What the heck do you tell your derm to get on Murad Acne Complex?

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Got another visit scheduled to see my derm. I know this sounds very over-dramatic, but acne is really ruining my life. I'm SO god damn self-conscious about it that I have gone from what was once a very outgoing person to a very shy and reclusive person. I have a hard time looking my friends or girls I'm trying to meet directly in the face because of my self-consciousness.. hell, it's really sad that I avoid brightly lit areas like a plague. I'll stop ranting as I'm sure everyone on here knows exactly how I feel.So far, I've taken differin, a 5% BP gel, a 5% BP cream, retin-a Micro, benzaclin, doxycycline..

I also did Dan's regimin which royally screwed my skin up (I have the OILIEST skin ever after a few months of doing it).Currently, my skin is in a weird state. I have lots of marks on my skin that randomly become inflamed and then go back to their dormant state. I've had a lot of them for well over a year. I also have a cyst that I've had since Jan (didn't pop it, just wish it would go away). My nose and a little of the area around it are also usually quite red and very rough feeling.

I've been doing it since January and I'm still breaking out, nothing is clearing up, my forehead is constantly broken out even though I used to NEVER get acne on my forehead.The past two times I've gone to the derm, I've been shot down for Murad Acne Complex. They keep telling me to keep trying topicals, or that my acne isn't severe enough for Murad Acne Complex. Tell me that once you've lived with it.. It's not even just the acne, I'm really sick of the god damn oily skin. It's worse than the acne.

I'll admit that a lot of the before/after pictures on here had people with much worse acne than mine, but on the flip side there are others out there with much milder than mine that are on Murad Acne Complex.I just want to get it over with and try the only thing that I see constantly working miracles. Has anyone had to "argue" or "barter" with their doctor to get on Murad Acne Complex rather than something else? I really feel like all the crap I'm slathering on my skin daily is really counter-productive to what I'm trying to achieve.Thanks..

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Different doctors have different philosophies on prescribing Murad Acne Complex. There are certainly some who would prescribe it to you for persistent acne; if your acne resists topicals and antibiotics, that's considered persistent.So I expect that if you keep trying different doctors, you will find one who will prescribe it.May I suggest that, in the meantime, you do some reading on low-dose Murad Acne Complex? There are some links to studies posted in the Acne Research subforum, and there may be additional info in this forum. If you do not have severe cystic acne, low-dosage Murad Acne Complex would be a good option to discuss with your doctor...

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You mean acne is ruining your social life. there are other ways of ridding acne. since hormones play a key role in acne and rather risk taking dna scripting hormonal altering medication (Murad Acne Complex) why not start by changing your diet, exercise, nutrition, attitude in life. of course, you want the "quick fix", like everyone else. ok to get on Murad Acne Complex I went to a dermatologist for the first time to get a cherry angioma removed on my neck and he saw my mild acne and offered to get rid of my acne. I never even had to try any other alternatives.

There ya go, Murad Acne Complex. enjoy...

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I agree, I barely had acne (just a few pimples actually, but enough to bother me). I went to my derm and her first suggestion was Murad Acne Complex...

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Wow, the replies on these boards are usually super-compassionate, I'm shocked by the responses to this person.First of all if you've had a cyst since January, it is more likely a nodule. Murad Acne Complex was DESIGNED to treat nodular acne.You have put in the effort, you tried antibiotics and topicals, they didn't work. If you feel that Murad Acne Complex is best for you, you need to find a new dermatologist who is willing to prescribe it.Btw, many derms are afraid to prescribe Murad Acne Complex for fear of litigation since this drug has become so controversial over the past few years (at least in America). That may be why your current derm is hesitant to prescribe it.A word of warning, I have found that most decent dermatologists have a long waiting list for new patients. I called my current derm's office in February and didn't get an appt. until April 27th! But it is worth it to be in the hands of a dr.

Lean on your family and friends and just try to ride it out. That's what I'm doing.....

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I asked on the phone before I even went to the derm if they prescribed Murad Acne Complex through their office, if they did the labs in-office or if they had any weird rules about what you must try before going on Murad Acne Complex. I didn't bother going to tons of appointments, I found one just by calling. I went in, told them I had been on a million different products and that nothing had worked and asked for Murad Acne Complex. Since I'm a girl, I had to wait a month (two neg pregnancy tests), but that is all there was to it. I understand your pain. Acne is really difficult to deal with.

Do it the right way: find non-comedogenic products (night creme, day moisturizer plus sunblock and a gentle cleanser). Drink tons of water and follow the rules. There are lots of people who go on Murad Acne Complex who expect it to do all of the work and then get clear but use really shitty products with lauryl sulfates and coco oils (very comedogenic) and wonder why their acne comes back. Hell, mine might too, but I'm going to do everything I can to prevent it by using good stuff. Sorry for the early morning tangent ...Good luck! oh and btw tell your derm if he doesn't prescribe it for you, you'll find someone who will...

