What is VitaminShoppe And CVS?

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My first question is: What is VitaminShoppe And CVS?.

My next question is: I shall be starting this in 3-weeks:.

Days 1-21 : Dbol 50mg ed.

Days 1-29 : Sust 250 2ml ew.

Days 5-33 : Tren Depot 100 2ml ew.

Days 15-64 : GH 4iu ed.

Days 22-42 : Oxymeth 50mg ed.

Days 36-63 : Test Prop 100 1ml e/2days.

Days 43-62 : Var 60mg ed.

Also, should I use Prov, Nolva, Adex at any point during?..

Comments (12)

Its alot but I dont think it's a huge amount. yes you are switching from dbol to oxy... but your only switching same mg/mg.... so it's basically 50mg for 6 weeks which in reality aint too bad. altho I personally think oxy is sh*t - id prefer stromba..

Think the GH will be waste for that short period. save your cash!.

And get your PCT written down...

Comment #1

Agree with Lee Gh is will be a waste of time for a short period, ive just brought a ten week supply 4iu's a day. I hear any less than 8 weeks then theres no point to it as it only start to see results from it after week 3..

If your using GH then please get loads of info on it first...

Comment #2

One thing mate why are you using the proviron in weeks 5 to 9, I know it does a bit more than the Tamoxifen but basically does the same thing...

Comment #3

Growth will work as soon as you start using it. Its just that the actuall gains accrued as so small then you only see a small difference..

The theory that it doesn't start to work til after 8 weeks is completely nonsensical. The guy is ruinning it for 7 weeks and it will make a difference. A small one bu nevertheless it will have an effect. Its not like your body says 'RIGHT I'VE BEEN ON THIS STUFF FOR 8 WEEKS NOW, BETTER START DOING SOMETHING NOW' Growth is growth, it starts to do it's thing as soon as you put it in. In medicine it's usually used for 30 day periods for burns treatment and it works. I think the problem is that people expect too much from growth.

If you are not competeing then thats why I would say save your money..

Also Proviron doesn't do the same thing as Nolvadex, Nolva's block estrogen receptors in breast tissue. Proviron prevent the aromatase enzyme from converting test to estrogen..

I'd run the proviron (or A/dex) from start of week 4 till end of week 8..

Finally, i'd agree with LeeB, drop the Oxy, the potential for incuring side effect is too great, much better off using stromba's..

Everything else appears to be okay. But as Lee also said, make sure you've got you PCT and Detox in place, coz you'll need it...

Comment #4

With regard the GH, if I can clear up my point of view on this. as neil says... it works from day 1..... however I feel anything less than 12 weeks then a price/results ratio is a bit sh*t and generally most people use GH cos they think it will turn them into ronnie coleman.... so unless someone is seriously competing on a national level I would always advise saving the money cos unless they are lean enough to start with they will feel they have piss poor results for alot of money. be stricter with your diet and treat yourself to a new plasma tv!!..

Comment #5

Its all about money, money puts you at a level. if you can afford a porsche you buy one if not then you stick with buying a mondeo. I think the same applies to gear. Ive just brought some GH and basically brought some because A) the little gains made are good and stay with you and B) I can afford it. I think 99% of bodybuilders would use Gh if money were not an option...

Comment #6

See I see this opinion of GH all the time... it costs alot... and everyone would use it if it was cheaper..

Its correct..

BUT I think alot of the time people dont get the message accross that is alot of money for soemthing which isnt a MASSIVE difference. many competitors belive that just because they are using GH they will be in shredded contest shape.. that simply is not the case! it just makes it a LITTLE easier!..

Comment #7

Neil R, You mentioned dropping the Oxys. What sides are we talking about? I ran Triple-X for 30-days last October and was fine with no sides...

Comment #8

I recommended dropping the oxy's for a couple of reasons. Firstly, although it's only 20days you are following 20 days of 50mg/day methandrostenolone, which will be ontop of 500mg/week of test and at the same time you'll be running tren too. These are 4 of the harshest drugs usable and it's could just be pushing it a bit too much. Secondly The androgen ratio is extremely high with these 4 compounds, oxy being the highest as it is twice as androgenic as test. So i'm just thinking of your internal organs..

Thirdly, although Oxy would be a good choice as you are covering the DHT receptors as well as the test and 19-nortest receptors, I think stromba is a better choice as a DHT derivative as it has a higher affinity for the receptor and therefore less will be floating around causing side effects..

Alternativley, if you are possitive you want to run the oxy then make sure you have a sh1t-hot liver detox running for those 3 weeks as well..

Persoanally, I would recommend Sci-Fit 'Purifi' if you can get hold of it. it the king of the hill in the detox department!!!!..

Comment #9

I've had my cycle written for me however after your comments am concerned it hasn't been thought through enough. These are the meds I've got:.

Dianabol (blue hearts 10mg) x 500.

Stanozolol (10mg) x 250.

Anavar (10mg) x 200.

Oxymetholone (50mg) x 100.

Proviron (50mg) x 150.

Sustanon 250 (1ml) x 10.

Testabol Propionate (10ml) x 2.

Growth Hormone (100iu) x 2.

Trenabol Depot 100 (10ml) x 1.

I am looking to start something in 2-weeks and really want to make some good gains. Somebody I have just spoken to has suggested the following:.

Weeks 1-2 : Oxys 100mg ed.

Weeks 1-5 : Sust 1ml twice week.

Weeks 1-5 : Test prop 1ml twice week.

Weeks 6-10 : Tren 1ml twice week.

Weeks 6-10 : Var 6mg ed.

Weeks 11-18 : GH 4iu ed..

Comment #10

Im running a simular cycle mate but using GH throughout then at the end switching over to LR3IGF-1 this will help in the keeping of my gains. Which to be honnest will of cost me a fortune so dont want to loose an ounce. lol..

Comment #11

This is a much better cycle, however their is no need for the extra Test prop as you already have Prop in the Sust AND you have the oxys..

As Ali said, run the GH through out if poss (4iu/day for 10 weeks) and then switch to L3-IGF.

Or if you don't want to add IGF then just do 4iu a day for 14 weeks...

Comment #12

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