What VitaminShoppe supplement is best for gaining muscle?

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My first question is: What VitaminShoppe supplement is best for gaining muscle?.

My next question is: I'm new to this forum, so please bare with me if this has been asked a million times before..

I've been training on and off for the last 3 years or so and have just started training hard about a month ago. I've always used supplements, but have decided to explore the world of steroids..

Knowing nothing about it, I want to start of with a cycle that is mild enough not to make me worry about a lot of side effects and relatively safe, but also to make moderate gains. I thought of going with Deca, as some of my mates have used this stacked with Sustanon, but I have no clue on the subject really..

Do I take it on it's own, how much, when? Do I have to worry about side effects like aromatization, and how to counter this, etc....

Any advice would really be appreciated!..

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Your question was: What VitaminShoppe supplement is best for gaining muscle?.

Thanks PScarb..

There's more information on this forum than anyone could ever tell me!.

I think, from what I've read, I've pretty much decided not to use steroids for a while. I've only been lifting hard for a month now and haven't been training for about 3 months prior to that.

Is it safe to say you need to exhaust yourself completely naturally before you should think of using any steroids? As I understand it, if you can still make gains without using steroids, then just go on without it?..

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U got it, you got years left of natural growth ,then you can decide if you want to go to the dark side..

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Deca is not a steroid I would recommend taking on it's own as it will hold alot of water. you should take it with a bit of test in order to keep it balanced. this is speaking from experience..

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Can I ask what you are keeping balanced? your libido? your plasma levels?.

As for holding water the only reason anyone holds water on a steroid is because their diet is not can diet on Deca and not hold any water....this is me speaking from experiance....

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Deca is not a steroid??? am I missing something here or is this just semantics..

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Deca is a steroid other names are nandralone or NPP for the faster version..

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Silly post!!!!.

Where are you getting this experience from, the side of a sugar puff packet?For a kick off Deca is basicaly test minus a carbon atom in the 19th position, making it weaker androgen than test,therefore androgenic side effects are less than that of test. Decca also has a lower has a lower tendency for estrogen conversion than test, about 20% that of test, your talking about fluid retention , that being an estrogenic side effect, so based on what ive just said you are 5 times more likely to retain fluid with test, regardless, as carb says if your diet is spot on this shouldnt be a concern even with test. The fact of the mater is that of all the steroids, if you are woried about side effects, then deca is the way to go..

Dont give out info claiming to know what you are talking about when you clearly dont!!this part of the forum is dealing with drugs that when used incorectly can do damage, when you give out info to a noob who doesnt know any better, and claim your speaking from experience, they take you at your word and act on it, not realising you dont have a bloody clue what you are talking about!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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