What is the best detox stuff avaliable out there quick like,dont have hea shopin my town only Vitami?

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My first question is: What is the best detox stuff avaliable out there quick like,dont have hea shopin my town only Vitami?.

My next question is: Hey all,.

Been down to my local supplier today. Had a big discussion about a first injection cycle. I mentioned Test Enanthate cycle thats on this forum. he wasnt very impressed claiming Test E wasnt very good as a first cycle, he also said 10-12 weeks was too long. His recommendation was to do a short 6 week course of:.

Week 1-2 : Sus @ 250-500mg per week.

Week 3-4 : Deca @ 300-400mg per week.

Week 5-6 : Tren @ 50-70mg EOD.

Any thoughts on this as it's different to all the beginner cycles ive come across..

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That cycle sounds pretty rubbish tome mate. iv been reading up on gear for over 2 years now and have never heard of anything like this, especially for a begginer. no need to be complicated for a 1st cycle. one compound, for example test e, will pack you on 2stone with a good diet. it's tried and tested, and it worked the bollox for me. save adding the decca for your next cycle...

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The doseages are about right..

The total time on is ok for first try..

Id also say hes getting you to try a few things so that either:.

- you see how you respond.

- you buy more multidose bottles and spend more money (maybe hes not selling multidoses tho! just thought id better point it out tho!.

The fact that hes changing gear is good... but the active time each thing is in your system is not enough to get gains in my opinion. (not at those small doseages - ive heard such short times be considered where MASSIVE doses were used!).

Also it's a good point that 12 weeks of enan some would consider to not be a great course as will shut your bodys own test production down well. but youll find this point is disagreed with by some people too... which is why we encourage people to learn and make their own decisions. - personally as a first timer id say go for sust as it may ease shutdown problems..

Also, did your source mention pct??? (nolva? clomid? hcg?) or the fact that you may need to have anti-estrogens to hand?? if hes worth his weight he should have informed and educated you on this!!.

As it's your first cycle id reccomend the following, it's roughly what your source has suggested but adjusting to what I think would give you best results..

Weeks 1-6 = sust & decca (doseages dependant on yourself).

Weeks 7-9 = tren ace (every 3rd day - again doesages are your choice).

Week 10 = begin PCT.

Its a very simple cycle but as long as your gear is legit and diet and training good youll get good results!..

Comment #2

Personally, I disagree with using test in the first ever cycle. I feel it is far more beneficial to get the full benefits of the less androgenic compounds before upping the androgen count. You also need far less ancillary substances to counter the posible side affects from test..

I think Lee may have hit it on the head about the dealer wanting you to buy more..

The first thing I would ask would be how consistant are you with your diet and training?? And how long you've been training?.

Then I'd want to know what you want to achieve from your stack, Is it out and out size? Lose fat & maintain muscle? Gain lean muscle and minimal fat? Then i'd want to know your bodyweight & bodyfat percentage? As ALL drugs are bodyweight dependant..

To many questions need to be addressed before recommending anything!..

Comment #3

10 weeks of test is a great start for anyone... take pct and see how much you can hold..

At least you will be able to see how test works for u...without the interferance of other drugs..

Comment #4

Your guy is screwing you. all he needs to do is give you legit sust. the deca and tren can be cooking oil, and you will never know. of course, maybe he has more scruples than that, but he could very easily pull this, he wouldn't be the first. just opt for 1 compound. whatever it is, 6 weeks tops...

Comment #5

Wow lots of feedback here, cheers fellas..

U may have a point on the cost, as the tren is supplied in bottles which greatly increases the price.

His views on PCT are not very good either, he says use tribulus and if needed use nolva and/or clomid.

My diet in on this forum and was fine tuned by you guys. Basically consists of 7 meals starting at 7:30 in morning and ending at 11:30 at night. protien in each and ive started to reduce the carb intake later in the day round tea time. Udos oil, multi vitamins and creatine are all part of the daily diet.

My weight is 14.5 stone which I think is 92kg. My body fat ive never had checked, but I'm definatly not fat but would like to drop abit. Been working out for years (5-6 years) but change my routine and became alot more focused about 2-3 years ago. My aim would be to increase lean muscle size and secondly if possible drop some fat...

Comment #6

I have to say I think this cycle is a bad idea. If it's your first cycle you should not be running something which can be as severe as Tren, especially when the levels of different steroids in your blood are going to be bouncing all over the place on a cycle like this. Running an injectable for 2 weeks then switching doesn't make sense to me either..

How about a Test E (3-500mg/week) and Anavar (40mg/day) cycle for 8 weeks? Its simple, safe and should give some good size and strength gains (and the Var will keep your ligaments strong despite the supraphysiological levels of Test). You won't have to inject the Test as often as with Sus which is better I beleive (unless you like needles or something!)..

Make sure you have Nolva on hand for the cycle (in case of gyno, I think it would be unlikely but you might be more susceptable, better safe than sorry) and PCT. If you did run Tren then you'll also need something like bromocriptine on hand as Tren can give you a different type of gyno that can't be treated with Nolva, clomid etc.....

Comment #7

Given this, that you have your diet & training in line, and that you are looking more for lean mass with minimal fat accumulation, then I would recommend your first stack to be Deca & Winstrol. Dosage wise, I say look at 1mg per Kg bodyweight per day. At 92kg this will give you approx 650mg per week. Which you should run something like.

Week 1-5 = Deca @ 400mg per week.

Week 1-6 = Winstrol @ 40mg per day..

You will have only a small need for PCT after this as the two compounds work synergistically offsetting the sides: I am refering here to the slight progestrogenic effect that Deca has (i.e - it converts to 19-norprogesterone which is a negative side effect) However, stanozolol (winstrol) has a cross reactive effect on the progesterone receptors, effectively blunting this. Also 400mg a week of deca will give very minimal progestrogenic effects anyway..

You will have no need for anti-estrogens or anti-aromatases as neither of these compounds are effected by the aromatase enzyme (i.e - they do not convert to estrogen), and PCT would only need to be 50mg Clomid per day for 12 days. Follow this , then, with 16 days of a detox program, Milk Thistle & Stinging Nettle @ 1500mg M.Th & 800mg St.Net per day and you will be ready for your next stack. Which could be the same again if you get the results your looking for from it...

Comment #8

Sounds excellent. Just a few questions though:.

1: Just to confirm, I do the deca and winstrol at the same time? not deca for 5 weeks then winstrol for 6 weeks.

2: When would the PCT Start?.

3: After completeting the PCT start the detox. but could you break down what exactly I do as I cant understand what you have wrote. It looks like:.

* Milk Thistle @ 1500mg.

* Stinging Nettle @ 1500mg.

After that I get confused with "M.Th & 800mg St.Net per day".


Comment #9

He means run the deca and winny together and finnish the deca on wk5 and continue winny for another week start pct straight after the winny and for detox take 1500mg of milk thisle and 800mg of the other one..

Comment #10

A couple of things to bear in mind. I know a lot of people like Winstrol because it's good for getting a lean hard look. However, it is TERRIBLE for your joints. If you play a lot of sports then don't use the stuff. However, Deca is good for your joints and ligaments so it might help to offset the damage of Winny..

On another note, Deca will kill your sex drive which is why it's normal to run Deca with Test..

Progesteronic side effects can't be countered with the likes of Clomid and Nolva. Winny will help counter this but if problems do occur then you will need Bromocriptine. I think it's unlikely you'll need it though...

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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