What is your Medifast mantra?

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Potluck at work today, so I find myself reciting my mantra a lot today. Curious do you have a mantra and what is it?.

Mine is: Put your big girl panties on! You made it through 28 hours of induced labor with no drugs you can sure as h*ll resist a brownie!..

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Mine is right under my Name in my signature! OH and I mean EVERY word of it!..

Comment #1

I am powerless over food, I am powerless over food, I am powerless over foodI am an addict so I 12 step it! I say that all the time..

Laura Lee..

Comment #2

I'm too close to goal to blow it now. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels and I'm feeling now!..

Comment #3

I'm not sure I have a mantra, but the last time I was staring down a big pile of free food, I just thought to myself, "Oh my goodness, I like how these pants are fitting." It kept me on track...

Comment #4

"I surrender to the Plan." I'm not formally 12-stepping, but I sure do need to remind myself that I'm a junkie and I do NOT know better...

Comment #5

I have two.

Live with no regrets (easier said than done) and.

Don't let perfect stand in the way of better.

The better I get the closer to living with no regrets..

Comment #6

I love that! Don't let perfect stand in the way of better!!..

Comment #7

"You would die for your kids, so why won't you live for them.".

It was something Dr. Phil said to someone on his show trying to lose weight, and it hit me hard. I remember thinking, "Yeah, I would do anything for my children, so why am I poisoning my body with junk food and possibly shortening my life." I want to see them graduate from college, get married and have kids of their own, and I want to be to be able to have enough energy to play with those grandkids just like my mom did when my kids were young. In fact, she can still run circles around me...and she's 70 years old! I want to be like her when I grow up...

Comment #8

Great ones all!!!.

Mine fat is the sh*t that shows on the outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Nothing taste as good as thin feels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Thrive to be size 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!.

One bad meal with ruin everything healthy I have done for a week!!!!.


Comment #9

My mantra is: It is what it is.


Comment #10

Ugh - my co-workers decided they wanted to go to Steak N Shake for lunch yesterday. I thought "there is NOTHING healthy there" but they wanted me to go so I checked their website and they had a grilled chicken salad so I went..

They ordered shakes and double burgers with fries, the waitress (who was topping 300 lbs) said the mint oreo shake was to die for (mint choc chip is my favorite ice cream flavor!) and without hesistation I calmly ordered my salad and said to her "I have 21 days until my Eurpoean cruise and I WILL zip that dress I bought!.

I ordered the salad sans carrots, cheese, and croutons, and the lunch sucked (I had brought cod and green beans to work) but you know what? It reinforced that my willpower is strong and how wonderfully Medifast has changed my way of thinking about food, and particulaly how GREAT I feel being down 40LBS!.

That is what keeps me on track and 100% OP! The progress I've made so far and the fact that I really want to be and forever!..

Comment #11

I have a few:.

If hunger isn't the problem, food isn't the solution..

To have what you've never had, you must do what you've never done..

I'm not trading what I want THE MOST for what I want NOW!.

One mistake does not an excuse make - get back on OP!.

Never give up!..

Comment #12

Mine (for real) is:.

Om shanti shanti shanti.

Its all about peace. Making decisions that can help me be more peaceful in my body and in my mind...

Comment #13

"There are only 2 choices; Make Progress or Make Excuses."..

Comment #14

God has given me strength to do this so my mantra has become:.

More of Him, Less of me...

Comment #15

I have two: the phrase under my ticker and "Lean & Green, Lean & Green, Lean & Green"!! That one I sing.....

Comment #16

Some of my best mantras are ones I've seen under other people's signatures!.

My favorite: This will still taste good later...

Comment #17

My mantra is simple-.

This program costs too much money to throw away... even for Chocolate..

I keep a running total of my program costs and $1500.00 and growing is a big motivator for me to stay on plan...

Comment #18

Years ago I lost 60 pounds non-MF. When I first began dieting (cal counting), I realized that I lacked control. What kept me on track was repeating this in my head:.

"It is called control.".

That helped me remember to strengthen my self-control over my body and my life...

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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