What is the best Diet Pill Supplement sold at the "VitaminShoppe"?

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My first question is: What is the best Diet Pill Supplement sold at the "VitaminShoppe"?.

My next question is: Im going to be doing a cycle soon as I have 15 organon sustanon 250 and 12 organon deca's now ill also be using cels mdrol....

My history is I'm old enough to have teenage kids,ive been pumping on and off for over 15 years,ive done half a cycle od dbol,sustanon and deca before but halfway through I had a death in the family and slipped down a slippery slope of drugs and alcohol,obviously there was no pct!,so this would be my first real cycle and I have'nt been to the gym in a long time so theres no garantee that ill be starting the cycle straight away.


Anabolic innovations cycle support for blood pressure,prostate,immune system,liver,heart health,cholestrol..

Mega fish oil caps-5n a day.

Mega multi vitamin-2 a day.

Liv 52-for liver dosage according to pack.

Hydrolyzed collagen,cissus,glucosamine for joints.

As well as kelp for thyroid,potassium and taurine for cramps,enzyme formula and artichoke for digestion,zinc for testosterone support.

And a valerian root formula and maybe zma for sleep.

Also no explode pre workout,cell mass after workout and nitrix 3 times a day.

Protein coming from,eggs,chicken,beef,100%beef burgers,fish,cottage cheese,peanut butter,yogurt and pulses is going to be 3/4/500 aday.

Complex carbs are going to be sweet and normal potato,yam,plaintain,bread,white/brown past/rice/cous cous,porridge oats,cereal etc...simple carbs straight after a workout,uncapped as the skys the limit caloriewise for me.

As well as veg,salad etc....

Weights sessions are going to hard,dirty and heavy,maybe a 3 day on 1-2 days off(still deciding due to work schedule) ie-mon-chest and bi,tri's and forarms, tue-legs&back- wed-shoulders,traps,stomach and obliques, I will be hitting every body part with 3X10 with a variety of exercises roughly 5 different ones which has worked great for me in the past..

Now the cycle I'm thinking of is....

Week 1-10 mg mdrol-1 sus-1dec.

Week 2-20mg mdrol-1 sus 1 dec.

Week 3-20mg mdrol- 2sus 2dec.

Week 4-20mg mdrol-2sus 2 dec.

Week 5-2 sus 2 dec.

Week 6-2 sus 2 dec.

Week 7- 2 sus 1 dec.

Week 8-2 sus 1 dec.

Week 9- 1 sus.

Week 10-.

Week 11-.

Week 12-.

Week 13-50 mg clomid-nolva 40.

Week 14 50mg clomid-nolva-20.

Week 15 50mg clomid-nolva-20.

Week16 50mg clomid-nolva-10.

Im also thinking about using hcg,maybe 500 e3d on cycle?.

Now I dont know how I'm going to react gyno wise but I reckon I might by some letro,so when I get rushed by all that testosterone,if there is any problems I can stop it dead!.

Now this is all subject to change as I'm still researching and learning,so what do you think and what would you do with the same products as ive got?.

Thanks in advance yeah!..

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Your question was: What is the best Diet Pill Supplement sold at the "VitaminShoppe"?.

Cheers extreme&crazycal1,yeah mdrol's a clone of superdrol-methylated oral methasteron.

Superdroll (Methasteron) - Muscle Mayhem Bodybuilding Forums.

And anabolic innovation cycle support is support while your on orals-. - Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support - On And Off-Cycle Protection! On sale now!.

On a course this size your arming yourself with a cruise missile to shoot a rat..

Hahaha,i like your subtle definition of overkill! yeah I think I'm going to go with what you said unless I can get more juice in which case it's been recommended for me to do a 10-12 cycle?because I dont want to saturate virgin receptors for minimal gains which may work against me when I do another cycle! You said dont get letro,which is ok with me as cash is thin on the ground with the recession happening and all that! So your saying that gyno and other issues are less likely on this light stack? Oh yeah I'm 35,but it's still not that far from 40,lol! And I know it sounds like I'm advertising bsn products,products but ive already got half tubs of each from a little while ago!.

Anyways lads cheers and thanks for the advice!..

Comment #1

Personally I think 12 weeks is too long for a sust/deca course, 8 weeks is long enough, the last 4 weeks should be fast acting products like prop or tren or possibly orals to finish off. That way when you come off you actually are off, with sust and deca courses you aren't clean till weeks after you stop and in many cases the guys are ready to go back on again by the time their systems are actually empty...

Comment #2

Yeah extreme I may be looking into something like this....

Week1-mdrol-20mg-sus 500mg-deca 400mg.

Week2-mdrol-20mg-sus 500mg-deca 400mg.

Week3-mdrol-20mg-sus 500mg-deca 400mg.

Week4-mdrol-30mg-sus 500mg-deca 400mg.

Week5-mdrol-30mg-sus 500mg-deca 400mg.

Week6-sus 500mg deca 400mg.

Week7-sus 500mg-mdrol 30mg.

Week8-sus 250 mg-mdrol 30mg.

Week9-mdrol 20 mg.

Week10-mdrol 20mg.

Week11-clomid 100mg-nolva 40mg.

Week12-clomid 50mg-nolva 20mg.

Week13-clomid 50 mg-nolva 20mg.

Week14-nolva 20mg.

Pct will also include some transreversitol products,tongat ali/longjack,some trib maybe,just for maxiumum recovery.

Also hcg will probably be used at 500iu e3d.

I know that the mdrol dosage is high,but I'm looking for maximum muscle but everything is all subject to review and change..

What do you think?..

Comment #3

No need to pyramide down the susta, I would do 750 week 7. Leave pct until around 3 week after last injection, dunno what the drol does, is it a Pro-hormoe?..

Comment #4

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