What is your version of the Medifast plan?

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I would like to hear from anyone following the Medifast plan and having steady weight losses as to your own version of the plan. By that I mean do you eat lean and green from all categories or do you stick to the leanest protein and lowest carb vegetable categories? Do you add recommended fats to the leanest categories? Do you use the optional snacks and condiments? And Medifast bars?.

I thought it might be helpful to see how the choices we make in our program affect weight loss..

Recently Ive been eating more from the lean and leaner categories of protein and have added more condiments. My weight losses are lower than before but that could also be attributed to having less weight to lose now..

Thanks for your input..


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When I started in mid 06, we did not have the veggie list based on carbs like now, so I never paid it attention. My losses were negatively impacted by adding the snacks, and too many condiments. I added a tablespoon of olive oil whenever I wanted, and flax seed oil on some days..

I had beef or pork at least once per week, and chicken and fish most other days. The beef and pork seemed to take longer to make it through my digestive system, and therefore my 'weigh-ins' were not good, but always caught up after about 2 days after eating it. Rarely did I just have a salad for my green unless I had no other options..

I pretty much had a bar everyday with few exceptions..

Hope that helps...

Comment #1

I love steak, but I limit that to once a week or so, keeping to chicken or the Boca burgers. I have a lot of salads because I prefer raw veggies in general. I try to limit the bars to only the days I have a run or workout because of the higher carbs. I also try to limit the snacks to only one or two days a week...

Comment #2

I rotate my lean between all the categories. The greens I also rotate between raw (salad and add ins) or cooked (mushrooms, spinach, cauliflower, spaghetti squash and broccoli mostly). I cook the green ahead and so always have an assortment in the frig...

Comment #3

Like dbb said,,the veggies were not divided into categories per carb content when I started, and by the time I knew they had changed it, I was already at goal. I never eat pork,,can't stand it,,eat lean beef maybe once a week, if that. I stayed mostly with chicken/turkey and seafood/fish. On occasion I would substitute 50% or 75% cabot's light cheese for my lean by using the conversion chart for the amounts. I like my veggies steamed or roasted or have salads. I had a bar during weight loss most days, since they were great to grab between clients.

I still use Medifast for two meals a day,,sometimes three if I haven't eaten enough through the day. Of course, I have added all the extra things in since then. I had a tablespoon of natural, sugar free peanut butter if I felt the need for a snack. It was allowed when I was losing,,but I think Medifast has changed that, so I don't recommend that unless yu check with Nutrisystem first, or the Quick Start Guide. I also added a teaspoon of ground flax seed to my oatmeal everyday...

Comment #4

I'm kinda boring I usually have a grilled chicken and salad (mostly romaine) for my L&G. About once a week, I'll have either tuna or beef for a lean. Other times, I'll have green beans for green. I'm not a big veggie person, so I stick to the few things I know I like. It's almost like the less I have to think about it, the less I think about my (lack of) choices and what I'm missing. The only thing I add is salad dressing.

I have a variety of Medifast meals throughout the day (1 shake, 1 soup, 1 pudding, 1 oatmeal, etc.) and don't add much else besides cinnamon, extracts, or Capella flavor drops, if anything at all. I don't eat the Medifast snacks. I eat a pickle if I'm hungry at home, and I chew A LOT of sugarless gum between meals. Oh, and I ALWAYS have a daily bar. It is the highlight of my day. I usually have it in the afternoon right before I go work out or go home to run around with my two-year-old..

With all of this, my weight loss has been a pretty steady 2 pounds each week...

Comment #5

I just started Medifast last week. I ordered just the shakes and for my L&G I generally eat salmon and veggies or a lean steak with veggies and a salad. I'm always running around at work so I ordered a bunch of ready made shakes.... so far I am down 5lbs (even though my tracker doesnt reflect it ) I'm going to be incorporating exercise next week...

