What happens after Nutrisystem?

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Good morning!.

So I'm happily travelling along this journey, but after watching the Biggest Loser last night, it suddenly hit me.. What happens after? What happens once I reach my goal, and stop the food? I'm feeling really apprensive and scared that I could (and probably will) fall back into my old ways that got me here in the first place, or do I spend the rest of my life checking the scale, counting my calories???.


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Your question was: What happens after Nutrisystem?.

You have to be determined to make a lifestyle change or you will slip back and probably gain all the wait plus more. (Been there/done that!) I'm not saying you can never have an occasional splurge, but you need to look at this as a way of life (better eating/exercise if physically able). Through your Nutrisystem journey you will learn correct portion sizes and types of foods you should be eating for life. Some of us continue to use Nutrisystem food at least some of the time long after being on maintenance. For me it's a matter of convenience and the fact that I like the food. It's just DH and me, this would probably be more of a challenge with a family, but if you're cooking for a family, no doubt you want it to be healthy anyhow.

Hope this helps..

Best wishes,.


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After Nutrisystem you get to be a smug healthy eater.

Yes, I weigh myself every single morning. And yes, I do notice what other people eat. And sometimes, I have ice cream. But in general, my menu is similar to the one I used during my weight loss.

If you slip back into the habits that caused you to add weight, you will again add weight...

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Continue to follow the plan with your own foods..

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I'm nervous about it too. But I have a long journey ahead of me and will likely be on Nutrisystem through Christmas. I am focusing on the losing aspect right now. That is plenty to keep me busy. When I get down close to goal, i'm going to start planning and preparing for the transition. I am committed to not become that person that gains it all back.

I just had a day off plan this past weekend. First time in 2 months. I was away for an event that was scheduled for a long time with tickets to some beer drinkin' fest with tons of food. I got right back on plan after that day but I will tell you it wasn't easy. I had lots of cravings for 2 days that I wasn't having before that day of cheating. This made me think about the transition to after the weight loss.

We're going to have to continuously live with this and be thoughtful about our food. It will be a lifestyle. I'm not saying there can't be treats because I think it can be done successfully, but we'll have to be thoughtful, be aware of the challenge of the NEXT day, and plan well for it.

All of that being real focus right now is the weight LOSS. That is enough for now. I'll deal with the rest later...

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You guys are amazing.. And I hear you all, I was just hoping it wasn't going to be so hard!!! I thought a switch was going to go off and I'd be able to say "I GET IT, I REALLY GET IT", but I don't yet.. I still haven't learned what my triggers are, I think I just love food - and all food!!!.

Amy I totally get you.. I've done ALL the diets and I think Oprah said it best when describing how after being on stage with all that fat she managed to lose, but as soon as the show was over she went out to celebrate, then again, then again and next thing she was back up to where she was, PLUS!!.

Pam, I think you said it best: Learn HOW to eat while you are losing so you will KNOW how to eat to maintain. Fantastic.. I'm going to post this on my fridge and on my computer and read it every day!!!.

Thank you!..

Comment #5

That is a good question. You will learn pretty much how to live and eat right while going through your weight loss journey. Pay attention to small meals, more water, exercise, etc. You will adapt this lifestyle changes and do great when off of NS. You can do this and we are all here to help you. The best part is that even when you are off of NS, you can still come here and post. We will all be here to support you!..

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Hey Trisha!! Thanks for writing and I'm sorry it's taken me soo long to say hello, I don't get on here as nearly as much as I should..

I should mention that my fear has led way to absolute panic, I don't know what the problem is, but I can't seem to get rid of the thought that it's all going to come creeping back... I really thought that after the LAST time I was on a serious diet, I wouldn't let it, but it did.. I put on 50lbs almost overnight it seems... YIKES!!..

Comment #7

I concur with what people are saying here - portion control, lots of water, fruits, veggies. My wife & I have been on Nutrisystem for approximately 9 weeks (we're on our 10th week now). I also count calories, and we've "cheated" on the diet a little (maybe a half dozen times in total). However, when we have done so, we keep in mind quantity of what we do eat. We've lost a combined 55+ lbs so far so I have nothing but good to say about the Nutrisystem system..

Heck I even get a kick out of people asking "Have you lost weight?" (I've always had a 'stocky' build, so when it's noticeable ...).

Good luck and keep with it! My only 'additiona' suggestion might be to use WebMD to track your calories daily on the Nutrisystem diet for me it is about 1500-1600 calories per day, I'd estimate my wife's is about 1300-1400. So after NS, we'll just focus on eating the right food mix/calorie mix...

Comment #8

Fear is a good thing. Fear keeps you vigilant..

All of my life, the day the diet was finished was the day I started gaining. For the first time, changing the thought of diet to lifestyle change (corny as it may sound, hard as it is to believe, it is the key to the whole thing), I found that reaching my goal on NutriSystem was the beginning of the journey, the journey to staying there.

Never in my 61 years would I have thought that I could have stayed at my goal weight for 3 days, much less 3 years:..

Comment #9

Wow Pam! You are an absolute inspiration and beautiful!!!! Congratulations on your exceptional journey!!!! Your mantra speaks volumes to me!.

Thank you all very much for your thoughts this morning, I feel re-energized!..

Comment #10

Pam is so right, you can't think of this as a diet, think of it as learning a new way to live...and it comes over time, you will learn what works for you and you just have to work on doing what you know you have to 99% of the time. Fear is good but don't let it get so bad that you stop what you are doing. Take it one day at a time, write down positive statements and read them every day to keep your mind in the right place.....which now that I think about it is something I need to do!.

Amy, think about what you ate at the beer fest that might have caused the lasting cravings... my guess is bad carbs..know you will need to watch out for them forever! And good for you for fighting to get back on plan and not giving in to the cravings!..

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