What is this song called- from the (baby:30) commercial?

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My first question is: What is this song called- from the (baby:30) commercial?.

My next question is: I had a date using with this guy that I met one night while out at the bar. He gave me his card, and it took me about a week to email him. I wasn't sure if I should or not, but ended up emailing him. So we hung out and he made me dinner and we had great conversations. He seems like a really great guy. I'm definitely one to just jump into things and make a mess of them, so how does one take it slow with out him thinking i'm not interested?..

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Your question was: What is this song called- from the (baby:30) commercial?.

 I think one of the 'KEYS' to not messing this up, is like you said, 'taking it slow'. "How", you say? By being busy with OTHER things in your life. If you haven't got anything going on, other than thinking about this guy, ESTABLISH a list of things, you WANT to accomplish before you die, and start accomplishing them. He will sense if HE is the only thing you think about. Not a good thing.

 I see and hear about this so often. Girl meets guy, girl gets 'needy/clingy', guy runs away. It goes both ways too. Guys get this way all the time. The best way to avoid this, is to have OTHER things going on in your life, so that you won't focus so much time on ONE thing/person. Become busy with YOUR life, other than with some guy.

And you will have accomplished some things that you have only dreamt about. A lot of guys find girls that have a busy/'goal oriented' life, attractive..

 Take care....


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It depends.  How have you made a mess of things in the past?  Wouldnt it better to look at it that way and make some minor adustments than change how you really are (maybe impulsive and passionate)?  For instance, if you know that when you do "x" , "y" happens - just stop doing "x" but be who you are inside otherwise this guy will feel that something isnt right and could assume you are just playing games with him when what you are trying to do is just not lose his interest...

Comment #2

You make an excellent point.  The "KEY", as you say, is to have a full and active life with "OTHER" things that do not revolve around the guy.  Should she "ESTABLISH" a list of things that she "WANTS" to include in her life, the man in question may find her all the more interesting...

Comment #3

Yes - the idea is the guy is the dessert, not the main meal!   The less your life revolves around him the more he'll want to be in it.


Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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