What is your opinion of the Medifast bars?

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The last couple months I have read comments that the bars are evil. I get that. Because they are so good and remind us of real candy bars.

But what I was wondering was do you swear off them? Eat them just on occassion? Eat them everyday?? And why, why, why???.

I hardly ate them at all the first month. But now, I pretty much look forward to them. Plus, they travel well.

Would love to hear views...

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I eat a bar every day. It's my breakfast. I've got a full schedule, and I grab the bar and eat it on the way to the office. I don't think of it as a comparison to a candy bar. It's an approved meal, and that's how I look at it. It's a meal that I enjoy! I didn't "do" bars for 2 weeks just to see if there was any difference in my weight loss, and there wasn't. I seem to lose steadily between 2-3 pounds per week whether I have bars or not! They don't push me over my carb or calorie limit...not even close!.

Soooo I say, have and enjoy! lol I've not yet found them to be evil!!.

Have a great day.


Comment #1

I've had the chocolate mint and the carmel nut bars. They're both good. So far, no issues with thinking they are candy. They do come in handy if I am away and don't happen to have access to other Medifast meals...

Comment #2

I highly recommend the oatmeal raisin bars. to me it's the best thing on the Medifast plan.

I have one daily as my 4th meal..

Comment #3

I eat one every morning too. Especially since I have a toddler and not always have time to eat a soup or make a shake. I love them in some ways they help me with sugar cravings. I love chocolate and lemon ones...

Comment #4

The bars are great and they are Medifast meals. I have mine to use when I am on the go. They travel well. If you like them, eat up. They might taste like candy bars but these are good for you.


Comment #5

I really like them and look forward to having one as my afternoon meal every day. It helps to get me through until my L&G at dinner. My first shipment included the chocolate, chocolate mint, caramel nut and the oatmeal raisin - I like all four flavors. For my next shipment, I've ordered the variety pack so I can try a couple of other flavors before commiting to an entire box of them. The bars curb my hunger and make feel like I'm having a treat. I'm not so sure this mindset is good for the long term, but for now, it's working for me..

Even with eating a bar a day, my calorie and carb count is significantly lower than what it was before I started MF. I figure that as long as I'm losing, I'm going to stay with the eating plan I've got. Of course, if I hit a prolonged plateau, the bars will probably be replaced by a shake. Probably...

Comment #6

I have a bar every day. I used to have it be my night time last meal of the day - but on days when I need something fast and portable I use them for breakfast or in the middle of the day. I've not had any problems with them and think that if you follow the plan they shouldn't be a problem for you...

Comment #7

I have one most week days. I use it as my afternoon snack. I have it then as I frequently go to the gym before I go home after work. The added protein & carbs keeps me energized during my workout..


Comment #8

I only eat them on really busy days simply b/c they fill me up and are even more portable than the shakes - I cut them out on other days b/c I don't care for them, they certainly don't taste like candy bars to me and I don't like all of the calories for something that I don't care to eat much. However, my cousin does this plan and that is her evening snack which she loves and looks forward to - it has not slowed her weight loss at all. To each his own.....

Comment #9

I am starting my sixth week and I have had a bar everyday. I LOVE them. I savour every bite of them!! My weight loss has been steady...

Comment #10

I love the bars, but I only eat them on the weekdays, when I need those extra calories. I have my bar after I work out, when I'm famished and a shake just won't cut it. I recently ordered the sample pack of bars. I had the s'more granola today and hated it- it takes like cardboard, so I was really happy that I didn't invest in a whole box. I'll try the lemon one tomorrow. My favorite are the caramel nut and oatmeal raisin. I find the chocolate ones really hard to bite into- I won't order those again...

Comment #11

I usually save them for when I go out, then I have it with my coffee while out at a coffee house, especially with friends if they are having a sweet. I really enjoy them as a treat. You have to just see how you are doing with them, they do have more calories and carbs so if your lean and green is higher maybe it would be good to have a shake instead that day. Terry..

Comment #12

I have them several times a week. Usually on days when it is just too much effort to whip up a shake or something requiring more energy than opening a package, hehe. I work WAY to many hours. I have not seen any difference in my weight loss because of them, and they are a huge treat for me...

Comment #13

I luh hove the mint bars and also the caramel nut. Chocolate is OK..

They are higher in carbs so if I eat one I know that snacks, condiments, or even a little cheat is definitely off that day..

They come in handy for me on my 4 hour flights (definitely travel well!), and also during PMS for sure. Sometimes I eat 1/2 at a time. Esp for the caramel nut because a whole one is almost too much for one sitting...

Comment #14

The bars are definitely not evil. I have one every day, my favorite hands down is caramel nut. I like them so much I know I'll keep eating them even after I'm off the program. I love the peanut butter too, and I liked the lemon yogurt even though most people don't. Not that fond of the chocolate or chocolate mint, just because they are so hard to chew. Not only are the bars yummy, they are so convenient to have on the go, plus they are more filling than a shake or a hot drink...

