What is the name of this song? it was in a commercial?

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My first question is: What is the name of this song? it was in a commercial?.

My next question is: Hi everyone, this message is time sensitive as I have about 18 hours before making my decision. my b/f and I have been together for going on 6 months in Dec and I know he really wants this liquor dispenser that dispenses jagermeister. they don't sell it here in canada and if they do, it costs about $400. I was planning on purchasing it on ebay for about $230 US ($212 CDN) and with shipping cost of $60 US ($55 CDN)so about $300. this is a christmas present for him.

It is kinda pricey and i'm not exactly making as much money as I would like to be however, I always think that one day when I am making the kind of money I would like to, spending $300 wouldn't have seemed so bad. my issue is: will I regret the purcase if we break up a few months later?.

The reason I really would like to buy it for him is because I know it would make him so happy. people generally don't do really nice suff like this for him. I can see his face on christmas morning, in shock and joy, hell, maybe shedding a tear. I get a sick high off of making people happy by buying them things I know they really want even if it breaks the bank for me. I don't think he realizes that he could buy it on ebay, thus being the reason why he hasn't bought it for himself.

I am so conflicted as to what I should do, I cannot decide one way or the other so I definately need some serious advice in less than 18 hours from the time this is posted.

Thank you!!.

P.S, if it helps any, I'm 22 years, done university, live at home and looking for a full-time job and he's 27 years, rents his own place and has a full-time job. this is the longest relationship (thru we have both been in so far and we haven't had many previous relationships.

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Just do it and done!!.


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Your question was: What is the name of this song? it was in a commercial?.

I can for sure understand why you are so conflicted, I am in a similar situation as you with being just out of university and having just started working. Both my guy and I have full time jobs, mine being more newly acquired than his, but money is still kind of tight. One thing we have decided to do this year for Christmas is to set a limit, that way you both know one gift will not like 'show-up' the other persons, and it lets you be creative and find something reasonable you know your significant other will love.I can understand that he really wants this jagger dispenser thing, guys and their gadgets! haha, but on the other hand, it seems to be a little pricey, and if he is working full time- he can likely afford it himself, you could like mention to him you saw it on ebay?!If you start saving now and can afford it come Christmas, then go for it, surprises are the best!! If not, you guys should set a limit together. Another thing that can be good is, and yes this is ridiculousyly cheesy, but complementing an inexpensive gift with something home-made, like a card, or collage or something. 'From the heart' things never go unappreciated and can make even the toughest guy shed a tear! hope this helps a bit!..

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Ok - you know him 6 months. This is often the make or break point for people. consider how you would feel if you did spend $300 on this guy and you break up in the next month or so? I'm not suggesting thisis the case - but it is a possibility..

So he wants a high dollar booze dispenser. That doesn't mean you go into debt to get it for him. ONE day is not here - now is here - you don't have the money to afford it now and you don't have a job. Hon, we each have to determine what our priorities in life are - far too many people borrow against their future the same way you are asking about - you'll go into debt on a git for a guy who may not even be in the picture come spring..

Be realistic - it's ok to 'want' to buy him an extravagent gift - but your pocket book says otherwise. It is the thought that counts - so keep your gift giving in line with your current financial circumstances rather than borrowingagainst your future. If you borrow too much, you have no future left.  this is what being responsible means - balancing what you want vs what you can afford..

A nice watch, his favorite music or video games, clothing - these aremuch more appropriate gifts for 6-month relationships. just tell him he can get it on ebay and let him figure out how badly he wants it. Save your money for your future..

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If you were in the financial position to do this and not have it affect you significantly, I'd say go for it.  But right now, just out of school, living with your parents and still looking for a full-time job - I don't think it would be the best decision financially for you.  It's wonderful you want to do something to make him happy and honestly, I think someone should give a gift without being concerned about what might happen down the road or what they will get in return BUT in your current position, that is a LOT of money you probably don't have.  Coupled with the fact that you are in a very new relationship?  Probably not a wise choice to buy this right now..

Get him something else you know will make him happy but won't strain your pocketbook so much.  Next year, when you have a job, savings and a longer-term relationship (thru is a wonderful time for you to give him this as a gift. .



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Everyone has given me such great advice. I was 100% 50/50 on this and your suggestions have made me realize that this is not the time to purchase this present and I know my b/f will still like me and appreciate me the same way. thank you so so much.

Just do it and done!!.


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I realize this is after the fact and I do wonder what you did. Such an extravagant gift is certainly not necessary unless it's something you can easily afford. But if you made the purchase don't regret it.  Even if you break up - what's done is done and it can be lovely to know you have it in you to be so generous.


If you haven't why not suggest he try to get it on Ebay?.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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