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My first question is: What is a VitaminShoppe store?.

My next question is: Ive been taking Testosterone enanthate orally, is that ok? will it still get into my system ok? and will it affect my liver?..

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Ive only just realised if you leave it long enough it will go into the syringe...

Comment #1

I was going to post this as a separate thread, but I might as well post it here....

Now, I know you can get Test in powdered form if you want to homebrew your own test... But why can't you get Test in Oral form (i.e. tablet form)...?..

Comment #2

Heres a few tips I use:.

1. Use a larger guage needle to draw from the vial. Most ppl call them greens. I think there 21gauge.

2. I put my enanthate vials in a cup of almost boiling water for a few minutes, this kinda thins the oil for easier use..

Comment #3

Nice1 man..

I feel the difference already the alpha male feel..

Injected it 3hrs ago will leave it another 3 then work out hard...

Comment #4

Dont organon make a version which is a liquid capsule..bypasses liver by some clever process.....

Comment #5

So they do....

Very interesting read at the following location:.

Andriol Testosterone Anabolic Steroids Profile..

Comment #6

Thats pretty much what I got from reading the link, and I now know why they dont do Test as an oral. Still it made an interesting read...

Comment #7

A friend of mine who suffers from high blood pressure (but wants to still use gear) likes andriol. it doesn't effect his blood pressure and he can grow on it. just. but there are better drugs out there even for him to use...

Comment #8

Does he take it in cycles (i.e. 12 weeks etc) or does he take in over a longer period?.

I've read a few articles and posts where people have been honest about their use, and there seems to be a number of people running test for a prolonged period of time - i.e. 6 months / 12 months etc. (Although I did read one article on T-Nation where a guy had run varying brands of gear for 20years with about 3weeks off... but I think thats a bit more extreme...).

Although to be honest, the little knowledge I have of gear just makes me realise it's all far too complicated and I should stay away..

Comment #9

Ive only got 500mg left as I wasted most of it drinking it so I will have 2 good weeks and see how I get on and may stick with it...

Comment #10

THS, thats a good question. almost everything else comes in an oral why not test? I'm trying to research for my first cycle which I hope to start in two months. An oral test would make things a lot easier...

Comment #11

The reason test isn't commonly available in oral form is the same reason why karlos got no effect from drinking his test. in order for a drug to elicit effect it has to first reach the blood stream where it is then transported to it's final destination (target cell). the route into the bloodstream is much more direct when injected intramuscularly (even more direct when injected intraveinously, but please don't try this!) than it is when ingested. the more organs a substance passes through, the more breaking down or filtering almost, is done to that substance. so to gain any effect from an oral steroid, it has to be chemically altered to withstand the 'filtering' process. if not, the drug is pretty much completely destroyed on it's journey through your intestines and stomach before your liver even gets a chance to destroy it.

So we have a trade off. non toxic and ineffective or toxic and effective. neither are ideal. hence one of the reasons why injections are preferable to tablets. patches and gels are available now to deliver a low dose of testosteone transdermally (through the skin)..

Comment #12

Karlos, you will NOT be feeling any positive effects of test enan so soon after injecting..

And in reality what your saying is your now going to do a 2 week course? it's not worth it mate. get a real course worked out and started if you want real results...

Comment #13

You think a good 10-12 week programme would be more benificial?.

But it is like going through puberty again all I nwant to do is eat sleep and grow some funky sideburns! lol...

Comment #14

Assuming you don't get thirsty and drink it... Yes.....

Comment #15

Karlos - You might want to read the Stickys to this forum relating to New Users - it appears that your research as been pretty poor and this may cause an easily avoidable injury...

Comment #16

You've actaully gone and drank half your supply of test out of the bottles? I'm yet to use test because I feel my knowledge is in adequate and Ive read piles about if your drinking the stuff out of the bloody bottle...I recon you need to do a bit more research mate. Do even know how to inject correctly? Whats the point of a two week course?..

Comment #17

I will use what I have but guy I get it off is going on stupid and trying to double his price to everyone at the gym...

Comment #18

Erm... you didn't tell him you drank it did you...?..

Comment #19

This is one of the funniest threads I've ever read..

Dude, what did the test taste like?.

Don't you normaly have to draw it with a syringe?.

Just a thought brother but, you might want to read some directions for any other medication you might be taking..

Comment #20

You mean your not supposed to take paracetamol rectally...? I always wondered why suppositories tasted rank.....

Comment #21

I didn't want to be one to say it...

Comment #22

Hey, lets not make fun. He's come on this board for advice at the end of the day, even if he doesnt seem to be taking it...

Comment #23

Your right Mrhullahoop!.

Karlos, my advice to you is the same as I would tell my son. Don 't put anything in your mouth your not supossed to. If your not sure if it goes in your mouth or not then you probably shouldn't stick it in there until you find out for sure..

Comment #24

There is absoloutly no chance of any test kicking in within 2 hours,stop fooling yourself.The fastest acting test is propionate which you may feel after 1 day but if you think you can feel anything within a couple of hours it's all in the head..

Ive been using steroids for 12 years and I'm a friend of world top pro b/builders so believe me I know what I'm talking about..

Also when coming off gear you should use a combination of H.C.G and Clomid or H.C.G and nolvodex...

Comment #25

Correction. suspension is faster as there is no ester attached and it's suspended in water. I agree with the rest though...

Comment #26

You agree with the fact that he's (even though he got it wrong...) or just be bit about the test not kicking in for 24 hours?..

Comment #27

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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