What happens after Medifast is over?

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I keep hearing that people gain back the weight. Can I ever have cake again?..

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There are a lot of folks that are in maintenance and they can explain it to you. but I really dont 'think you have to give up everything forever.


Comment #1

You have to reconcile yourself to the fact that if you go back to eating the way you used to you will go back to weighing what you used to. Medifast will teach you how to eat properly to maintain your weight...

Comment #2

Of course you can! It's like any diet where you maintain after- you have to change your eating habits. Losing the weight doesn't automatically mean that you can go back to eating all the junk that made you gain in the first place and not gain anything. Everything in moderation right? Most people need 1500-2000 calories a day to maintain their weight, so stick to that, watch your carbs, and treat yourself once in awhile but not all the time. Don't worry!!.


Comment #3

I wouldn't say that you could never have anything. I think to prevent from gaining when you transition into maintenance that you, we, all of us will have to make the choice not to eat treats often, or if we do, to exercise it off. And to learn to balance our healthy eating with a little splurge now and then. As long as you learn those tools while you're on plan, I think you'll do just fine. For instance you could go out with friends and have, say a couple of pieces of pizza, some salad, and a beer. Budget for it calorie wise, without starving yourself all day, mind-you, that's bad, and then go right back to healthy eating the next day.

So, for whatever that two cents is worth....

There's a guy at my work who keeps asking me when I'll start eating "real" food again. What he means by real food is pizza (he likes to treat everyone to pizza and gets miffed that I don't participate). I finally got tired of it and told him this: "There's nothing stoping me from having it now, except that I made that choice. It will be the same even when I get into maintenance. I could always have that food if I wanted, but most of the time I'll still choose not to. Because as good as it may taste, there are other things that are more important to me." He seemed rather taken aback. :shrugs:..

Comment #4

I have been in maintenance since February this year (started August 2006 and lost about 65 pounds). I love what it has done for mehelped me lose fast and teach me (and this is key) to eat healthier, mini-meals throughout the day. I choose an apple instead of apple pie. More veggies with my skinless chicken, not the other way around. And yes, you can still eat cakejust not all the time (I had pizza the other night, I've had a sundae since February and survived food at my own wedding, plus July 4 barbeques, etc.). It's also important to exercise too and keep track of how you're eating. Choose heatlhy and you will continue to maintain what you lost from Medifast! Some pictures on the way momentarily.and best of luck to you! You will do fine...

Comment #5

Here are some before/after pics"after" was taken several months after Medifast helped me to lose 65 pounds!..

Comment #6

WOWOWOWOW! GO Jennie. You are pretty in both photos. You are beaming in the second picture. thanks for posting!..

Comment #7

There are people here who have maintained their weight for a ayear or more, and I'm sure they've eaten some cake here and there LOL!!!.

I've been at goal for a month and am very happy with what I'm eating now. I don't feel deprived at all, quite the opposite! If a special occasion comes along, I don't hesitate to have something I really want, but it's not every day.

It's a learning process, and I'm still learning. One thing though I am just as serious and committed to KEEPING this weight off as I was to losing it! My next big goal is to have kept the weight off for six months, that will be in Dec..

I don't care for cake, so I rarely eat it. Huevos rancheros, on the other hand, well, I find ways to work in my favorites like that (in moderation, cutting back on other things to make up for it).

PS. Jennie your pics say it all!!! WOW!..

Comment #8

Ok, I'm sold! I'm on day four and have recommitted thousands of times. I have had an awful year of stress. Things are winding down. I'm getting surgery next friday, a Laproscopy. I'm afraid I won't want to eat after. UGH!!!! Thank you for you responses! You guys are inspirational!-Danielle..

Comment #9

I agree Gatita: don't hesitate to have what you want at a special event (or even if you're realllly craving that candy bar), but as long as it's not every day, it's ok. I don't think there's a person out there who never has that slice of pizza or ice cream cone. That wouldn't be normal! and yes, be serious about keeping it off. Never forget why you went on it in the first place and the progress you make along the way...

Comment #10

Jennie, your photos are beautiful! You are definitely another Medifast inspiration! They should be posted on it's own thread..

Dsteffe, if cake is your trigger food then it may cause you to want more. Cake is my trigger food and even consuming one bite may make me lose control. I can never have one bite. I have learned to accept that. You probably have more control than I do, so you would be fine with a small portion...

Comment #11

So far I am maintaining fine even with some eating out with wine and desserts for special nights. I certainly don't feel I'm living a life of deprivation! I eat lots of healthy, filling, "real" food every day, I'm weaned completely off the meal replacements, and I go out for special occasions no problem. I'm still very conscious of my eating, and I think I'll need to stay very conscious for a long time or perhaps forever but that's OK with me, it makes me feel safe and healthy, knowing what I'm eating, and knowing that my body is happy and nourished and strong and at a healthy weight!.

