things...

1. Take a vacation with my husband! Enjoy the sightseeing with him, and not have to sit down every 15 minutes..

2. Get on a dirt bike. I grew up riding, and having done it in so many years. My boys (including my husband) would be thrilled!.

3. Put on a real swimsuit.

4. Sit on the floor to play games with my kids..

5. Ride on a roller coaster with my kids..

I could go on and on.....

Comment #4

Great post it is so much fun to cross those things off your list! My favorite at the moment is that I can wear super-high heels without worrying about teetering over.

Don't forget the little everyday things, either. How about park your car in a tight space and not worry about whether you can open the door wide enough to get out!..

Comment #5

Great idea....

~Wear tank tops again, bathing suits and cute summer dresses.

~Be happy to be in pictures again...maybe even suggest them.


~Look at myself in the mirror and find myself smiling and happy.

~This might be TMI, but restore my sex life.


Comment #6

I plan to rent a convertible and drive to the ocean.

Hubby and I are going to rent a boat on the lake for our anniversary and take a picnic and spend the day out on the lake.

I never would have done either of those before...

Comment #7

I am hoping to enjoy the Texas summer again, and not sweat to death or need 3-4 showers a day to keep fresh and clean (and dry). I am already much less warm and in fact I am quite cold most days, so I am really looking forward to being able to have some fun outdoors this summer!..

Comment #8

I look forward to sleeveless shirts and dresses. I am so self-concise of my arms. I play golf and all the cute tops are sleeveless. Comfortably wear a swimsuit. I come from a family of beautiful bodies and want to look like I fit. They are and have always been supportive and I just want to show my appreciation by joining in their activities more often...

Comment #9

I look forward to wearing my cute high heel shoes again..

I look forward to being able to go on a hike with the spousal unit..

I look forward to shopping in a regular size store for clothes...

Comment #10

I look forward to sitting with my legs crossed at the knees, not at the ankles...

Comment #11

I would like to spend summer without having to cover up my legs and arms. To be able to wear shorts and a tank top in 112 degree weather and not feel self conscious would be a dream...

Comment #12

All your ideas are wonderful and so many of them I didn't think about. Here's to us and our new lives and the many ways our lives will be better when we all reach goal...

Comment #13

I plan on taking my kids to a water park at the end of summer. We took the kids last year for the first time....I sat on a bench and watched my husband play with them. This year I want to join in on the fun!!!..

Comment #14

Last year the summer came and went for me, I was not participating in life..this year I will !..

Comment #15

Love this question! I had not thought about these things and with goal a couple months away I definitely want to start thinking about them!.

What will I do differently? How will I live my life as a thin person?.

To start, my commitments to myself and a healthy life are:.

I'll exercise every day for one hour.

Follow an eating plan and count calories every day..

I'll take care of myself, specifically the little things I didn't do before - Annual Doctor appointments, Dentist appointments, Optometrist appointments, flossing and sunscreen daily, etc. It sounds easy I'm sure to everyone else, but as a morbidly obese person I had so much shame and so little self worth that nothing mattered except food, my job, taking care of my cats, and that's about it..

List to be continued!.

Stuff from my old life I won't go back to:.

Not exercising..

The old routine of work, dinner, TV, bed..

Letting stress from any source affect my eating plan or workout plan.

Fun stuff - who knows! I have nothing on the agenda and I really don't know how to live life other than as an overweight or obese person but I'll definitely try to figure it out!..

Comment #16

Being able to bend over and tie my shoes..

Where a bikini.

Be able to shave the bikini line without holding up a flab of tummy to see it (LOL).

Vacation at the beach with Hubby and not be afraid of taking off my shorts and top in front of all the other people..

Have a lot more ..SEX!..

Comment #17

Go camping and be able to walk away from the camp site to take photos without dreading the walk itself...

Comment #18

Free myself and let the real me come out and LIVE. Being fat to me is like carrying a fortress and buffer zone between me and the world. And quite frankly, being fat has been my psychological prison! I've done my time and I want to break Free from obesity forever. So in essence, I can say that my entire life will be lived differently..

Start Date: 03/20/2010.

Week (1-4): -7.3, -5.1, - xx, -xx = -xx.

Goal 1: 249 lbs (Get out of the 250s for good).

Goal 2: 235 lbs.

Goal 3: 220 lbs.

Goal 4: 214.5 lbs*** 50 lbs Loss ***.

Goal 5: 199 lbs ***** This will be the most emotional goal EVER*****.

Goal 6: 185 lbs.

Goal 7: 170 lbs.

Goal 8: 164.5lbs*****100 lbs Loss*****.

Goal 9: 159 lbs.

