What is the best product at VitaminShoppe for building muscle mass?

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My first question is: What is the best product at VitaminShoppe for building muscle mass?.

My next question is: Hi guys could you please take a look at my contest prep cycle the products I'm taking are all british dragon, the cycle is 1 50mg winstrol tab a day, 1 10mg anavar a day, 1ml of tren enth 200 a week, 1ml of primo 100 and 1ml of masterbol enth 200. The show is in september it will be my 1st show thanks guys...

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Whereabouts and what show is it you competing in lee?..

Comment #1

Hi guys thanks for the info. I was wondering if I switch to test will the estrogen be out my body before the contest date would I best be taking anti-estrogen's up to the show as well just incase. Yes Lee mate this is my first show I'm doing the 1st timers at the North staffs open in kisdgrove (stoke-on-trent). The tren 200 seems to be a potent muscle builder for me so if I can keep that going and the winstrol then introduce 2 ml a week of test propinate or cypionate will that be o.k. Thanks guys J-man...

Comment #2

Both Tren and Winny are harsh on the body especially winny on the joints.....

The most common approach is to use longer ester gear like Enthanate/Sus for the first half of the cycle normally 6 weeks then switch over to the hardening drugs like Tren/Winny/Prop along with a decent AI like Adex or Letro 6 weeks is long enough by far to get rid of water bloat from estrogen normally associated with the longer estered drugs in fact you can get rid of this within 10 days if planned correctly.....

Comment #3

Good luck for the show mate!.

Ill be doing ukbff leicester on 2nd sept.. if I'm not too fat! lol.

J-man, do you have someone prepping you for the show/giving you advice or are you doing this yourself. I ask this cos it's always best to listen to the one person who is getting you ready as there are many different approaches so any advice we give may conflict with the overall plan..

Just to give a bit more explanation, try and look at the overall course in the following way..

Week1 - long acting test/androgens.

Week2 - long acting test/androgens.

Week3 - long acting test/androgens.

Week4 - long acting test/androgens.

Week5 - short acting test/anabolics/anti estrogens.

Week6 - short acting test/anabolics/anti estrogens.

Week7 - short acting test/anabolics/anti estrogens.

Week8 - short acting test/anabolics/anti estrogens.

Week9 - anabolics/anti estrogens/hardeners etc..

Week10 - anabolics/anti estrogens/hardeners etc..

*show day is last day of week 10..

The above is just simply a very rough outline to try and explain the principles of what has been suggested above, the first few weeks you will still hold water due to the estrogen in your system.. then you switch to less aromatisable compounds (i.e. less estrogen) for a few weeks, with the last couple of weeks getting rid of any estrogen and hardening you up..

The idea behind this is to keep the muscles as full as possible for as long as possible and keep the test in to hold on to as much muscle as possible..

BUT, like I have said. chose 1 person to listen to as there are lots of different ways to get ready for a show... for instance, last year, my last sust jab was the day before the show, accompanied by 50mg of dbol... and as you can see from my pic I wasnt in too bad nick! - thats not that I'm advising you to do the same tho! cos theres more to it than that! this year I'm using an approach similar to the one above...

Comment #4

Hi thanks guys I have just added 2ml a week of sust to my contest cycle I'll do this for 4 weeks along with 1 ml every 5 days of tren enth as I have always noticed my strength goes through the roof on tren. Weeks 4 to 8 I'll add 2 clomid tabs a day and switch to test propinate and keep with the tren going every five days. The final weeks I'll go all out with 2ml of primo a week, 2ml of materbol, 50mg of winstrol tab a day and yet again my favourite tren enth 200. Thanks guys you have been a real great help the contest prep I was following was the cycles recommended in anabolics 2007 I know now those cycles are merely outlines. Yes Lee mate I am doing this alone I feel that all the guys in my gym are just people who like to talk but don't know what they are talking about when it comes to competing, so I have brought a good few books by Chris Aceto I have learned a hell of alot about nurtition and dieting from that guy. I'm 5" 11" and currently at 17 stone 4 and 23% bodyfat Could you have a rough guess what weight I would be when I compete. Thanks mate J- man..

Comment #5

23% this far out is quite a lot mate. 17st 04 = 242lbs.. so 20% of that is... 48lb... but at a guess if you wanted to get down to say 6% bodyfat... that means you have 17% to lose...

41lb... over 12 weeks is.. 3.5lb a week.. wich in reality is do-able but is cutting things very fine....

We cant really guess your body weight without seeing you or photos of you... but if your 17st now youll definitely not be small on stage... going by the calculations above...which I can guarantee are not accurate.. that would put you at: 201lb @ 6% bodyfat.. which is about 14 and a half stone. (14 and a half stone in good nick is BIG).

Have you ever used clomid for that long whilst dieting before? it can fcuk with your mind lol.

If there are any real bodybuilding gyms close to you, there may be someone local who is experienced and usually will be happy to help and have a look over you each week. most eperienced bodybuilders are happy to help out people who are eager to learn and do well!..

