What is your favorite meal on the Nutrisystem program?

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I am amazed to discover each time I try something new how delicious Nutrisystem food is. My favorite entree is Mushroom Risotto. I'll be ordering extra next time. What do you enjoy most?..

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Your question was: What is your favorite meal on the Nutrisystem program?.

Hands down, the Beef Tacos. They're nearly impossible to find now though since they are discontinued. Other than that, the Italian Herb Flatbread pizza..

I write about my favourites and not-so-favourites in my blog,

Comment #1

Mona...I was thinking of doing the same on my next order of risotto too. I have'nt tried fudge graham bars yet, but will order next time. Thanks.

Susie...tonight I'm having the Italian Herb Flat Bread for the first time. I hope I enjoy it as much as you do. I'll check out your blog for tips. You have a beautiful baby!!!Thanks for sharing...

Comment #2

Mushroom Risotto is definitely one of my favorites. I am on the Costco 35-day plan and normally order 5 each of 7 different dinners. I find myself ordering more and more of the Musroom Risotto. I love the Lasagna & Italian Flatbread pizza too. I add lots of veggies to to the pizza...

Comment #3

Penne Pasta Chicken Alfredo, very awesome, I'd eat it every day if I wasn't ordering an variety. The chicken always tastes great...

Comment #4

Oh, I love the Penne Pasta Chicken Alfredo too! I just tried that tonight and changed my order to get some more! I also love the Fudge Graham bar and the b'fast scones...

Comment #5

Again, this is a matter of taste. The mushroom risotta is acceptable but I wouldn't order much of it. I love the veggie lasagna, the Pasta fagioli, and the Italian flatbread pizza...

Comment #6

Thick Crust Pizza - split into two - with laughing cow (Tomato Basil) on the crust, then the sauce & cheese, sliced mushrooms, onions, fresh tomatoes, tuckey pepperoni (partial protein saved from earlier in the day), and sliced black olives (fat). I had that last night and am now drooling just thinking about it!..

Comment #7

Susie & Susan...had the Italian Herbed Flat Bread Pizza last it was awesome. Next time I will add free veggies..

Katie...I haven't tried a scone yet but will try ordering it next time. This morning I had the cranberry orange pastry and it was to dye for..

Jean...The pasta fagioli is good. I like to cook up Kale, red & green bell peppers, celery & onion w/mushrooms and blend a 1 cup portion into it for extra flavor...

Comment #8

Ginger...your pizza sounds awesome. I've been eating mine plain...oops. I need to get more creative with my dishes. Thanks for the tips...

Comment #9

I like these kinds of threads today is day 1 for me. I did do Nutrisystem a couple of yrs ago & my favorite was the tacos, I am sad to see that they are gone But hopefully this time around I find some new faves. Today is Day 1 for me I had the banana nut muffin for breakfast & ICBINB on it was pretty good. I would order that one again, I brought a spinach salad & creamy tomato soup for lunch hopefully that is good, anyone tried them b4?..

Comment #10

The pizzas (topped with mushroom, onion, green peppers and turkey pepperoni)..

The burger (many ways)..

The chicken breast (I make "chicken fajitas" with onions, green peppers, mushroom, and chicken breast sauteed in a tbls of fajita seasoning served on 2 low-carb flour tortillas. Or "chicken quesadillas"....same thing only add FF cheddar and "grill" the filled tortilla in pan w/pam".)..

The meat lasagna (add a little low fat cottage cheese or ricotta saved from afternoon protein)..

Also love the cinnamon bun (nuke for 20 sec) and serve with Morningstar sausage patty...

Comment #11

Seems like every time I come up with a new favorite, last night I had the Buffalo Chicken wrap. It was great with fresh vegies. I also like the Sloppy Joes...

Comment #12

My favorite thing this month is the Chicken with Dumplings dinner. Yummy! My next favorite thing would be the Trail Mix bars (I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wish they would come up with a dinner bar too!)...

Comment #13

MonaLisa I sooo agree!.

The Mushroom Risotto is sooo tasty and the fudge graham bars are awesome! The chocolate chip scones are pretty gooda too!..

Comment #14

Penne pasta with chicken in alfredo sauce cannot believe this is really acceptable yummy yummy and ANYTHING chocolate..

Comment #15

I think the Mushroom Risotto too, I doctor it up, add 3 veggie Italian Meatballs (saved protein), diced canned tomatoes, extra sauteed mushrooms & onions, garlic and black pepper, top w/ fat free Parmesan and it is absolutely amazing.

I really miss the beef tacos, one of my fav dinners was Taco Salad, will have to find a replacement for those soon...

Comment #16

I don't really have a favorite. I have learned how to fix them all up, so it's hard to say.. It used to be the MR.. I do like the Homestyle Beef and Mashed potatoes, and pizza, and patty melts...

Okay, I would say patty melts using the Nutrisystem burger w/onion rings, and the Mac N Cheese made into a casserole with onions, Italian or yellow squash, mushrooms and baked with parm on top. YUM! Soooo good!..

Comment #17

Positive10, the scones and pastries are SO good with my latte (half skim and half pumpkin spice coffee) and fruit in the a.m.s!..

Comment #18

Pumpkin Spice latte that really sounds yummy!.

Kitty Kat...I've been on program 2 weeks and getting ready to order what I have not tried yet. I'm glad your catching the wave too..

SusanK...your right I did'nt think of that before. A Dinner Bar would be wonderful for when we are on the go or traveling. I hope Nutrisystem is listening :-)..

Comment #19

My favorite is the barbecued beef on rice but I also like the flatbread pizza. Next time I am going to put steamed mushrooms and broccoli on the pizza before baking, as someone suggested. Sounds good...

Comment #20

Loving the flatbread herb pizza! I am taking a little break from the mushroom risotto -i really like it but it's a bit to heavy for me in hot weather..

Comment #21

I haven't been on the program long, but so far I really like the Chicken & Dumlings, the MR is coming on my next order so I'm really looking forward to that after all the reviews it got here. I also liked the flatbread pizza with turkey pep., peppers, cherry tomato slices, and mushrooms... it was so loaded!..

Comment #22

Hi Ginger, thank you for sharing this receipe. Sounds delicious. I join you in drooling ..just thinking....

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