What to do when sick with a cold during Medifast diet?

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HI there, I ahve been on medifast for two weeks, everything has been going very very well.

Until yesterday that is! I woke up with a cold. It got way worse throughout the day yesterday, and I feel just awful right now. Today is much much worse. I cant breathe, head hurts, headachey.

How to you cope with a cold? I would kill for regular chicken noodle soup and some oj right now, but dont want to jump off the plan. I do not like Medifast chciken noodle, and I dont have any anyway.

My cough medicine (one I ahve always used) has "high fructose corn syrup" this is obviously a problem, anyone found a sugar free cough syrup/decongestant that works?.

What do you do when your sick? Any advice? I could really use your tips please!..

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Hey msmandee..I got sick my second week on the plan and it was horrible. I just drank the soups and hot drinks as best I could. I'd avoid medication if you think you can...take some ibuprofen or tylenol and try to get some rest. DRINK LOTS OF WATER!.

Hang in there...hope you feel better soon!~..

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Ok - here's what I found when I did a search of the Nutrition Support Forum (searched for "sick"):.

Hope this helps. However, if all else fails call Nutrition Support (faster, more immediate response than posting a message). Here's their contact info:.

If you would like to contact a Nutrition Support person confidentially you can do so by phone at 800.509.1281 or via email:Our team of registered dietitians is available Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time)..

Hope you feel better soon...

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Not that this will probably help you now, but I SWEAR by Zicam!! If you start using it as SOON as you start feeling a cold coming works great! It is a gel that you put inside your nose...I know sounds grossbut it's not that bad, it's very portable (small bottle or swabs) and best of allyou are not ingesting unwanted calories/syrups etc..

I just am getting over an upper resp. infection and I used the sugar-free lozenges for the coughing...10 of them equals a "fruit serving" if you are diabetic...I tried to use only 5 or 6 a day and hopefully will not be an issue..

Good luckhope you feel better soon....

PS For you allergy sufferersthey also make a product for allergies as well...

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Oh my..and it is hot too...that has to be the worst...bless your heart....I sipped on chicken broth...from a can...Seems like I remember there is a tussin made for people with sugar problems...lots of fluids...and I take the crytal light peach tea and have it night..and Nutrisystem will tell you if it is real have to do what you have to do..listen to your doc if you have to go..getting healthy works both ways..take care of you and medifast will be right there when your better...The folks at the drug store can be real helpful too...I hope you feel better soon...BIG ((HUG))..Later Prez..

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OMG...and it is hot also..bless your the drug store..they know all about OTC meds that are sugar free...I drank alot of chicken broth...from a can. And would sip on hot tea made from crytal light peach tea...if you get worse go see the doc....and listen top them...getting healthy is alot more then just losing lbs....have to take care of the whole if you have to treat this and step away from medifast...well life will be there when your feeling better...check with NS...and let us know how your doing...BIG((HUGS))...Later Prez..

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There are several sugar free medications. Also, for the chicken noodle soup add one chicken boullion cube and mix it with the soup then let the soup sit for about 20 minutes then microwave as directed. This makes a much tastier soup and the noodles puff up a bit. It has helped for me. I also would use any of the hot drinks because they are soothing. Avoid anything with milk in it since milk increases congestion.

The only flavor I like is the original which is orange and it really helps.

Good luck hope you get feeling better.


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Thanks so much for the advice! You guys are terrific! I tried just tyleonol, did the best I could. Those links were VERY helpful, I ended up going with teh dayquil caplets in place of the liquid. I know they have some carbs, but Im skipping bars today & sticking with shakes, and I had some bouillion.

I cant wait to go to bed. This too shall pass, right? I still feel in ketosis, even though I took some caplets.

My biggest challenge today: A well meaning friend brought me some Panera soup. It was so hard to not eat it. I didnt want to hurt her feelings (she doesnt know Im dieting) so I just took it to the breakroom. I didnt eat it! I gave it away! Hardest thing Ive done in a while, how sad is that! I swear all I saw today was skinny people eating soup. lol.I guess thats what I was looking for.

Thanks again for all of your advice! I was feeling very alone, like no one understood. You know "diet lonlieness" lol silly I guess thanks a million!..

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Nope....not alone here...I sure hope you are feeling better....and last year a friend at work for my Birthday fixed me what she calls a mini honeybun cake....yikes...I took it and thank her for thinking of sweet of you....then sneaked out to the shop and gave it to the guys...swearing to keep this private...and they assured me it was awesome...been there done that....let us know how your doing...Later Prez..

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You might also try just taking some Vitamin C pills instead of the OJ to boost your immune system. If you're stuffed up, use saline drops or spray to clear that nasty stuff out I had to use that when I was pregnant and couldn't take medicine, and now I use it whenever I need to. It works REALLY well. You can use it several times a day..

On a side note, I got sick with a sinus infection my fourth week on MF. I had some OJ one day and didn't get in all my meals a second day, but at the end of the week, I still lost 1 pound. You need to take care of yourself (drink plenty of liquids, get extra sleep) when you're sick. If you're not 100% on plan just once in this entire process, IT'S OK.

Hope you feel better soon!..

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Hi everyone, thanks again for the advice. I am still fighting the cold, but feeling a bit better. I did the program the best I could, and used my lack of taste with the cold to use up some of the meal flavors that arent my favorite. lol. Might as well take advantage right?.

So even sick, Im down 4 lbs this week! Ive been sleeping a LOT though.

Prez - a honeybun cake, lol! Good for you for not letting your bday be an excuse to give in! Sounds like a dangerous treat!..

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