What is's promo rate?

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My question is: What is's promo rate?.

My 2nd question is: So theres this guy that I kinda sorta like he says really sweet stuff blah blah blah... He had a dream that a girl was walking down the isle towards him and he lifted up the vale and it was me! He has the two most amazing little boys. He is a great dad. So the only thing stopping me from being with him he is 14 years older than me. Is that to big of a gap? I mean he has potential.  My heart is saying give him a chance it's just the age just freaks me out!! WHAT SHOULD I DO???? H.E.L.P.


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Yeah thats what I was saying that is why iam very cautious. I am only 18. I have been in two long term relationships and been hurt by both. So because of that I am very insecure. he is nice to everyone around him his neigbors me my family his kids I think everyone.  i am so confused. ah...


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I think you should just go and have fun, and take your time before getting too serious with him. Older guys can be very intense and, like undercovercrab said, they know better what to say to a girl to make her swoon, especially one as young as you. If he's a great guy and it's meant to be for you two, you'll know it soon enough, but I think it's wise to take your time, enjoy hanging out with him, and see where it goes..

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Yeah I talked to him and told him I dont wanna be in anything serious right now I told him that I am young I should be out having fun. Well he said he would wait and I guess we will see if he waits if he waits then he honestly wants to be with me right???.


Comment #3

I think so..

Reasons to Keep It Casual.

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Ok, I'm going to play the mom role, since I've got an 18 year old daughter.I'm sure you are beautiful, smart, fun to be with, sexy, mature etc. BUT I've got the million dollar question-Why doesn't he, 32 years old, choose to be with someone closer to his own age? Why not someone with more experience & knowledge about the world? Why someone close to half his age?I'll be the devil's advocate. In you he sees someone young and impressionable, who admires him, hasn't seen much of the real world yet,is delighted by his attention, and gives him a real ego boost.I'm sure you don't like what I've said, but it's something to think about...

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Look age really don't matter as long as you guys are happy with each other .I am 22 and my man is 41 now thats a gap a big one but I dont care because I love him I dont care what other people say they can talk because there hating cause you got a good man and they can't get one so no  thats not a big gap mine is but I'm still here with him and loving him more that ever and his 2 daughters and there around my age but I love them and they love me..

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Is this the same guy you just asked about whether or not he would cheat again if he's already cheated?  Umm, yeah, that's a good man..

Oh and punctuation is a good thing..




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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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