Does Murad Resurgence work for hormonal acne?

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Hey everyone,I just had a quick appointment with a dermatologist because I was trying to get a second opinion on whether or not I should be taking Murad Resurgence. He said that my acne is hormonal and gave me the phone number of an endocrinologist, saying that Murad Resurgence can 'only do so much' for people with hormonal acne. Im on my second course of Murad Resurgence now, it worked the first time, but only temporarily.What have you all heard about Murad Resurgence and hormonal acne?..

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I'm worried about this also. I'm not sure whether what I've got is hormonal acne or not. But it went crazy suddenly and totally ruined my face in 2 months. What is hormonal acne exactly?..

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Hormonal acne is usually seen in females, and is usually caused by an over-production of testosterone. This is why often birth control and drugs like spironolactone can be helpful, they bring those levels down. Ive tried both, neither were very effective for me, but my doc said there were other things the endocrinologist could try. If you have heavy menstrual cycles, thin hair, oily skin, a lot of body hair, etc these could be signs of your acne being hormonal...

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Also hormonal acne is prone to the chin/jawline area. Spiro definitely helped my hormonal acne!! Absolutely take that before another round of Murad Resurgence! 100mg a day!..

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Yea, Spiro helps out a lot of women. But it should be noted that it has been shown to cause tumors in animals, and it is not a long-term solution, as in it'll work as long as you take it. Its a good idea to weigh pros and cons of Murad Resurgence and spiro, for me personally Murad Resurgence seemed like a better option but that is not the case for everyone...

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Thanks guys. I always fear that my acne is hormonal coz crazy breakouts started out in my left jawline area and spread to the whole chin and the right jawline. I have very irregular menstrual cycles, and before Murad Resurgence I broke out one week before my period and during and even two weeks after my period. I don't know what's wrong with me... Now I'm in month 3 of acctuane, I got about 3 zits before my period. I really hope my acne won't come back after I finish my 6 months course. Now after reading this post, I'm so scared that it will return.....

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I have (had?) hormonal acne and went on an 8 - month Murad Resurgence course. it immediately cleared me up, and 2 months later i'm still clear. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will stay that way...

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Just came back from my derm because I got two really nasty zits on my cheek and I got them injected. I also asked her about hormonal acne and the chance of it's return after Murad Resurgence treatment. She told me that 90% of the patients (all patients?) are very happy with their results after the full course of treatment (by that I assume full dosage for 6 months like she told me once before). For those people whose acne does return after Murad Resurgence, it is never as bad as before. So the rest of the 10%. She also told me it was still too early to confirm me with anything yet as I'm still in my 3rd month. Anyways, I'm going to stick with the drug for another 3 and half months and keep fingers crossed that my freaking acne won't ever come back, be it hormonal or not...

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Vmx85- Yes I am on Murad Resurgence now, my second course. The first time I took it I cleared up in a week and then stayed clear for the course. This lasted about a year before everything returned, not as bad because they came back as whiteheads instead of cysts but there were tons. Im also wondering about the 90% thing....what if 90% of people with acne dont suffer from hormonal acne...and 10% do and those are the ones having their acne return?I dont know it's just a thought.Anyway I will talk to the endocrinologist and let you guys know what she says..

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