What to order for Chinese during Medifast?

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This is day four for me (second time around) and I am loving it!!! My issue is my Mother-in-law just turned 65. I can pass on the cake thing - no problem. And she originally wanted to go to Red Lobster for dinner - slam dunk to stay OP. She now says she is wanting to go out for Chinese! OMG!!! She says it's her favorite restaurant and wants me and DH to try it. Well, DH knows I am on Medifast and is very supportive!!! I am blessed. But I don't want the in-law side of the family to know.

Any suggestions on what I can or should order? I know I have to skip rice and anything fried. I was thinking Chicken and snowpeas? or Broccoli Beef?.

Thanks so much for your replys......I love these boards and all their support...

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I've eaten out many times on MF, but never Chinese -.

However, a couple of days ago, someone posted this thread that had a couple of good suggestions, I believe..

BTW, good job in trying to plan ahead... it's not always easy to do, but it sure helps...

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AH, chinese food. yah, a little tough. Stir fry usually has corn starch mixed in to thicken the sauce and sauces like oyster sauce have a high carb count. But don't worry! I had to go to a chinese restaurant once when I was on this low carb diet I was once on, and I pick ed a stir fry and told them NO SAUCE, no MSG, nothing! At first it seemed like a hassle cuz the waitress didn't seem to understand, but in the end, I got just veggies and meat stir fried in oil and no added anything. You can even tell them that you are food sensitive to a lot of ingredients and you just want vegetables and the meat cooked only in oil and nothing else.

Good luck!..

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I had a great Chinese takeout meal and stayed as OP as one can. DH told me to pick the foods that I could eat and that's what we ordered. I picked Shrimp and green beans (and shook off as much of the dark sauce as possible; beef with mushrooms; and Moo Goo Gai Pan which is chicken and vegetables in a light sauce. I picked out all the water chestnuts, carrots, and baby corn, and tried to focus on having as much protein as I could..

Skip the rice and oodles and eggrolls and anything fried and you'll do fine...

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I had PF Changs for my birthday dinner and told them light on the sauce if possible or no sauce and I did Wok seared beef with a cucumber salad. Most places will do it for you- This is your chance to try out your skills at ordering correctly with MF! Its actually easier than what it may seem and most places- even chinese (unless it's like a place that has no substitutions) the waiters and waitresses are helpful!..

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Chinese is actually really easy. just ask for "plain" "steamed" veggies and shrimp or chicken. They are not bothered by that at all- actually at a lot of real chinese places- not american chinese - this is a normal menu item..

I actually used to go to an chinese acupuncture place in Chinatown in Boston. They had all kinds of rules for me about diet. The chinese guy who could barely speak English told me "no fry, no spicy, only steam or boil - plain food for you!" I think he told me I had to much wind in my chi???!! not sure something like that anyhow- they believe in that alot though- and I never had any prob getting steamed plain food in Chinese places...

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There is a Chinese place in my town that has an entire section of the menu with nothing but steamed veggies/chicken/shrimp. Call the place ahead of time and see if they offer that.

Good luck!!..

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U guys just reading your responses made meeeeeeeeee hungry "oh well")((thanks starbunny!!) it'll pass but just wanted to say moo goo gai pan chicken would be a great choice with steamed veggies..

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THANK YOU everyone for all the wonderful suggestions!!! I feel sooooo much better and prepared for tonight.

DRGNFLY - Good idea to call the restaurant. I will do that today before I go. Who knows, maybe they have an online menue to check out before hand too..

I am gearing up for my "no thank you's" to "have an egg roll" or "how about some fried shrimp"?.

I think if I am sandwiched between DH and DS, I think I will get minimum pressure to put things on my plate.

At any rate, I am NOT freaking THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!!..

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Thanks to all of you and my DS - who kept me busy while everyone was busy eating fried egg rolls and pot stickers!!!! It was so cute, every time my DH would take a bite of something, he would turn to me and say (under his breath) "It's not very good". At first I thought he was being nice, but then I realized he really meant it. He said later when we got in the car that we have had much better at past restuarants.

I had chicken and broccoli (veggies) and a couple of shrimp (2) and I tried to get as much of the white sauce off. The only thing was, I don't think I got enough of lean and green. I would have had to have eaten the entire plate to get enough (small plates and family style) and that would have been rude to not leave some for othersBut, it's all good and I feel GREAT!.

Thanks again for all your support!..

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Good for you for sticking to you - what a great supportive thread this was - I never knew you could order plain at chinese ..... well done everyone!..

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A couple of nights ago I had Chinese food (ordered in) and ordered Shrimp with chili and spiced salt and steamed broccoli. The great thing is that the shrimps are cooked and seasoned with the shells on and there is no thickened sauce just green peppers (Yuck! ) so all I had to do was take the shells off, weigh out 7oz. (the order is enough for two meals) and have it with the broccoli and toss the rice (they still give you rice even though you ask not to send it. whats up with that?) So I know if I am too tired to cook, or my DH wants to order in, that's my "takeaway meal" They also have other things like Buddhist Delight (just take out the carrots, corn and water chestnuts) and lots of other veggie things you can have. My Chinese takeaway place is very accomodating, as a matter of fact some of the things we asked for they actually added to their menu (like teriyaki chicken when all they had was beef, etc.) But then again when we call them they know my DH's voice. You think we order a little TOO much? A lot of times there are alternatives if you look and if you ask nicely a lot of places will work with you. Good luck...

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I don't know if it's too late but I have eaten chinese TWICE! since I started! It's easy.. go for the STEAMED seafood or chicken and veggies!! NO sauces, NO fried!!! You can do it!!..

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We had takeout tonight and we are going out tomorrow for DH's birthday with my parents..

Tonight I had steamed chicken and broccoli..

Tomorrow I will have zucchini and shrimp in hot garlic. Just tell them you can't have any sugar or starches...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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