What is PB2 for Medifast?

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I see pb2 in a lot of recipes but what is it? I know it's pretty basic but I don't know what it is...

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I had no idea what that was when I first started either. If it wasn't for one of the recipe books someone put together which explained PB2, Capella Drops etc., I'd still be at a loss.

Anywho, PB2 is a powdered peanut butter that contains a lot less fat than regular pb. You can buy it online at I have not tried it yet but it is on my list of things I need to get..

Good luck!..

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The PB2 is backordered for another few weeks at bellplantation. I have an order placed there that I am waiting to receive. They said they would send me an email when it was shipped and NOTHING yet!!..

Comment #2

You can also order PB2 at, but it is backordered there as well. Maybe try Ebay?.

Remember, PB2 is NOT recommended by Medifast. However, if you choose to use it, you should count 2 level tablespoons as your optional snack...

Comment #3

I just ordered a combo pack from Bell Plantation and they said nothing about being backordered. Just they would send email when it shipped?..

Comment #4

I just received my sample packets of PB2 from bell plantation. I ordered them last Thurs and they arrived today - 5 packets of each flavor! I'm so excited!!..

Comment #5

I just got some PB2 and CPB2 from a women here locally that carries it and I'm excited. I love peanut butter and have really missed it, although the PB bars are really good. So last night I put a tbsp of PB2 in my vanilla shake and had a peanut butter shake and it was wonderful!!..

Comment #6

Just wanted to check in and see if anyone has recieved a shipment from Bell Plantation recently. I place my order back on 2/9 and haven't received any communication from them since. Anyone else having any luck?..

Comment #7

I just ordered last week and received a confirmation of my order and there wasn't any information about backorder. Of course once I decided I was going to order PB2, it can't get here fast enough!..

Comment #8

I received the same, no mention of backorder. Can't wait (slowly working through my samples)...

Comment #9

My order is still showing it being processed. When you go to order it says the top of the page that PB2 is on back order and will be shipped in the order they are received. I hope to get mine soon. It is worth the wait. But I should caution you that if peanut butter has been a trigger food in the past that this will also cause the same reaction. This stuff is really good...

Comment #10

I emailed and discovered that they don't expect their shipment to come in until the end of March. We'll be waiting a while it looks like...

Comment #11

I do too and shot them off a pretty pointed email...

Comment #12

Yes, I actually called them last week about my order. It had been charged on my CC about 4 weeks ago, and no product. They were very nice and told me that they were switching to new packaging, so it takes awhile. They did offer to refund my money and cancel the order, but all placed orders go out first when available. So, I let it be, and hope it is worth the wait. I am transitioning now, so I really don't need it but thought it would still be a good idea...

Comment #13

Any status updates for anyone? Still haven't received a thing!..

Comment #14

I called them last week regarding my order that I placed in February and they told me the same thing about expecting to receive the products towards the end of March. She told me that PB2 orders will be filled and shipped out in the order they were placed and that I should expect to receive an email regarding the shipping of my product in early April.... I'm not holding my breath though! ;-)..

Comment #15

I got mine in They have a couple of jars left..

Comment #16

I couldn't wait for the backorder so I bought 4 jars from eBay! I just got them yesterday and it's so good, I wondered for a minute if it might trigger me..

DH suggested we mix up a sample to taste after finishing our dinner, so I mixed up a full two tablespoons. He took a taste and then left the table! Leaving me and the rest of that delicious pile of reconstituted peanut butter just staring at each other. I had probably a quarter of a serving in the end. I left the rest and DH eventually decided to stir a spoonful of honey into it and eat it as a snack..

I think it's slightly dangerous anytime you add back in a food with such strong memories from your pre-MF days, but I'm glad that I was able to without going on a PB2 binge! I sprinkled some into my brownie last night and it just added the perfect extra zip. YUM!..

Comment #17

I just ordered a combo pack early this week. Guess it could be a blessing in disguise if I takes a little while to get here since I didn't find out it wasn't Medifast approved until AFTER I ordered it. Alot of folks seem to use it sparingly so if I takes a month to get here that just gives me 4 more weeks on good old fashion Medifast without an occasional PB mix in. I'm very curious about the powdered PB not only for adding a Medifast zip but for long term use post-MF and with my family. My husband LOVES PB so I'm sure he will think this is some sort of foreign voodoo magic peanut butter, but I would feel alot better about feeding 85% less fat PB. I also ordered some of the peanut oil because I've been hearing things about cooking with EVOO (Olive Oil) at high temps isn't good/healthy.

Can't wait to check out the PB and PB2 when they finally decide to arrive! ha!..

Comment #18

FYIIf you've already placed your order, but would like a quick fix, they do have the sample packs available for immediate shipment. I ordered 2 sample packs and got them 3 days later...

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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