What new foods did you try because of Nutrisystem?

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So I've been on Nutrisystem for 7 weeks. In that time frame before changing my eating habits, I would have eaten about 5 bricks of cabot sharp cheddar cheese!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I could do the math, add up the calories and fat, but just that number alone kind of grosses me out.

It was a go-to snack. Oh and not the low fat stuff. No, no...this was the full fat deal. No wonder why I need Nutrisystem so badly!!!!.

What would you have eaten had it not been for NS?..

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Your question was: What new foods did you try because of Nutrisystem?.

Nuts. mixed nuts. cheese on everything.

Cheese before dinner. cheese in breakfast. cheese on chili or soup or spaghetti...

Comment #1

CHEEESE..... I am a connoisseur of cheese, and you can tell by looking at my bum. lol Also, I have a weakness for corn chips. I would have a full plate of homemade nachos in the afternoon by myself...

Comment #2

Cheese! I love it SO much! I've always loved low-fat string cheese but I added Tillamook cheddar to everything. I miss it..

Now I have a package of pre-sliced low-fat cheeses from Costco and they are ok. I turn to them too much for dairy/protein, I think, but it's the best way to make stuff taste better!..

Comment #3

I visited the Tillamook factory last August. If there is a heaven, I'm pretty sure it looks just like the Tillamook cheese factory!..

Comment #4

Even before Nutrisystem I was a big salad eater. But, I didn't use WF oh noooo, and I didn't stop with one or two measured tablespoons, nooooo, I drenched my veggies with globs of wonderful full fat Ranch salad dressing! Yummy! And cheese, oh yeah, hot melted gooey cheese topped almost everything...the more the better !..

Comment #5

I'm at the end of my 3rd week, but cheese was not my food was....i could eat fast food everydayi would make my one day, BK the next, then taco bell, and then I would start over......i haven't eaten fast food now in almost 3 weeks...

Comment #6

I'm afraid this is going to turn into a food porn thread! lol.

Re: Tillamook factory ~ my great-grandfather's dairy was on of the original dairies that founded it so of course we have to visit when we go to Oregon! Not only cheese but their awesome ice cream...oh yum. I'm going to have to find some healthy ice cream before it gets hot up here!..

Comment #7

Sharp Cheddar Cheese, the more the better (does my name here mean something?Also, lasagne with as much cheese as possible! Snacks I would always go to Ritz crackers, Fritos corn chips, and/or OREO cookies...

Comment #8

Well...cheese-related: Cheetos (the poofy puffs kind, not the fried crunchy kind). Years ago, when I first started living alone in "the big city," I'd reward myself for going grocery shopping by having a full bag of Cheetos AND a pint of Haagen Dasz Butter Pecan Ice Cream for supper....

*sheesh* What a maroon!!! LOL..

Comment #9

I'm with Dana-FAST food just about any way it is made, especially if there are french fries! We would have eaten out probably 6-7 times a week and most would be fast foodwould rather have that than a restaurantI know, I know, crazy. I never got fast food as a child and I over compensate now! Now my husband has to practically beg me to go out to eatif I am not going to eat bad for me food, I would rather eat at home and have NSha! I have been on Nutrisystem since Feb. 16 and not one fast food meal in all that timewow, for me, that is amazing!..

Comment #10

I think the funniest part here is how everyone keeps saying Cheese, and I can't stand cheese =D.

Edit: it's ok in small quantities, taste wise..

Comment #11

Arby's reuben and stuffed jalepenos. I used to get that once a week...

Comment #12

Fast food and packages of cookies or candy (yes, I said Packages, not a few Oreos, a package of Oreos, not some Twizzlers a 2 lb package of them!) EEKK!! (for the record, I also like cheese, but preferred mine on burgers, tacos, pizza or chili fries!). Thanks you NS, I feel so much better now!..

Comment #13

Fast food was definitely my biggest pitfall, but chocolate ranked pretty high too. I am amazed that after 8 days I have not broken once nor am I craving anything! This is so NOT normal for me. Do they put some kind of brain stimulate in the food to take away cravings? This just really has me hopefully I will lose :-)..

Comment #14

Speaking of cheese...and snacks and cheesy snacks...I kind of miss those orange peanut butter sandwich crackers...

Comment #15

I didnt have a pitfall, my life was a pitfall. Fastfood for all meals, followed by ice cream and chocolate and candy (dots especially) while I was on the computer, all washed down by gallons of diet coke a day..its amazing that I am still alive and not completely broke!..

Comment #16

I like cheese, but I love pretzels more. I would eat pretzel rods all day, every day if I could...

Comment #17

It's great right!!!! I couldn't believe how easy it was to stay on this diet too!!!! Glad to hear you are doing so well. I am continuously suprised at how easy it has been. There have been a few struggles but over all, the program is so easy to follow. And for some reason, I'm not craving the bad stuff much...

Comment #18

I can't believe that no one said chocolate yet, wow! That is my downfall. Take way to much stress, add in chocolate in all forms, that was me I find if I have chocolate in 2 or 3 Nutrisystem foods a day, it actually does it for me. But the stress is down too, and I love the loss..


Comment #19

I was like food for lunch everyday.I would get so sluggish and sleepy after lunch..

Now I feel great and have so much energy...

Comment #20

Shanamd - how much chocolate do you think you would have eaten had you not been on nutrisystem?..

Comment #21

Fast food was my downfall. I ate it almost everyday for at least one meal. I feel embarrassed to even admit that. Now I can proudly say I have been completely fast food free for over 5 weeks and I have no desire to break my streak now...

Comment #22

Hmmm, chocolate binging went with stress and PMS. Probably 3 candy bars a week at work - like hersheys. Then probably chocolate cake or chocolate chip cookies, 10 - 12 pieces a week. Then a bunch of chocolates that I did not eat for Valentine's day... I am the cook at home so it would depend on how many cakes I made..

I am a huge stress eater - did plenty of carb binging too, crackers and bread mainly. There are some extra loafs and boxes in the world now that I did not eat....

But with Nutrisystem I am finding my carb cravings are down, and when the stress is up I go for more of the chocolate Nutrisystem food and it is working for me..

Comment #23

In 7 weeks I would have probably had:.

1. A crap ton of full fat cheese of all types..

2. At least 4 burger king meals.

3. At least 4 take out chinese nights.

4. At least 4 take out indian nights.

5. 2 6 packs of delicious beer..

7. 7 packs of shock tarts..

Argh! I miss the beer!..

Comment #24

Oh yes, Cheese it is!!! Cheese, crackers, pretzels, and ice cream. LOVE ice cream and cookies..


Comment #25

Beer, food. LOL My problem is PORTIONS. I would eat anything and everything until I stuffed myself so much it hurt. The portion size's are what kills me!! Plus I'm a snacker, thanks mom. I snack on chips mostly. An entire huge big bag, you know the FAMILY size? Yeah.

Oh and the beer!! LOL.

See the Avi? Yeah. LOL..

Comment #26

I am/was a snacker too and potato chips were a huge downfall of mine...the really crunchy kettle cooked kind. I blame my mom too. Her idea of a balanced meal for herself was fun sized Snickers and white wine out of a huge jug. She would have diet Faygo pop on the weekends before 2pm but usually it was just all wine and snickers! Not sure where I got my love of the cookie from..any kind of cookie...too much Sesame Street maybe?..

Comment #27

Another fast food addict here. Can't believe I've been on the program for 10 weeks now and haven't yet had a french fry and that includes the times that I stopped to pick up fast food for my daughter and her husband.....

Comment #28

Hmm Snickers and WHite wine diet? I think I could do that! LOL.


Comment #29

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