- Siobhan..

Comment #12

I've been maintaining for 10 months. I have a "acceptable" weight range of 5 lbs. If I go above the high end of that range for more than a day, I go back to the 5/1 - I'm actually doing the 5/1 again right now. I was creeping over (or at least to the top of the range) too often in the last month. And I was seeing bad habits developing (for me, it's eating too much sugar - the cravings come back). So I'm back on the 5/1 until I lose enough weight to get back to the bottom of my weight range and then I'll transition again.

I've choosen to still eat 2 - 3 Medifast meals/day. For me they are easy and comfortable, and they are a reminder to eat healthy. I know I can't go back to eating the way I used to (that's how I got fat in the first place), but I definitely eat "fun" food occasionally. Occasionally is the key word!.

I exercise more now than when I was losing my weight and I think that's a key to staying slim and being able to enjoy more treats. I think every I eat is "normal" - to me, even Medifast food is normal now. But if you don't want to keep using Medifast foods, that's not a problem either, Siobhan is a great example of that.

It feels great to maintain and I feel like I am in control of my eating (maybe for the first time in my life) - food doesn't control me. Good luck! Becki..

Comment #13

Danielle I wish you the best of luck on your surgery and yes this plan will work. Right now I'm still fixed on getting it off but then I'm going to do exactly what they say regarding transition and maintenance. I'm not putting it back on. I think we just have to remember how horrible it is being overweight and unhealthy...

Comment #14

You know, this probably isn't the best place to admit that I 'cheat' a little, but I do cheat even thought I'm not to maintenance yet. I stick pretty darn close to plan, but I allow onions on my salad, sunflower seeds and bacos too. I even have nuts in my 'bread bars' and still I lose weight each week. I've been at this for two months and have lost 20 lbs and feel good about the control I am getting over food. I've even had raw cherries, a small handful of blueberries, and two chunks of pineapple in that time. Less healthily, I have had a couple of chips, one tiny mini biscuit just to sample a recipe I made for my husband that was new before serving it to him, and also a very very small piece of cherry cheesecake.

So....I think in a way that those couple of 'cheats' have actually made me feel like transition and maintenance are not going to be impossible for me. I just know that when I do go back to eating more variety more regularly, that I need to make sure that those other foods are just that....other foods. Not my regular diet. Treats, like a cheat now, that I have on occassion. You betcha I'm gonna eat pizza and beans again.

I just thought that while it might not work for everyone...sometimes a cheat isn't always a bad thing. It has actually shown me that the weight isn't going to come rushing back on just because I ate a half cup of know??..

Comment #15

Worldawind, I have 13 mor lbs to lose and just like you I have made a decision that I am not gaining back what costs so much to lose..

I want to be healthy as long as it depends on me and weight maintanence here I come!!!.

Sihoban I would like to know what your choice for snacks are if you are not having MF..

What do you eat on a "normal" day?.

I work in San Francisco, so your choices might as well be my choices later..

Comment #16

Nansoli: Trader Joe's is my bestest friend in the whole world. It is so easy to find high protein, high fiber, portable foods at Trader Joe's..

Some of my favorites:.

- Zen Bakery Apple Cranberry Vegan Fiber Muffins - only 80 calories, and 13 grams of fiber!.

- Trader Joe's Fat Free Greek Yogurt - one cup has 100 calories and a whopping 20 grams of protein, and only 5 carbs!.

- Trader Joe's Country Italian salad - I eat this salad undressed, because it's so moist from the chopped peppers and tasty from the shaved cheese - undressed, the entire salad including cheese and white beans is only 120 calories.

- Organic apples. Excellent snack, you can stick one in your purse, only sets you back 80-100 calories..

- Another fave is the new White Teriyaki Chicken Salad at Starbucks again, I eat it undressed 180 calories gets you a substantial salad with some white meat chicken on top, and fresh edamame, shredded cabbage, and chopped peppers. I have a venti unsweetened iced green tea with this salad and am very happy...

Comment #17

I have been on medifast since june 06, have lost 133 lbs... AND during the months of march, april, may and part of june I maintained my weight on purpose... I needed a break and didn't end up with a gain... did I gain and lose during that time yes, when I went up five pounds or so, I'd go back to Medifast .... I plan when I hit goal.... 22 lbs from now, to join weightwatchers or do southbeach....

But I will say that LOTS of people give me that look, oh, you will gain it back look and I just know in my heart that this is it.... I have come too far, I have learned alot during this journey and will not go back to stuffing myself..... food isn't all that appealing anymore anyway......

Weightloss (and maintaining it) begins in our minds, not our mouth.....


Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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