What has been your food lesson during Medifast?

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I was curious what other people have learned during their weight loss or maintenance phase of the Medifast program. Since this is the only program I have been able to stay on I have finally learned some very important food lessons. Lessons I should have learned long ago but never did..

Food lesson number....

#1. Do not let too much time go in between meals! It really causes me to make terrible choices when I could have been prepared..

#2. Be prepared. Always have some legal Medifast food on hand..

#3. Count to 10! When confronted with immediate temptations count to 10 before you take the bite! Because it usually is downhill from there..

#4 Water is your friend. Even if you do not get in all 64oz each day it is still vital for your body to be hydrated. Plus you can quickly drink a glass of water to avert sudden temptations..

These are the biggies I have learned. How about you?..

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1. Never, never, get in the car without a bottle of water and at least some soy crisps. You're always gone longer that you think!.

2. Eat slowly and mindfully. Enjoy every spoonful. Use a tiny spoon..

3. Put a tiny squirt of whipped cream on your pudding. It makes it sinful (kind of)..

4. If all else fails, "cheat" with broccoli slaw with Newman's low fat sesame ginger dressing. You'll do some serious chewing, and feel satisfied!..

Comment #1

Wow, these are all good... I guess I hadn't thought of them as "lessons," but I sure have changed many, many habits since December..

* I eat salad every day.

* I drink a lot less alcohol.

* I never have to stop for fast food on the road, because I always have bars in my trunk.

* I rarely eat in the car.

* I am no longer terrified of hunger.

* I always keep water in the trunk, on my desk and in my hand.

* I have learned that ripe fruit is better than dessert! (I'm in transition)..

Comment #2

What is broccoli slaw? I will go over to the receipe section and look. Sounds good!..

Comment #3

Broccoli slaw is just prepackaged chopped up broccoli you can buy in the produce section of your local grocery store. Looks like the broccoli is in thin strips. Then you can add whatever dressing you like...

Comment #4

1 - Look around you, skinny people eat a lot of salads (I think I always realized that but it didn't really click that I should be doing it too ).

2 - Eat something filling before going grocery shopping or to a party/happy hour.

3 - Weigh regularly, and take action immediately when you see the number go up (do not assume it will go back down on it's own).

4 - Don't keep junk food in the house, don't buy it, and if you have leftovers from a party package them all up and send them home with your guests (open bags of chips are SO dangerous to have around).

5 - Do keep easy-to-prepare healthy food in the house, like bagged salad greens and grilled chicken strips, so you aren't tempted to grab fast food when you don't feel like cooking.

6 - Don't stress over 20 calories here or there, learn to allow yourself a little taste of something without feeling the need to pig-out on it..

7 - Throw away the fat clothes immediately - do what is necessary to never be that size again - EVER!..

Comment #5

Celebrations are about spending time with the people you love... they are NOT about the food! I can have just as much fun at a party without eating/drinking the high calorie stuff! This is a huge change for me!.


Comment #6

1. My family has also lost weight just from eating the same meal as I at dinner..

2. Never leave the house without a "emergency bar" in my purse..

3. Fish is good 7 days a week!.

4. I should own stock in Walden Farms..

5. salad is not a dirty word.

6. There is always another meal in 2-3 hours. You don't have to eat everything in sight!..

Comment #7

These are great.

I am by no means at goal however hear somethings I think I have gotten down.

1. I don't have to have 8 -10 diet cokes a day to stay awake.

2. I can have anything I want from the list of lean and greens (this is a huge list of options not a scary list of just a few things to choose from).

3. I don't' have to have something to eat when I am driving.

These are a few of the things that I think I have MASTERED so far..

Many more I want to add to the list but I am not there yet..

Can't wait to read more of the successes of others.


Comment #8

I never realized what big portions I used to eat before until I started Medifast...

Comment #9

I have learned that I am not alone on this journey and that the wisdom of others on this board can make the difference for me in continuing the journey. When I started this program 4/27/07, I thought the benefit of mymedifast was a nice way to log meal info...what a nice surprise to find a community of people with common goals and frustations and I love the celebrations we share with each other...

Comment #10

Portion control. Kahless is right. If you measure and weigh everything, you get an idea of the portion size. I now can eye-ball it. 2 0z of dry spagetti is not the portion we were eating. It's a side, not a meal.

I now find water is my friend. I never used to drink it, I was a coke freak (the drink).LOL Everyone have a great day...

Comment #11

The biggest lesson I have learned is to figure out what would be a "condiment portion" of things that are no nos for lean and green. I can have these things as condiments to spice up my meals without feeling guilty and knowing that I can still express my creativity for food preparation. this has been the single factor that I think has helped me be as successful as I have been with MF. I guard my daily condiments very carefully and try to use even 1/2 and 1/4 condiments to get the flavors I want without using more than my allotted condiments for the day.

Also, I have never been interested in eating the daily allowable snack. It is something I save for days when I am really having hunger issues and at that time, I try to make the snack vegetables, not soy crisps or other "junk food"...

Comment #12

1. I do not need a drive thru, I can find food elsewhere.

2. It is okay to NOT eat in the car.

3. Everyone pees before we leave the house including me. (okay not really a food lesson...).

4. One alcoholic drink is enough to make me too drunk to drive..

5. Brocolli is not the enemy..

6. My life is still good without the crappy food I thought I needed to make it good...

Comment #13

Oh one more lesson I MUST split the soy crisps with the cat. And it's not negotiable...

Comment #14

Something Gatita listed really stands out for me:.

"I'm no longer terrified of hunger".

It's so true...I am not going to die because I'm hungry. I may be uncomfortable but it will pass. Unlike being uncomfortable in my own skin which was there 24 hours a day, every day.

Hunger is okay...that's a huge lesson!~..

Comment #15

A few people have mentioned the car thing which is a biggy for me - I always use to binge in the car - one of my lessons so far: I do not have to eat when I am driving AND I can drink an aweful lot of water while I am driving. The days I am in the car more, I get more water in...

Comment #16

1. Portion size!!! I was shocked to learn that I was eating a full portion while cooking and then putting 2 more on my plate for a meal. Wow do I have some leftovers these days!!.

2. My kids will eat healthy if I cook healthy. Eating is just another inconvenience for them (like brushing teeth and showering) not the focus of their day. What I wouldn't give for that attitude..

3. Water cures most all that ails. Fatigue, cramps, headaches, bloat, hunger, all these things can be because of dehydration and can drive you to overeat to compensate. I have to say that since my water intake is up my ailments are down..

4. I can maintain my goal w/out Medifast if I continue to log everything and eat consciously (no mindless snacking or grabing something cuz it's quick)..

5. Do not go more than 3 hours between meals or snacks. If I go longer than this then portion control becomes a BIG issue!!.

These are the biggies for me!! T&M has not been as tough as I imagined because I don't seem to be craving the things I did before and if I do I just eat a little (splitting FF with the kids is a perfect example)..

Great thread!! Makes you really think about skills we need to maintain!!..

Comment #17

Just tried the broccoli slaw with Ken's Steakhouse Lite Asian sesame w/ ginger and Oh My God...this is going to be a favorite! Thanks Jean!!~..

Comment #18

Food is neither a friend or an enemy. IT IS FOOD..

Knowing the difference between HUNGER and "just wanting to eat".

Healthy sized portions.

Eating small amounts often instead of most my calorie at the end of the day..

ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN "B" to handle life's twists and turns!.

(Great thread... Thanks!)..

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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