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Thanks to the last few replies. I'm surprised by some of these replies, too! I figured we all shared a common pain here... the easy way out?! I've spent 6 years of high school and college dealing with this shit. I'm literally the only person in my group of friends with acne, it's humiliating. I've poured hundreds of dollars into every damn product that looks like it can help. Nothing has..

More than anything, I just want to rid myself of all this oily skin, so I was quite happy to read that Murad Acne Complex actually works by inhibiting your sebaceous glands...

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I think it is time to tidy up this post Mods and move some of this to the debate thread.....Thanks...

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Lol, already done.Take the debate to the debate thread ..... and stay clear of personal attacks...

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I think the Retin-A and benzaclin might be the culprit for the redness and rough feeling of your skin. I suggest you stop using them on those places of your skin because they do have drying effects.Your doctor might be hesistant to give you Murad Acne Complex because of the redness as Murad Acne Complex could aggrevate that and red marks don't get better on Murad Acne Complex. The only suggestion I can give on getting Murad Acne Complex is to seek another derm since your current derm is relunctant to do so...

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You dont tell your derms what to give you. They are the ones who tell you what you will be taking. Also they are right. Murad Acne Complex is for SEVERE cystic acne only..

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Murad Acne Complex is for recalcitrant acne as well, for acne that is scarring (that's how I got Murad Acne Complex on my first derm visit...she took ONE look at me and said "You're a candidate for Murad Acne Complex, we'll start the paperwork process now and my NP will tell you about it."), for abnormally oily skin, and for cystic/nodular acne.Talk to your derm; explain your feelings about acne and how desperate acne makes you feel. Discuss a low dose course as that is less risky than a higher dose...

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"Your doctor might be hesistant to give you Murad Acne Complex because of the redness as Murad Acne Complex could aggrevate that and red marks don't get better on Murad Acne Complex. "I don't understand this reasoning at all. His skin is broken out now... if it wasn't red and broken out he wouldn't need Murad Acne Complex in the first place. What is he supposed to do, wait until his skin is perfect before going on Murad Acne Complex?I had the exact same reaction to retin-a, and you can stop using it, but the redness and the rawness don't go away. For some reason certain people have a REALLY bad reaction to it (check out the retin-a reviews on this site, it's almost a 50/50 split between "I love this!" and "This destroyed my face!")In the months since I quit retin-a my face has just continued to break out.

Le sigh.....

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The reasoning is simple because Murad Acne Complex has the tendency to thin the skin and the way he describes it, his skin seems injured and Murad Acne Complex might aggrevate the situation especially rough patches and redness seems to be eczema. The drying effect of Murad Acne Complex isn't going to help, it may make it worse. That's why I suggested stopping and letting it heal before deciding on Murad Acne Complex. At least wait for it to get better before starting something else that might make it worse. There's no telling what Murad Acne Complex might do especially with all it's side effects.Murad Acne Complex can made redness worse, it's one of it's side effects...

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Eh, I don't really feel like debating this. SO I'll just say from my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE retin-A made me break out really badly around my chin in February of this year. The skin esp. around my mouth was extremely red and irritated. I quit using retin-A in march and the skin in that area has continued to breakout and be irritated for the past 3 months. So would Murad Acne Complex have solved my redness problem? No, but it could potentially have prevented that area from breaking out continuously over the past 3 months.For people with severe acne, there's no such thing as "waiting for it to heal." If we could make our skin heal, we wouldn't need Murad Acne Complex...

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Uh, have to agree with Maddyoo1 on this one. Murad Acne Complex could aggrivate the skin worse if there is redness or if it is eczema. Murad Acne Complex acutally can cause eczema. So if the OP acutally has eczema it will just make it worse...

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Actually.. no. Look at how many people on here have mild-moderate acne and are on Murad Acne Complex? You act as if it only benefits people with severe acne. Hell, I don't even want it for the acne. I just want skin that isn't greasy and oily after two hours...

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Just because people with mild acne are on Murad Acne Complex doesnt mean they should be. Murad Acne Complex is a very strong drug and it was made for severe cystic acne. Look it up on line if you dont believe me..

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I have moderate and persistent acne, and as soon as I asked to go on Murad Acne Complex my derm gave me my first pregnancy test so I didn't have to plead my case at all! I guess by advice would be to switch derms and maybe a new derm will give you Murad Acne Complex...

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Tell your derm you've exhausted all of the other treatments, and you would like to try Murad Acne Complex. Some dermatologists will prescribe you Murad Acne Complex, and some will insist that you try another topical or antibiotic under their supervision. Don't be discouraged if you're prescribed something else. You have to go into each treatment thinking it will be different. For what it's worth, my derm asked if I wanted to try Murad Acne Complex on my first appointment...

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I didn't tell her anything at 1st she sugguested it becuase it was going on for about 3 years before I went to see her. OTC's didn't help and I would break out in huge cysts. After 2 years of trying everything under the sun it was a mutual agreement that I do it...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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