What is a good online dating service other than " and E harmony"??

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My first question is: What is a good online dating service other than " and E harmony"??.

My next question is: Wondering if anyone can help me. I'm really confused.I am really shy and don't tend to open up to others until I feel more comfortable with them. I dated this guy I really like for 2 and a half months. Last week, he brought up the "i'm not ready for a relationship" talk and said it was because he wasn't feeling a connection. We met up this week for another talk and agreed to still hang out as friends. As the night progresses, we both opened up and talked about how we feel and want from relationships in general.

He even said, "we've never talked about our feelings, all our conversations were about how the week went, work, or about mutual friends." He also asked me if I was on my best behaviour when I was out with him, and when he knew that it was because of my shyness, he said, "Maybe that's why. I thought it was because of me or that you were bored when we were out. But I noticed that you were more open tonight."At the end of the night, he gave me a hug, kissed me on the cheek and said "keep in touch." I'm not sure if I should ask him to continue dating (online dating with and see how things go from there (since I feel more comfortable with him now and I am opening up more) or should I wait for him make the next move? Is it too late?I appreciate any answer you can give me. Thanks!..

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Your question was: What is a good online dating service other than " and E harmony"??.

Wait a bit.  Hang with him as friends and let him see the real you and then he'll really WANT to be with you.  It is always best to just be the person who you really are when dating (online dating with him or anyone because eventually the real you comes out anyway...

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I'm tending to agree with the other poster, I think she's right, just lay low for awhile.  I'm going to give this guy credit for ending this in a nice way as well, but you should take him at his word, he didn't feel a connection.  The bigger question is for you.  Are you naturally shy?  If so, sooner or later you'll meet the right guy, someone who likes your demure nature (I know men who go after gregarious and those who much prefer soft & gentle).  So if you are naturally quiet, when the right guy(s) come along you'll sparkle and there will be chemistry.  Or are you in fact gregarious but need to break out of your shell?  If so, then this is something to work out of before you date. ..

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Yes. Friends is the best way to go.  Let things play out naturally..


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Hi there! I don't necessarily think that you should "wait," but I don't think you should try so hard that you push him away. Being friends is something every relationship (thru should start out as anyways. Alot of times, people tend to get "clingy" too fast, or they hear wedding bells early in the "dating" faze. He has been open and honest with you so far and I think that you should definatly take his word for anything he says to you. Sounds to me like you guys just need a few more dates before you can actually say "yes, or no." Its something that takes time, and it's not something that needs to be rushed into. Friends is a great thing to have, and if anything, you can just talk to eachother about random things.

I have seen the craziest people get together and stay strong, so who knows what youll end up with. But I hope that it makes you happy, no matter the outcome. Take care and goodluck!.


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I think you meant this for the original poster...

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Whatever you do do not suggest anything regarding relationships or getting together... he's made it clear that he is not ready for a relationship (thru with you... that's a pretty big statemetn.  Now, get on with your life, keep busy, keep happy and when he is ready  he will come to you.  I'm sure he knows how you feel you don't need to tell him again.  You need to know now that he is truly interested in you so let him do the pursueing..

Either he will pursue or he won't ... if he does he's interested.. if he doesn't he is not interested.  Let him make the first move.  Then you'll have your answer.  In the meantime, try not to think about him too much..




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Update: Within the last week, we've chat on msn, and I've relaxed and be who I am, a lot more talkative. He asked if I want to hang next week, since his schedule is freed up for awhile (he was very busy with this team he was on.) He suggested one day however, I have plans already. He asked for my whole week's schedule, and said he'll let me know since he needs to find out from his friend when they are planning to watch a movie together. One way of looking at it is he could still be interested. The other is that he felt bad for misleading me and just wanted to make it up to me by staying as 'friends.' Also the fact that he's free now, he probably is just filling up his schedule with catching up time with 'friends.'Should I still wait? and see what happens from here? I really want to find out so I can at least prepare my emotions. I don't want to expect too much and be disappointed later. What should I do?..

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