Comment #15

I lost over two hundred pounds while cheerfully eating bars, so I certainly don't consider them to be evil. It's always going to be different for different people, folks - depending on your carb sensitivity, your activity level, your age, what else you ate that day for example, I basically didn't have condiments and snacks, and never did little cheats during the day, so maybe that's part of why I never had to cut out the bars. Rather than thinking "this is a bad food" try thinking "is eating this food today serving me well and meeting my needs"? I find it helpful to try to destigmatize food. [fill-in-the-blank-food] isn't evil, and I'm not bad if I eat one it's just either helpful to me or not helpful to me, and I try to stick with eating things that are healthy and helpful...

Comment #16

I get the "hungry horrors" in the late afternoon, so that's when I have a bar. They're satisfying and keep me on track - not evil!..

Comment #17

I'm more of a granola girl. The bars are great but I feel they are too rich for me and would set me back on a road to temptation. My sweetiepie eats them now...

Comment #18

I love the bars, especially the caramel nut and the chocolate mint. I am on the go alot and need the portablity. I have been a steady loser so I don't think that is a problem. However, I don't eat many snacks...

Comment #19

I rarely eat them. They are good and I keep one in my purse for emergencies but I try and keep my carbs on the low end of the spectrum and unless I have an extremely low carb day, they are strictly for emergencies or if I need a little change...

Comment #20

I eat them about every other day. Try the diabetic chocolate. Yum. I am not diabetic, but I like the diabetic bars better...

Comment #21

I look forward to them every afternoon and enjoy the chocolate. I feel I am happy with my weight loss and just don't do extras in the way of snacks. It has contributed to keeping me on plan, and at some point I have to deal with eating yummy foods like this in moderation... so the bars are a part of my daily meals...

Comment #22

I only eat the bars during the work week or when I am traveling. I have my bar at 2:30 nearly every day right after the kids leave it gives me a good afterschool snack, and helps me make it through meetings/collaboration without snacking...

Comment #23

I'm a teacher, and after standing up all day long on my feet teaching First Graders, I'm wiped out! So, I really need the extra carbs to get me through the next 3 hours until my next meal..

I enjoy all the bars (I do miss the old Chocolate Devine and old Chocolate Mint bars), and my current favorites are the new Chocolate Crispy and Mint Crispy Bars, and the Oatmeal Raisin. We also order the S'more Granola, Lemon, and Caramel Nut. The S'more Granola seems to travel very well in my purse..

As for having problems with the bars, the only thing I've run into are the high levels of sugar alcohols in the Diabetic Bars - they made me very gassy and I've had to take an Imodium every time I eat them (hence, I don't eat them anymore!). And with my lowered weight, I have been able to phase out of diabetic to regular foods another advantage to weight loss!..

Comment #24

I usually plan a bar in my day when I am on the go. I probably have 3 a week. I do like them, but I also don't want to run out. I just ordered the variety pack so I am anxious to try some different flavors...

Comment #25

The Peanut Butter bars are heavenly. The other day when my DH and I went to see the new Harry Pottery movie, we brought along our Peanut Butter Medifast bars and munched on them during the movie. It was just like having Reese's cups and kept us from going crazy because of the tempting smell of popcorn..

They served their purpose..


Comment #26

I adore the bars. I've had one just about every day while on MF. They really satisfy me when I'm hungriest during the day..

And they're so portable, it's nice to have a Medifast meal you unwrap and go with!..

Comment #27

The only bar I like is the Chocolate Mint. I don't buy them anymore. I buy other bars that are comparable and cheaper! Taste better too. I use them all the time and in a pinch, twice a day...

Comment #28

I love it, animalcrackers! The 'hungry horrors!'.

I have a bar every day, just about. Like most of you have said, it's my afternoon treat and pick-me-up before karate. I just finished a box of the chocolate mint bars. They will be great to keep at school because they are quite yummy to me. They also take me time to chew, which leaves me more satisfied. I will take them on car trips, sometimes have two handy.

They are very useful if I go to an all day workshop.

I just signed up for a Habitat for Humanity workday! I hope I can handle the eight hours! I didn't even think about Medifast meals when I did thatbut I did think about how I will have a lot more energy to do this. Guess I'll take some ready-to-drink shakes along...

Comment #29

The bars are awesome for me!!! I'm a chocolate nut and the chocolate varieties taste great! I exercise most days after work and I've found eating the bar at the end of the work day is the right amount to get me through the work out class. I really look forward to the bars..

Comment #30

I'm very fond of the bars myself. I have such a sweet tooth and it definately helps me not miss the snickers bars so much, LOL. If it wasn't for those bars, I don't know how long I'd last on this diet. I have one everyday...

Comment #31

It's really weird, but I notice that my losses are higher when I actually eat a bar everyday... so much for hindering loss. hehe. One thing that is great about the bars, at least for me: pre-TOM I get really BAD cravings for a certain candy bar made by Reeses, well, now that I am on Medifast instead of eating that bar I eat a Caramel Nut bar, and it satisfies that weird craving I get... haven't tried the Peanut Butter bar yet, but it would probably have the same effect... I only have 1 bar a day, though. Another craving I would get pre-TOM is for Mexican food, and I feel as though the Medifast chilli helps with that craving, hehe...

Comment #32

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