What if you don't eat all the Medifast meals?

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Not sure where to post this but sometimes I actually don't eat all 5 meal replacements. It's usually the after breakfast meal and sometimes the after lunch meal, running around all day I just forget to stop and eat. I try to eat them in the evening after dinner but even with my appetite I can't always eat 3 meals after dinner. So am I messing up the diet or is it ok?..

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You need to eat all 5 Medifast meals and your full L&G.

If it is timing, start earlier in the day to get all your meals in. If it is because you are full, double up some of your Medifast meals (although not preferred) but what I do if late in the evneing and I am full is I have something light, such as RTD shake or soup chips...

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You absolutely must eat all your Medifast meals as well as your lean and green. If you look through the posts in nutrition support you will find that you will make yourself very ill and potentially slow or stop your weight loss because you're starving your body. Double up meals if you must, but do yourself and your body a favor and get all your meals in each day...

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I have to agree with MT... Part of the formula of the Medifast meals is that all together they give you 100% of your daily vitamins and minerals... Also part of the reason Medifast works is that it keeps your blood-sugar level throughout the day which helps your metabolism and keeps you burning fat and not STORING it. So if convenience is the problem, carry a bar or pretzels with you to eat when you are on the go! As for Breakfast, it is equally important to eat first thing to get that metabolism started and get your energy going. I mix a shake with 1/2 cup water and sugar-free syrup and use it as creamer in my coffee There are also recipes for muffins and breads which could get you started with your day..

For ME, part of making this diet successful was changing my old habits... I used to not eat until dinner... why eat if I wasn't hungry? Problem with that is that my body was always in starvation mode, storing fat instead of burning it. So eating 6 times per day (And setting a timer for myself) helped me to break the habit and gave my body the fuel it needed. The reward has been a 40 pound weight loss in 6 weeks..

This program works, if you work it...

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I too am having a hard time getting all the meals in...Im at day 2 and today Im managed to get 4MF & the LG,,I will try again tomorrow to get 5 in possibly starting earlier..

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The Medifast police come to your house and interrogate you. And get mud on your floor. And you lose more slowly. Eat up...

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You forgot to mention they beat your dog and demand your first born child too...

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You should be eating every 2-3 hours, which would mean you wouldn't have to eat 6 meals after dinner. If you tend to forget to eat, set an alarm. Think of it this way- if there was a magical pill that you had to take 6 times a day every 2-3 hours and it would make you lose weight, you would do it, right? Even if you weren't hungry? It's better to double up than to skip a meal, but best to eat every 2-3 hours...

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I had not been getting all my meals in either. I actually gained a pound. My Health Coach came up with a "schedule" for me to try and get my meals in. This is helping me stay on program. It also helps me not to be overly hungry. So, please try and get all your meals in...Scheduling them has helped me!..

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If you don't eat all the meals, your weight loss will slow down. I know because I have the same problem. I had a hard time eating all my meals so I'd tell myself, oh it's nearly bedtime, there's no way I can have two more packets before going to bed. Oh well, la la la..

I went from losing 3 lbs a week to barely losing 1 lb a week..

Since then I've committed to making sure I get all 5 packets in per day - if I have trouble with having little to no appetite, I'll have a cold drink. My favorite is cran mango - I could drink it all day long if I had to..

Ideally, yeah, we all stop, sit, take tiny bites of our food, but if you're faced with the choice of eating on the run or not eating a packet at all, I say eat on the run. Crunch bars, pretzels, and puffs are perfect for these situations. I'll nibble on a bar as I drive, have a bag of pretzels while I'm in line to checkout at a store, or have puffs in one hand as I browse the Medifast forums with the other! It helps me get all my packets in and I don't have a problem with hunger/satiety on this plan so it's working for me...

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They can HAVE the kids but do NOT touch my dog! LOL.

I too find it hard because I usually don't eat in the morning. But...I am into week two and and it is getting easier...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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