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My first question is: What to get at VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: Is it possible to use a oral steroid course that will enable the user to gain good results? I'm currently using pro-hormones however I feel that an oral steorid course would be far more effective. Some of the oral steroids that I had in mind include:.

1. Andriol (6-10 capsles per day).

2. Oral Primabolan (100 to 200mg per day).

3. Deca (50mg per day)..

Comments (9)

Ive done dianabol 3 times in my life..

15mgs a day with weekends off for 9 weeks..

25mgs for 6 weeks..

35mgs for 3 weeks and to be totally accurate 2 weeks of winny following that..

That was over a period of 2 years..

Now been drug free (lol sorta) for 8 ish months-.

Never lost any of my gains...

Comment #1

Nope-that was always the fantasy tho !.

I just like to try things unfortunately......

Comment #2

Ah, so you've just used an oral steroid then? I was considering dianabol but Im kinda concerned about the water retention. Not becasue it's bad for my health but due to the fact Id be walking around with a moon face and a local BB informed me that most people who make gains on Dbol is due to water retention..once the user discontinues the usage they will lose their gains...

Comment #3

You will get water retention from dbol. some ppl get it worse than others. depends on how good your diet is and if you drink plenty of water too..

Theres no reason you should lose all your gains from dbol. cal is proof of that. plus a few friends of mine have used it too good effect. Iv had 1 friend hold a stone from it and another who trained like a pussy and was nt v commited and he still kept half a stone..

I dont personally like dbol coz of it's other side effects...

Comment #4

Me bloated up on dbol (last day off cycle)..

Comment #5

I dont think that you looks bloated at all What are you current measurements?..

Comment #6

Lol thats my point mate-.

I didnt bloat.

I think lost 2 lbs of water after..

I dont count water weight as a gain in the first place..

No idea of stats..

I dont like the sides either-.

For me namely the night sweats.....

Thats why i`m a confirmed natty now.


Comment #7

If you're using prohormones then your using anabolics already. I've had good gains of some prohormones which i've kept. How long have you cycled them for...what is your PCT like?..

Comment #8

Deca would not be effective if it were taken orally..

Primo is way to expensive IMO.

Anavar-I love this stuff (even if it is pricey). It is not a very powerful steroid but it will definately give good solid gains without any real side effects. Unlike most other oral steroids it won't damage your liver and I've never experienced (or know anyone else who has) any sides like bloat or hair loss on it. I think Anavar is a logical next step up from pro-hormones (that is exactly what I did)..

Dbol- Undoubtedly very powerful, but not for me so I can't really comment. I prefer compounds I can inject once or twice ar week rather than having to remeber to take a buynch of pills through the day. I also like my liver!.

Is there a particular reason you don't want to inject? I was nervous about trying it for the first time but I don't worry about it at all anymore. I think this is a common experience for most steroid users who inject...

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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