Comment #6

For the last 3 months I have eaten pretty much the same thing each day : Oatmeal for breakfast; shake for mid-morning; soup for lunch; bar for afternoon; lean and green (varies each day [salmon or beef or chicken or pork plus salad w/dressing]); chocolate pudding for evening. It seems to work for me and allows me enough variety so as not to be tempted. I have lost 50 pounds since starting June 18th...

Comment #7

Since starting on June 24, I've followed the same menu Monday-Friday, then mix it up a bit on the weekend:.

Breakfast - shake.

Mid-morning - oatmeal.

Lunch - soup.

Afternoon - bar.

Dinner - L&G.

Evening - pudding or hot drink (or shake cake).

On Saturdays, I usually combine my first two meals because I sleep in, so my first meal is usually Medifast scrambled eggs and an oatmeal pancake or muffin. Lunch is soup, afternoon is COB or COT chips, L&G for dinner, then my usual evening meal, as above..

On Sundays, I drink a shake on the way to church, then have oatmeal cookies mid-morning (while everyone else in my Sunday School class eats brownies or cookies); L&G is my noon meal, followed by a hot drink in the afternoon. Dinner is usually COT pizza, then I have another hot drink, pudding or shake cake in the evening..

The variety keeps me from getting bored, and since I haven't been bored, I haven't gone off plan since starting!..

Comment #8

I am hardly a veteran but thought I would share anyway.

I do not have a large repertoire of lean. I dont eat fish or eggs so that leaves out a lot of choices. I pretty much eat steak, chicken and Trader Joes chili lime chicken burgers. I may cook some Boca burgers one of these days just for variety.

For the first month I ate mostly romaine. Now I try to mix it up with some cooked broccoli or sliced tomatoes. Grilled asparagus is my all time favorite and I have that a lot..

I always add my fat usually in the form of Newmans light dressing and sometimes black olives.

Condiments are kept pretty low. And never any snacks. One day I did have a pickle spear because I was especially starved when cooking dinner..

I have a bar every few days. They just dont fill me up enough so I eat them when I am on the go or am trying to get in a final meal for the day. I did just buy a box of chocolate mint bars so I may increase my bar consumption. They are really good!.

I have no special plan or routine. I mostly eat shakes because I like them best. I never know from one day to the next what I will eat. I look over my stock and choose meal by meal...

Comment #9

Well, I'm hardly a veteran either, but I no longer consider myself a "newbie" now that I've lost over 30 pounds since August 10. I'm pretty boring, too, doing the same sorts of things....

Oatmeal pancakes for breakfast.

Shake or Hot Drink for mid-morning.

Soup and salad at lunch or.

Soup, Medifast snack crackers w/a wedge of laughing cow cheese.

Shake at afternoon.

L&G - usually consists of chicken/fish (seafood, cod or tilapia)/95% lean ground beef about once a week. I try not to do red meat more than 1 x a week -.

With my L&G I like variety in my veggies - I love grilled asparagus or I grill zuchinni which I spritz with Olive Oil using my "Misto" LOVE that thing and then do some seasoning - if I didn't have a salad at lunch, I have a small salad along with my veggie at dinner.

Evening - either a bar or Pudding - depends on my mood.

The only deviation is EVER make is I add 1 TBSP of flaxseed to my oatmeal (which I grind in the magic bullet) based on doctor recommendations for colon health (which I have some issues with). Once in awhile I have a dill pickle spear and sometimes I get my fat in with black olives - or I use them in my salad.

My salad dressing of choice is the Walden Farms - 0 cals, 0 carbs - well, 0 ANYTHING! in Russian flavor. LOVE that - so it allows me to occasionally have the black olives when I need to get a fat in with my salad..

I have averaged about 3.0 pounds per week since beginning. I also exercise 4 times a week, sometimes 5 when I can get in the extra day. I make sure that includes weight training....

That's it for me!..

Comment #10

Back when I first started, my doctor didn't want me to go under 1000 calories. So my plan may be a bit varied from the average..

Morning: Almost always Choc Shake + 2T instant coffee.

Mid-Morning: PB or OR Bar.

Lunch: Chichen Noodle Soup or Chili or COC Chips.

