What to do after hitting goal with Nutrisystem?

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My first month of Nutrisystem has way exceeded my expectations! I am down 11lbs and only 2lbs away from my goal weight. My auto shipment is supposed to ship in 4 days. My question is now what?.

Should I order another month to be sure I lose a few more lbs and maintain the weight loss. Or is now a good time to try maintaining on my own?.

Any tips to go off on my own?.


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Your question was: What to do after hitting goal with Nutrisystem?.

Wtf, you only had 13lbs to lose and you spent $300? I WISH I only had 13lbs to lose. lol. Good job on losing though...

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Well I am 3lb from goal (though after this weekend I might be 4lb!). Anyhow, I called and spoke with a councellor. I have a weeks worth of food left, so delayed my shipment. However, I think I might get another shipment so that I can learn to maintain. Apparently they will put you through to a maintenance councellor, but you have to pay a one time fee of $45. Then they discuss the maintenance plan...

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Yeah but those last 10 are always the hardest to take off!!..

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I think you did fantastic your first month, and definitely worth the $300!!.

If I were you, I would order another month. That way, you can play with adding in regular dinners, for example, every other day, then try adding in regular breakfast, and still eat Nutrisystem foods the rest of the day. The first month of maintenance is a gamble w/the scale, so you don't want to resort to your old eating habits. Also, if you lose a few more. lbs. along the way, if you do experience that first few lbs.

Congrats on your success!.



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I agree it's always the last few pounds that are impossible! great job! did you do the flex program or the 28day?..

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I am just starting month 2. I lost 8 lbs the frist month. this will be my last month. I just dont know how to transition back on to regular meals when I am done. I don't want to gain the weight back...

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I've been at goal & maintaining for 4 years now. I still use some Nutrisystem food as a convenience food now & then. It helps remind me about portion size - which tends to creep back up ever so slowly - and has helped me maintain..

It works for me!..

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Food for thought...I did Nutrisystem in 2008...lost weight then stopped doing Nutrisystem and gained about half the weight back. I had a co-worker who did Nutrisystem with me in 2008 but has kept the weight off...the difference? Every time she gained 2 pounds she would get back on Nutrisystem for a few days until the weight came back off. She always has Nutrisystem food in her house. I wish I had done the same. So, I'm back on Nutrisystem and when I reach goal I will keep Nutrisystem food on hand in case of weight gain so I never gain more than 2 pounds...

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