What is customer service in UK?

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My question is: What is customer service in UK?.

My 2nd question is: Here's the short version of my story. I have an ex-boyfriend who is still around. We were together for about a year and it was not good. Than he moved away for a year. We talked that whole time but never saw each other. Now he's back.

He is perfectly happy coming over just to cuddle and will forgo sex so I don't "feel like it's about the sex".

My problem/question is this. He says he doesn't want a relationship. He wants us to be monogamous, even wants to move into my place, but doesn't want to officially be my boyfriend. He has never cheated and so I believe him when he says it's not about other women (he is the one that is upset that we are not monogamous). So what do I do? Continue to see him and wait until he decides that he's ready? We say "I love you" all the time but I'm not so sure he is in love with me. Additionally, he is pretty moody and selfish and has done many things to hurt me. Do I forgive him and do things on his terms for a while? Wait till he comes around? Or move on with my life and if he wants to be with me, he'll make that decision?.

I think part of the problem is he thinks I will never leave him or be with someone else, so he can have his cake (me!) and eat it too (not have to call me-which he doesn't do that often, do things for my birthday, include me in the decisions in his life, etc). I am not seeing him at this point, although we still talk on the phone and he asks to come over.

What do you guys think?.

Ps. my friend are VERY supportive about me never speaking to him or seeing him again. They know how he's treated me.


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I think your friends have the right idea!  Why on earth would you agree to a plan where he basically gets to hang out with you and have all the benefits of your company, yet not have to have any responsibility for your feelings or your emotional wellbeing??  Why would you want to be with someone who has been hurtful and selfish towards you?  You CAN do better - listen to your friends and lose the selfish jerk..

Trust me - there is a man out there who will be thrilled to call you his girlfriend and who wouldn't dream of being hurtful and selfish towards someone they love - hold out for someone who is worthy of your love and your time.  Drop this dude like a hot potato!.


Comment #1

I think you know the answer already.  It is time for you to move on!  He is not what you want and therefore you need to reject him politely and move forward.  Do not be afraid to be on your own.  If you move forward with your life and do things that make you happy, then you are guarenteed to meet someone new that you are interested in and definitely will make you happier than the situation you are in now!.

Good luck!!!..

Comment #2

Hi bklyngrrl,.

Welcome to the board!!.

He wants friends with benefits and I think you are way past that.  And to be honest, I also think that the only way to get past this is to follow your friends advice.  Don't harbor a grudge or anything, but find someone that will give you all the love and support that a true realtionship involves. .

If he's only a friend, he doesn't have to try up his emotions and risk himself or take on the responsibilities that a relationship (thru has..

Do your best to move on as quickly as you can..

Good Luck,.




Comment #3

I find your scenario one of the oddest changes in dating.  He wants to be monogamous yet, he doesnt want you to call him BF because he is not promising a future with you.  I dont know what has caused men to make such a weird change to dating...but I'm sure it is very disconcerting to you..

If you want a commitment towards the future then do NOT let him move into your place with you.  He wants his cake and eat it.  If he doesnt want to call you GF and him BF...then he can stick it out in his own place...

Comment #4

Thanks to all of you that really helped solidify what I know I have to do.

Thank you for the support. Good luck!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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