Comment #6

Thanks for the reply Lee. The diet is going pretty well I have increased my protein up to 400 a day and decreased my carbs from the 450 a day mark down to 60 a day ( 120 carbs on training days ). I only started the diet early this week and I have lost around 6 pound all ready, do you think my carb intake is o.k or do you think I would be better having more carbs and doing more cardio my strength seems to still be there. Thanks - Jman..

Comment #7

Hi Lee, the show is on the 29th of september that gives me roughly 14 weeks do you think I have time to get in shape for this date. I'm sorry to bother you so much but as you know when it comes to competing you can never know too much. Thanks Lee...

Comment #8

No bother at all mate I'm more than happy to help..

I honestly cant give you a worthwhile opinion as to whether youll be ready in time or not. everyone is different and without seeing you it's impossible to say just from some numbers on the screen.

With regards your carbs, what is your overall plan? i.e. you have your carbs down to 60g/120g at the moment.. how will this change as your diet progresses? how much cardio are you currently doing and how will this change as your diet progresses? also fat burners, are you planning to use them and how and when?.

I cant really comment on your carbs without knowing how the rest of your contest prep is structured..

For instance, I have been doing cardio from day 1 of my diet (22 weeks), starting at 3-4 sessions a week. I'm now 10 weeks out and do 2 sessions a day 5 days of the week and 1 session on the other 2 days (12 sessions a week). my diet has not changed much in this time, ive taken some carbs out (ive altered the amount of carbs I take in twice now)but thats all. ill prob make 1-2 more changes to my diet from now to show time.. this will prob just be taking out a little amount of carbs!.

So far, ive not used any fat burners, it's all been down to diet and cardio, altho I do plan to use fat burners from about 8 weeks out depending on how my condition is..

My take on cardio is:.

1 - it's the BEST fat burner (so why not do it all through your diet???? seems a bit silly not to).

2 - if you include cardio earlier.. when you get to 6 weeks out and need to bump things up a bit, it's much easier to use fat burners at this point rather than trying to find the energy to add in extra cardio sessions (cos by this point you should be knackered most of the time anyway! lol).

As I keep saying, everyone is different, what works for me probably wont work for you because we have totally different physiques (ill prob come in the light side of the u80kg class)... but if you want to write your diet out for us and let us see how you have your diet structured ill be more than happy to help mate... pics would help immensely too.. if you dont want to post them on here feel free to pm me mate...

Comment #9

Hi Lee, From reading one of Chris Aceto's books my diet is going to consist of low carbs through out the diet. I will increase the carbs on training days as I will take 50g of celltech and glutamine after bodypart sessions. Do you think I should lower my carbs further or rotate my carbs to high and low days chris Aceto in his book championship bodybuilding recommends 4 days low 1 day high to confuse the metabolism, do you think this is worth while. I'll take a few pictures at the gym later and send them to you early in the week through PM. Would you recommend using ephedrine or clenbutrol I understand these are commonly used in dieting. Thanks for your time Lee - Jman..

Comment #10

My diet at the moment is mainly from beef steaks and protein isolate shakes. I have arranged my diet so I have 6 small meals my 1st meal consists of a few wholemeal bread with say 6 egg whites, 2nd meal shake, 3rd meal beef steak, 4th chicken steaks, 5th shake and post workout shake and last meal usually beef again or chicken. I understand most bodybuilders use fish in there diets would fish be a better choice, also is 60g of carbs a day too low. Thanks Lee..

Comment #11

J-man if your going to ask about diet then I would suggest you start a new thread in the diet section......

The chris Aceto book you talk about is a very good book I have read it many times, I always use carb cycling when I diet or when I prep others but it is an individual thing and a precise method cannot be given on an Internet board......

Comment #12

For me 60g carbs a day is too low - but like I say everybody is different, I'm currently 13st and taking in about 100g on non training days and 150g on training days. altho a jump from 450 down to 60-120 is a biggy.. but if you are responding well then thats ok... just be weary of hitting a plateau... I mean.. if you do..

Not sure how wise cell-tech is pre contest... does anyone have any comments?.

Clen is good for pre-contest. theres a few different ways it can be used. my preference is for a long run of weeks, whereas others will reccomed 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.

I dont really like ephedrine as it flattens me out too much so I save this and only use it as a stimulant before training when ive had a bad day and need a kick!.

The diet looks pretty straight forward, keep it basic is the name of the game. from 4 weeks out youll have to knock the bread and shakes on the head and replace them with other options..

Alot of people eat fish on their diets for the healthy fats. personally I cant stand the taste. so I use udo oil (optimum oil from holland and barret) and I have a gulp of this with every meal...

Comment #13

Thanks for the help Lee you have been a great help mate. I think I have enough info now to really dig deep into the diet and hopefully get down to that desired 6% for the end of september. My diet , gear and training is on the right track thanks to your good info I'll keep you posted on how I'm progressing mate, good luck on your diet and training too mate. I'll post a few pictures in the week J-man...

Comment #14

Good luck mate! hope it all goes to plan! it's fantastic up on stage youll love it!..

Comment #15

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