Mid-Afternoon: Choc Shake + 2T instant coffee.

Dinner: L&G.

Evening: Choc Pudding usually with some CoolWhip Free.

I have my staples for L&G and usually vary them up with what Hubby and I want that night. I make:.

Grilled, plain Chicken breast + teriyaki sauce.

London Broil steat, trimmed.

97% lean hamburger in patties + mustard + Katchup.

A big chicken salad - Romaine, Iceberg, Chicken, Blue Cheese, drizzle of teriyaki.

Grilled Shrimp + teriyaki sauce on top of a salad.

(I make all my meats with a George Foreman Grill. I'm 100% untalented when it comes to the oven and meats!).

Veggies are usually a 3 cup salad. If I'm feeling like I want something different I make sauteed mushrooms (Olive Oil Pam, Brummel & Brown "Butter" and Garlic Salt) or green beans + seasoning salt.

I stay at/around 92 carbs per day, average about 1050 calories. I use Litehouse Lite Blue cheese dressing which has about 60 cals and 2carbs per 2T serving. I really like this dressing with some fresh ground pepper! If my calories and fat are low for that day, I'll add 2T of crumbled blue cheese on top of my salad just for taste..

As for my eating style, I'm a saucy gal. I love plain meat + dipping sauce. I've learned great portion control with this facet of my diet and think I've been pretty successful so far!.

As for moving this slimmer body, I wake up, get dressed and go for a 30-40 min walk/jog 3 mornings a week and usually take 1-2 bike rides in the afternoon with Hubby. I need to add my resistance bands into this plan more, but for now, that's what I actualy do.

As for snacks, I love the Medifast Cheddar Soy Crisps, but their carb count makes me keep them out more often than not. If I'm feeling really hungery, I'll have 1oz of deli sliced lean turkey breast. At 30 calories and almost no fat, this is the most filling snack I've found! The only other thing I may have every once in a while is SF Jello cup in Strawberry. If I have this, it's usually because I really want fruit, but this tends to tame those tastes down until I get to T&M.

As they say, your milage may vary!..

Comment #11

Like Dbbthreads, last year we just had a list of veggies. We knew that lettuce was low & broccoli/green beans were high but that was pretty much it. With the new lists, I found out such things as my beloved baby bellas were much higher than white mushrooms & I can make better decisions on my menu planning..

I think it's a personal decision on whether one wants to stick with the leanest/lowest categories. I have a lot to lose so a long time eating white fish or turkey breast & salad seemed ominous to me. I also personally don't think it's a good idea to NOT have a variety of foods on the lists. Boredom can set in & you are missing out on those nutrients. JMNSHO.

So, I eat all the foods on the Medifast lists for variety trying to have beef/pork no more than once a week. I use a little olive oil most every day & choose my condiments carefully (I'd rather have flax seed meal with all it's great benefits than another Splenda or SF syrup)..

Snacks are as needed & usually SF jello or occasionally the Medifast cheddar or apple cin. soy crisps when I want a carby, crunchy thing. Gave up on the bars pretty much when they reformulated them late last year, plus I would rather "spend" my carb allowance on the higher carb veggies than have a bar.

All I can say after a year of doing this is that it is a learning experience. You find out what works for you. I guess my biggest suggestion would be not to over-analyze the diet. Pick your 5 Medifast meals a day and a L&G from the lists. Logging all you eat (including condiments & "extras") in, especially when you're new is a good idea. Some days you do a "lean & mean" diet & other days it's from the higher categories.

Your body will get the variety it needs to be healthy too. More than getting thin, this diet is really about getting healthy. Another great benefit is that you learn how to control portions & eat properly. And that's really what it's all about...

Comment #12

I'm not really an expert, but here's what works for me.

7am cappuccino.

10am hot chocolate.

1pm raspberry ice tea or cranberry mango.

3:30pm peanut butter diabetic bar.

5:30-6ish grilled turkey burger, steamed broccoli/asparagus or green beans.

8:30-9ish hot chocolate..

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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