Goal 10: 149 lbs *****Below 150 lbs for the 1st time in 14 years*****.

Goal 11: 139 lbs and perhaps readjustment of Final Goal*** Dont want to be too thin..

GOAL 12 (FINAL): 130 lbs and AT GOAL...

Comment #19

1. I will polish my toenails because I'll be able to bend over..

2. I will never again feel fat bumping out my bra under my arms..

3. I will shop for pretty clothes, instead of those that make me look "better.".

4. I will go hiking..

5. I will bend over to tie my shoes and get up again without pulling myself up with my arms..

I've lost 28 pounds so far with 58 to go...

Comment #20

Wearing makeup. I still don't wear a lotjust mascara and lipglossbut I'm trying to make it an everyday habit...

Comment #21

For me...there are only a couple things I have done differently since being at goal..

1. I actually think and at times call myself thin. That one took a while. Even if I thought it, it took me months of being at goal to actually say it out loud. I had been overweight for SO long...that the idea of thinking let alone saying I was thin...unthinkable. And I felt like when I did say it, I was bragging.

I am thin. There. Said it.

2. This one is my favorite. I no longer shy away from the camera. I am no longer the person who plans it so that I am the photographer so that I don't have to see myself in pictures. I went to a baseball game this week and when the person asked if my friend and I wanted our picture taken...I smiled and said sure. Before, I would have made some excuse to say no.

I now have a photo record of my life...instead of a record of other people at events I am at. The camera is also a pretty good indication if I have gained weight...and when I need to make an intervention. In December of 2009, I had gained some weight...about 15 lbs. I knew I was out of my target range...and when I realized I was avoiding the camera and cringing when I heard my brother posted the pics to Facebook. Yep, it's time to drop the weight and get back in to my target zone...which I happily did.

Oooh...I thought of one more. I buy a shirt or an outfit because it looks good on me and is something I really want to wear. I used to just buy things because I luckily found something that fit. Now, that's not good enough. I've become incredibly picky when it comes to the clothes I wear.



Comment #22

I do just about everything differently now than I did when I was fat, at least around food and eating, but around shopping and cameras and all kinds of other stuff too..

But you know what? I don't do much differently at all in maintenance than I did on 5&1 and in transition..

I eat 5-6 times a day. I plan my meals ahead. I keep track of what I eat, how many calories, serving size, etc. I watch the sodium content. I watch out for simple carbs. I still eat the occasional Medifast product because the nutrition footprint is great for the calories I get.

I eat mostly lean and green, for every meal. I don't snack..

Those are habits I learned in 5&1 and transition, and keeping those habits up seems to help a LOT in maintenance...

Comment #23

I will RUN and PLAY with my 2 year old instead of watching him from my comfy chair on the patio..

I will stop checking seat width on airplanes to make sure I can fit before I flight and I won't book flights based on the layout of the plane..

I will take control of my emotions instead of letting my emotions control me and what and how much I eat..

I won't be ashamed when asked to be a bridesmaid or take part in any other role which requires me to dress like the skinny girls dress..

I will see movies in the theater and attend events in stadiums..

I will go zip lining, parasailing, sky diving, and cliff diving..

I will NOT be held back or weighed down by fat, obesity, and low self esteem...

Comment #24


What a touching post! I wish you the very best luck on MF. I've just completed my 6th week and am so proud of myself. Not a Medifast vetern yet but I am feeling confident I can continue on this path to weight loss. I wish I had done Medifast when my daughter was 2 years old but we still have time to play together. I just can't wait any more. Let me know if I can be of help to you...

Comment #25

Oh baby, where do I start with this one!.

1. I will wear pants/slacks and not worry about the pundunkadunk.

2. I will wear pants/slacks and not have to hear the blood curdling sound of my legs rubbing together.

3. I will savor the summertime as I will be able to wear swimsuits, shorts and tank tops. I love to swim but I cannot bear to go to the pool because I cannot stand to see myself in a swimsuit..

4. I will shop for clothes without the elastic waist band..

5. I will remember everyday how I let myself go and vow never to let it happen again...

Comment #26

Here's one I never thought about until yesterday - I can now wear shorts and not have them creep up and bunch up the legs because my thighs are rubbing together! It's been YEARS since I owned a pair of shorts - now, I'm thinking seriously about owning nothing but!..

Comment #27

Steph - me too! I'm currently looking for a pair of running shorts that will NOT give me the dreaded "c r o t c h ride-up".

I will wear a bikini! I currently have 2, both purchased by my DH and even if I have saddle bags I will be proud to strut my stuff with my DH at a pool or beach!.

