What is some good products to buy at VitaminShoppe to lose weight?

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My first question is: What is some good products to buy at VitaminShoppe to lose weight?.

My next question is: Hi Mates,.

What are the odds of someone competing without the use of any gear? I know a lot of guys use and don't admit it. I started lifting three years ago for rehab after an auto accident.

Now I'm hooked, pretty big and wanting to get to the next level. At 33 years old is it possible? Can I be a chalanger without doing cycles?.

You men seem to have more education on the subject than any other forum I've found.

Any advice is helpful..

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That 'natural' guy is huge. cant say I believe him tbh. One cycle could easily put 30lbs on you, and ul probly keep 15-20lbs of it if your diet and training is in check. If you wana compete with the hardcore guys though ul have to do more than 1 cycle...

Comment #1

Thanks for the input..

Is it breaking the forum rule to ask what a good begginer cycle would be? something lite with less sides. Not that I'm looking for a pro card but I do want to compete with the hardcore guys. It's not in me to walk away from a chalenge..

I'm trying to research Trenbolone Acetate? Can anyone tell me more about it?..

Comment #2

Tom Venuto? From memory he's a drug tested bodybuilder..

Dont forget - he's been moving iron for maybe 18 years as a competitor and only weighs 180lbs, and he isn't that big - just very lean. He looks more like a 1950s bodybuilder than a competitor of today....

But maybe thats just his hair..

Anyway from his size and shape I'm inclined to think hes natty as he claims...

Comment #3

18 more years of lifting would make 52!.

Maybe I should try to speed it up a little..

Tall Heavy and Skinny,.

If you don't mind me asking. What is the 1000lb club..

Comment #4

Just where you try and lift more than 1000lbs in the 3 main powerlifting lifts - Bench, Deadlift and Squat..

Proper powerlifters aim for the 1000kg club but I'm not that strong.

I'm just using it as a way of measuring progress at the moment basically...

Comment #5

Id have to say hes used gear at some stage. with regards to the drugs tests, they are easy to fool. plus some gear is out of your system so quickly it wont show anyway - dbol etc. Or maybe I'm just being pesemistic and a little jealous!!!.

A good begginer cycle would be testosterone enanthate or sustanon 250 for 8 weeks. Ac cycle like this would give you at lwast a good 14lb of keepabale gains if you eat 6-7 high protein high carb meals a day. Trenbolone is one of the stronger steroids and is usually used once a begginer has got a few cycles under his belt and is more experienced with using anabolics. The sides with trenbolone can be pretty harsh, where as they may be milder with test. Make sure you learn about PCT aswel though before you buy gear...

Comment #6

I notice the figures keep moving on up, so it's all good!..

Comment #7

I find it hard to go along with these "natural guys" also..

Ok they are drug tested in comps, so are guys in athlectics and loads of sports!! And loads and loads of them use gear !! Lets keep it real..

Comment #8

Thanks for the heads up. what kind of advice on PCT do you have. Shut down is a concern as I'm recently married and my wife and I are pretty active for lack of a better way to say it...

Comment #9

Your right Bulldozer!.

I don't see shame in using gear! if you do great if not, it's still good. everyone has their own thing. But, if your 26 and been using gear don't get in the ring with a guy that's 32 and natural just cause you didn't get caught...

Comment #10

Slowly... Taking a few weeks out of not going balls out, then I'm planning to break 1000 and chew at the heels of 1100..

Comment #11

I see no shame in using gear if your a bodybuilder at all bud. And most bb ers wont deny they are users. ( I am a natty btw).

Track and field athletes that use are basically cheaters however, but saying that they are almost all on gear, so guess it makes it a level playing field lol...

Comment #12

Well, after more consideration I think I'm gonna stay a natty for now. If Dozer can do it, maybe I can too. I appreciate all the advice.

The guys in this forum really know what their talking about...

Comment #13

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