What product can I buy from VitaminShoppe that will help me pass a drug test (urine)?

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My first question is: What product can I buy from VitaminShoppe that will help me pass a drug test (urine)?.

My next question is: Hi guys.

Need your advice on sustanon. I can get this from a reliable source and have 8 weeks off coming up in june for which I dont have to worry about taking stuff offshore with me..

Should I take 500mg pw as iv seen in other threads or start off with 250pw for my first cycle?.

I was planning to take dianabol 50mg pd for 4 weeks..

Then 4 week course of nolvadex at the end of the course..

I have my diet sorted or as close to sorted as it will be..

Any help would be appreicated.


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Your question was: What product can I buy from VitaminShoppe that will help me pass a drug test (urine)?.

Why would he see better results with a short ester? my last cycle I gain 15lbs within the first 8 weeks of a 10 week cycle using Test Cyp.....i am so confused to why guys think you have to cycle for 12+ weeks to see results with long esters......

Plus Test Prop has a 4.5day half life so e3d can be done.....

The problem this guy has is he risks losing his job if found to be using gear offshore so short esters is not really the way forward....

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Ps Carb - If I went for a course of Test cyp what kind of dosage would you recommend over the 2 weeks? 500 mgpw?.

Still the same 8 week course?.

Same with the dbol at work - 50 mgpd?.

Thx for the replies guys..

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I didnt say he wouldnt see results using a longer ester, but a shorter ester is faster acting so more time over the 8 weeks with peak levels of hormone in the blood. Im sure prop could be injected every 3 days, but to keep blood levels more stable and thus minimise side effects, I propose every day as optimum. Correct me if I am wrong.. just my 2 pence...

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I disagree mate test is test you will see the same results by the end of the 8 weeks on either ester...also can you point to where I said he would not see results...i asked why he would see better results if the weekly mg is the same and test is test why would he see better results using a short ester??.

Blood levels makes no difference to gains I have used pretty much every ester on every injecting method and gain where not enhanced jabbing prop ed opposed to eod or e3d......

Side effects are dose related more than anything else....the main problem I have with stable blood levels is that they are never stable even on ed injections as the day one dose has not really dropped by the following day so you jab and nearly double the dose why is this maintaining stable blood levels??.

There is a reason why TRT use long esters like Cyp/Enthanate and Undecanoate because they maintain stable blood levels over a longer period of time..

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Sorry mate, must of misinterpreted your initial post.well, prop is actually more potent mg for mg, so that alone would give the potential for greater gains, but that aside. Just been researching esters looking for an answer, mind is boggled, wouldnt he see better results with the shorter ester since it reaches peak concentration quicker, most people report that longer estered test takes 4-6 weeks before it takes effect, thats why it is common practice to 'kick start' cycles, and run them for longer 12+ weeks. Prop you can feel the effects much quicker, thats why you can utilise it for shorter cycles? If not, if it is easier to stabilise blood levels with longer esters, why ever would you use prop? Not doubting you since you have first hand knowledge, but just trying to get my head round the science behind it...

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