What VitaminShoppe product, is best to get for weight gaining?

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My first question is: What VitaminShoppe product, is best to get for weight gaining?.

My next question is: Hello guys,.

I know the general feeling will be I need to take some test, but for what I want......... anavar suits what i'm looking for and to be honest I'm not ready for needles just yet..

I'm looking to harden up, lean out and have a increase in strength I dont want or expect crazy gains from this..

Been new to this I have done some reading and my proposed cycle looks like this and will run for 4 weeks:.







I have done clen before on it's own and I'm fine on this dose, never done ephidrine before so I'm a little bit clueless. I was intending to use it for a energy increase if needed..

My diet is relitivley clean and I'm at 16% bf currently, do you think I'd be better off running turnabol with t3?.

Any advice welcome..

Thanks Guys...

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Your question was: What VitaminShoppe product, is best to get for weight gaining?.

Fair one. The owner doesnt sell them, I sourced them myself. Also does that book have big writing and plenty of pictures? If so i'm game...

Comment #1

Thanks for the great advice guys, the gym I attend is not really the kind of place I would be open with people..

My gym seems to be full of skinny people and fat people doing insane cardio, no real lifters..

I will be getting 60x50MG anavar so I will take this straight so it will be like 8.5 weeks..

One of the main reasons I was probably cautious was my mate ran winstrol 50 for 8 weeks and nearly crippled himself lol. I understand that that anavar has less in the way of sides so the advice makes sense..

So for purposes of clarity, I would be better off doing a 8 week cycle with 50mg clen ed, what about the clen 2 weeks on then 2 weeks eph and so on?.

I'm not sure on the eph as I don't know what sort of dosage I'd need as I'm not planning on taking it with caffeine or asprin maybe somone can advise?.

Thanks for the advice so far..

Comment #2

Well winny and anavar are totally different as winny cripples joints Var does not....but I agree with Extreme 4 weeks is not long enough 8-10 weeks is better....

My next cycle which will be my first in 8months will have anavar in it I do rate the drug.....

Swrutt I would be concerned with the amount of clen you are using mate....clen is not a harmless drug mate and 240mcg a day is double what I would advise anyone to use.....

Comment #3

I use var for 10 weeks at 60mg per day going up to 100 per day for the last week it is a very good med used with prop tren and mast got me really cut for my show but I dont think I would use less than 60mg per day but that is just my opinion...

Comment #4

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