What effect does Medifast have on your hair?

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So it seems like my hair is not looking as healthy as normal. Are there any supplements that I can take to make it thick and shiny again?.

Thank you..

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Look at you ! You are almost done ! Nice ticker.

MF sells Omega 3 which has flax seed & fish oil with out sugars or glutens..

Try a search on Nutrisystem for hair, it's a common question...

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I use biotin, you can buy it at walmart or anywhere.....

Comment #2

I have been done with Medifast for about 6 months now, but my hair loss has finally stopped. I did start to take biotin about 2 months ago. It did take at least 6 weeks to notice a difference, but it did help for sure. I have always taken total EFA supplements for years and I still lost alot of hair during the MF, but it goes away after you eat more variety and the biotin. you are almost done so it wont be long now..

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I'll have to look for these supplements too. My hair got very thin on this wonderful weight loss journey...

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This is scary to me. I just ordered my food. Does your hair get back to normal after it is over? Does this happen to everybody?.


Comment #5

Ky, no it doesn't happen to everyone and yes it does grow back in, so don't be scared!..

Comment #6

For those who use biotin how much do you take?.

Ps. KyCatsFan Hair loss can be a side effect of rapid weight loss (on any diet, not just medifast)... but yes, it does come back when you stop losing...

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This is a fear for me as well as I ALWAYS lose hair whenever I take off weight. I was hoping all the nutrients in Medifast might allay the loss and will add the biotin and fish oil today. I will try anything to not lose my hair as I hate it. It does come back but while I shed I never as if it will never stop...

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