What is the other dating site sponserd by

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My first question is: What is the other dating site sponserd by

My next question is: Hello! I posted on other message boards too with the same issue, I just want to get as many outside opinions as possible. Hello. I am 26 years old and I need some advice.I have a guy who I have been forming a great friendship with. I was not out looking for romance or a relationship. We get along great and have lots of fun together and we are very much alike. In some ways, it is almost scary in how much alike we are.Well, this last weekend we took a day trip together and than went back to his place for TV and some drinks.

'Adult time' happened of course and then again the next morning when we slept it off. The entire time it seemed very attentive and 'close' rather than the crazed rushed just need to get off with a willing body experience.I will admit I find him attractive and the type of man I would want to form a relationship (thru with, but I never made a move because I had thought I thought I was not his type appearance-wise. I had assumed he is into tall statuesque model looking women while I am short, heavier and maybe on a good day a 6-7 in the looks department.We did not talk about what just happened before I went home the next day, but I want to bring it up to him. I pretty much want to know if we are moving into something more romantic rather than friendly or if it was a one night of passion or if we are moving into a casual 'friends with benefits' relationship.How do I approach the subject?When should I approach the subject? (We are both pretty independent people and have not formed a super close friendship, so I would feel weird calling the next day thinking it would make me seem 'needy.'Especially since we went out together Wednesday night and Friday night and then had out day trip Saturday. Seems like a lot of time spent in one week to be calling so soon.)Should I just wait for him to call/email me and bring up the subject?Or...should I just forget about it and act like nothing happened and continue how we have been?EDIT: Now that I think more on it, I am not sure if we were 'dating' or what...because he would insist and not mind paying for us going out to the movies, dinner, etc.

Is that just being polite? Was I maybe missing signals of him showing interest?.

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Your question was: What is the other dating site sponserd by

Idea:  the next time you get together ask him if this is a date...

Comment #1

If you hear from him then you'll know he's interested...

Comment #2

I am not sure if I agree with the whole wait for him to call since he could be doing the same for me...

Comment #3

I think you should discuss it with him. Otherwise, it will be the big elephant in the room, and it will just make everything else awkward. It's better to have the conversation and to know where things stand. I think it's fine to call the next day. You've only hooked up with him so it's only natural that it would be on your mind right afterward. I don't think it'll seem needy if you mention that you're calling because you had a few questions regarding what happened this week-end.

I can see why you'd be confused by your relationship. Usually, if a guy is inviting you out and offering to pay, it means he's looking to date using you. You'd think, though, that if he were dating (online dating with you, he'd have kissed you or offered some other obvious hint by now. I would just ask him if what happened over the week-end means you're more the friends or if that's reading too much into things. Good luck...

Comment #4

Hey, this lady Rosewater is on the right track. You should go with her advice. I second that.  Ask the guy casually if he is comfortable with what happened. You deserve to know. Don't short change yourself, there are qualities you probably have that he sees in you that you overlook. Models are usually full of a whole lot of plastic and silk anyway. We are the beauty of the real woman...

Comment #5

Go with the flow...dont get caught up in conversations about datingeach other unless he brings it up and aske him for a a nice dinner or movie. And go from there. But dont rush yourself...

Comment #6

Thank you everyone for your advice. What I decided to do was shoot him a e-mail while I was at work stating that I wished to clear any awkwardness that was between us from the other night. I stated that to me his friendship was top priority over any romantic relationship (thru and the I simply enjoyed his companionship. I stressed that I was not looking for a commitment or for him to be serious but I was not against the idea either.I hope he responds back. My biggest fear is that he just will not contact me anymore out of the fear of me wanting to jump into something serious. I hope our connection is strong enough to get through this.Any firm rule on how long I should wait for a reply? Or should I just wash my hands of it if he does not reply? I was thinking of calling if I did not get a response back and if I got not answer to that then cut it loose and move on. Feedback?..

Comment #7

The email was enough.  I would not not not call. Silence is the loudest answer anyone can give, imo. .

A non-response from him *is.a.response*!.

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Comment #8

Well, I got no response from the e-mail and again when I saw him log online and messaged him I got no response. Even got the cold shoulder when I said 'If you just don't want to talk to me then tell me.' Seems weird to me that he wouldn't since he is usually the type to just speak his mind. Feels like hes putting through some weird test. I mean if he does not want to talk to me why don't he just block me from e-mail and IM? Why just ignore like that? EDIT: This is the original poster...just showed up under my other name..

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Comment #9

I refer you back to my original post - "The email was enough.  I would not not not call. Silence is the loudest answer anyone can give, imo.  A non-response from him *is.a.response*!".

Now you have IMed him as well.  He didnt respond.  I know it is hard not to wonder why he's doing what he's doing, but it's a waste of your time and energy to wonder about that. .

Really, I would not give a crap why he ignored me.  The point is that he did and even if he wasnt ready to talk, he didnt have the courage, decency, manners or courtesy to just say that he is not ready to discuss the matter just yet.   He already displayed qualities I do not want in a guy.  Do you really want to be with a coward?  With someone who would treat another person that way? .


Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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