I will continue to monitor what food comes in and out of my house! (especially since now it's BBQ season).

I will send leftovers home with friends/family.

I will continue to monitor and RECORD what I eat!.

I will be honest with myself and my emotions and not let me emotions cause me to eat.

I will be honest with my family/friends in regards to food issues!..

Comment #28

Very true!!! I forgot about stopping to fix the "ride up" every few steps. Yes!..

Comment #29

My weight has caused me to be shy and withdrawn from people as I do not want them to judge and criticize me. I think losing weight will help me socialize better? Also, cute clothes, running, rollerblading, going to the beach.....ok the list is endless =)..

Comment #30

My husband owns a karate studio, and the part I look forward to about being thin is walking into his studio and not worrying that any potential new students will be horrified that the Sifu has a wife who looks like me...

Comment #31

What an inspiring thread - there are so many things I can relate to! for this summer, i'm super excited about not having my shorts bunch up because my thighs are rubbing (and the rash that follows - ooowie!) oh - and wearing bright happy colors, because i'm not trying to hide anymore... AND getting into a swimsuit at the in-laws annual 4th of july bash this year (that one still scares me - but I can and will do it!) and every day victories, like walking with my boys this a.m. and not huffin and puffin the whole time - yaaay!..

Comment #32

Logging my food. I've become super aware of what I put in my mouth now...

Comment #33

I will never take being thin for granted again..

I will always eat five or six small meals per day..

I will always drink lots of water..

I will wear sexy form fitting clothes, and walk with confidence and a big smile...

Comment #34

I will run in public :-).

I will wear a bathing suit that I LOVE, not jst one that is the least horrible..

I will wear sexy lingerie for my hubby.

I will appreciate my body and all the hard work I have done to get it to thin.

I will paint my toenails.

I will have control of my eating.

I could go on for days!!.

Thank you for such a great thread...

Comment #35

I actually want to join the karate studio my son goes to once I lose a significant amount of weight. I don't necessarily have to be at my goal weight, but definitely be within 25-40 pounds to it...

Comment #36

Okay this one confuses me. Why don't you wear it now if you like it? Makeup makes you feel prettier if you weigh 100 pounds or 700 pounds! GO FOR IT! (not that I am saying people HAVE to wear it, but I feel better with it on!)..

Comment #37

Wow I really needed this thread today. THANK YOU. I have been stuck so have worked on the lowest sodium in last 2 days probably in my life, and the scale is still stuck. My HEAD knows it will move but today I was pretty bummed out..

Ditto on horses... rode all my life and my friend with Paso Finos say they can carry 400 pounds. Yeah no way. I might get on a Percheron or Clydesdale! So when I get below 200 am going riding again!.

OMG.. yes, cross legs at the knees if I can remember how!.

And sleeveless shirts! Though I am concerned that I have so much weight to lose the extra skin may prevent that. But at least I'll be HEALTHY and no back and side fat..

The pictures... that part is heartbreaking. A few years ago my daughter said which did I REALLY think she'd rather have, no pictures of me or with me fat? So I have made sure to have a few each year with her. But I will love WANTING to do those pictures and not feeling like an elephant.

To the wonderful ideas you have all put in.. here are a few of mine..

1. I want my lap back. Really. I want to be able to hold children and puppies on my lap, not my chest or stomach. I want to sit in changing rooms with my daughter and not fixate on my stomach covering my legs.

2. I want to be able to walk without being out of breathe, take the dogs to the park, maybe even get back into dog carting with my new Rottie (getting puppy this fall so by the time she's 18 mos and ready to start, I should be too!)..

3. Go to the mall with my daughter and WALK with her and shop instead of park outside the book store and just go when she finds something she wants my opinion on..

4. Sit in the movie theater seats without raising the middle arm for more room. Nor look for "sturdy" chairs when I go places..

5. Get back into cute clothes. I had saved so many clothes from when I was voted best dressed in a huge company I worked for. This summer I am unboxing and selling or donating them ... not waiting to get back into them, am going to buy new things. Okay I may save out a few really expensive ones that I loved.

Not a revisit of the past..

6. Have feet without fat so I can paint my toenails and not worry about drawing attention to them!.

7. Stop taking insulin...

Comment #38

I will do everything differently because most all the habits I had before were negative self destructive in one form or another. I will be more confident, less negative..

I wont layer clothes in order to hide my lumpy back fat, I will wear shorts and not just capris. I own ALOT of tank tops because I layer them under my shirts. Just a security thing I guess. I will actually go to the beach. I will feel sexier. I will always think before I eat.

I wont have such an emotional attachment to food where I think I NEED to have it. Lots of things would change...

Comment #39

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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