What is the best hoodia diet pill on

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My first question is: What is the best hoodia diet pill on

My next question is: Starting my cycle soon thinking of sus n deca ova 12 weeks training 5 times a week and a shed load of carbs n protein every 3 hours ..

Your views/ advice Many thanks...

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Your question was: What is the best hoodia diet pill on

PCT is post cycle therapy to minimise muscle loss & to get your nuts producing test again naturally...

Comment #1

Would this be 10mg a day of nova on this deca /sust stack? ho wlong would you have to take it for?..

Comment #2

Topload your sus and deca and taper it down towards middle of your course then switch to a fast acting test like propianate for rest of course. take 20mg tamoxifen per day and use clomid end of last week for next 3 weeks, I find 1 tab clomid a day is fine for me. possibly take a shot of hcg mid cycle just to keep your nuts interested...

Comment #3

Personally I run Nolva at 10mg ED or EOD during the cycle to ensure no gyno..

I used to just run Clomid for PCT but have changed to Clomid & Nolva as I found that when just using clomid I turn into an emotional little girl for 3 weeks! The Nolva takes most of that away as you do not have such a high dose of Clomid.

So, I run clomid & nolva for PCT.

Day 1 - 100mg Clomid & 40mg Nolva.

Days 2-7 - 50mg Clomid & 40mg Nolva.

Days 7-14 - 50mg Clomid & 20mg Nolva.

Good luck and let us know how you get on..

Comment #4

Hi going to do the sus and deca as my next course but I have clomid and tamoxifen as my pct. how soon after my last jab do I take the pct. also how shall I take this how much each day over how many days. cheers :?:..

Comment #5

12 weeks is far too long for a sust & deca combo, no longer than 5 weeks because the esters are still active in your body for a further 2weeks..

I'd advise 5 weeks of sust & deca then switch to prop or tren for the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Nolv from week 3, 10mg twice daily as it takes time for the increased testosterone to kick up the estrogen levels. Clomid from week 5 - 8, I beleive in 25mg morn and night personally...

Comment #6

Hi lads.

Ive done 3 shots, 3 and 4 days apart consisting of 250mg sus and 1 deca in the same jab is this ok? to carry it on for 8 weeks ive already gained!i was 13 stone 13 I'm now 14 stone 6 ive never mixed them before but ive been told it's ok what do you think.

Ta lads..

Comment #7

Arimidex is far better than novla for control estrogen throught cycle 1mg e3d is a good dose..

2 weeks after last sust shot you pct should start...

Comment #8

Why run sust and deca for only 5 weeks when they are long esters?.

Wouldnt it be best to go for fast acting deca npp and test prop which are short esters which kick in within a few days as opposed to long acting esters which take 4-5 weeks to start kicking in seems pointless stopping them at week 5 when they are just starting to kick in...

Comment #9

I agree with your short ester post... not so much your dose for adex tho.

1mg is a shit load to start with and to go thruout cycle..

He shud be starting @ 0.25mgs EOD if needed. And then work up to 0.5/0.75 EOD again if needed..

@ 1mg estrogen is getting killed for a day or 2. And he may not even get much bloating etc so may not even need to touch the stuff - it's a precautionary measure. Estrogen plays a role in muscle growth aswell and so 1mg a day is simply over doing it..

Comment #10

I was thinking exaclty the same thing when I read that , deca takes about weeks before you start to see any benefit so dropping it after 5 weeks is pointless, it should be ran for 8 weeks minimum otherwise tiy would be better of using a faster acting med such as tren ace etc.

And why use 20mg nolva a day when it's not needed ? it's liver toxicyou only really need to run ai med's if your having trouble with eostrogen related side's and still you should be using something like arimidexwhich stops the eostrogen bein made were as nolva just stops it binding to the gland behind the nipple.

And chunk24.... you work out when to start pct on half life'sso the half life of the longest estered compound say decca is 2 weeks , so you start 2 weeks after the last jab. something like dbol you start pct the next day after taking your last tab...

Comment #11

Yes! finally some sense!.

Nolva is not a good cycle edition. Glad to see someone else not still looming over nolva as the almighty - AI's on cycle. Nolva PCT..

Good post. I believe deca is 3 weeks after last inj. tho..

Comment #12

To many people chucking toxic med's in with there cycle's without actually knowing fully what there taking ..

I only take something if.. I have researched it , know it's adavantages and disadvantages, and it's full intended usenot what dave from the pub said it will do at this dose ..

Yeah think your right on the deca , I always go for about 2 weeks after the cycle but there again I always cut all other med's short at the end of the cycle and just run test only for 2 weeks to aid recoveryso I suppose I only need to start pct on the second week anyway...

Comment #13

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